Myostimulation home - a reality!

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09 May 2016

At home myostimulation is no different from the proposed interior.You only need to buy a special device.Preferred devices with the number of electrodes is not less than 4 (preferably 6-8) - they are effectively tiny two-electrode.

Attention! Before you do the procedure at home, read the contraindications myostimulation and consult your doctor!

content of the article:

  • What is necessary for myostimulation at home?
  • Types miostimulyatorov.Top 3 best miostimulyatorov.Reviews.
  • myostimulator necessary to buy - make the right choice of instrument.
  • Video guide - how to conduct a home myostimulation
  • basic rules of myostimulation home

myostimulation For home you will need:

  • special device for home myostimulation;
  • anti-cellulite cream

Before attaching electrodes recommended to lubricate the problem areas anti-cellulite cream.Sometimes the cream is already attached to the device or the manufacturer indicates the most appropriate means.However, you can use your regular anti-cellulite cream, as under the influence of current pulses is greatly enhanced by the action of the cream and the cream penetrates the skin better.

Types miostimulyatorov.Instruments and apparatus for myostimulation home.

One of the major objectives of the organization procedures at home - buy a good myostimulator.We'll tell you the pros and cons of various devices, as well as give feedback of who has used the device for myostimulation home.

top 3 best miostimulyatorov and reviews about them:

1. ESMA - the newest multifunctional professional myostimulator.Basis - three microprocessors that allow for up to 3 independent procedures simultaneously.Each procedure is programmed individually.
device is available in two basic trim levels: standard, without power and ultrasound therapy unit with built-in dual-frequency ultrasound therapy.Both versions of the devices have a list of all procedures for the electrical, as well as an additional mode - the cross-current (for more in-depth study of muscles).
ESMA has 8 independent channels, with up to 28 electrodes.

Reviews Women on miostimulyatorov ESMA


recommend ESMA machine!When used correctly, a significant result after one course (10 sessions).


Unfortunately, we can not put their photos before and after using the machine!It's just some kind of magic!Speak and praise can be infinite, but rather "to see once than hear a hundred times."I can only say one thing - it really works.

2. miostimulyatorov RIO Slim Gym Compact 4 Plus - the most versatile myostimulator - gives you the opportunity to correct the figure, reduce waist and hips, tighten the muscles of the buttocks, arms, legs, improve the shape of breasts.

reviews apparatus RIO Slim Gym Compact 4 Plus


Yes, indeed, the result is visible after a few days.The muscles are tightened.But that's one problem - I do not know where you can buy a conductive gel ...

great device, and the result is almost immediate.Muscles ache, after the "injection" of the press.Here are just a few of the electrodes beda- ...

3. miostimulyatorov Vupiesse Tua Trend Face - electrostimulating perfect instrument for influencing the face, chin and neck.Stimulation of each field is done by using the individual program TUA TRE'ND Face features 5 work programs.

reviews apparatus Vupiesse Tua Trend Face

Inna 47 years

Girls, especially women.Appeal to you.Do not listen to negative myostimulation.Nonsense!I bought this unit - worth a penny, compared with efficiency.I can say one thing - surgical facelift after miostimulyatorov I do not need already.

How to buy the right myostimulator house.Recommendation.

If you decide to purchase myostimulator for home use (for example, after a detailed consultation with a physiotherapist and beautician who recommended you to electrical stimulation of muscles as a complement to traditional training), approach this problem very seriously.

  • defined the store, check whether you have offered equipment quality certificates, warranty, detailed instruction in Russian.
  • also define a number of output channels of the device: for medical physiotherapy enough 2 - 4 channels, as will be stimulated only certain parts of muscles;Shaping will need up to 10 channels, otherwise the procedure will be ineffective.
  • is very important as the level of the current pulse - This parameter should be adjusted depending on the area of ​​influence.For the face and neck it is recommended to use a maximum current of 15 mA, the figure for areas with pronounced fatty deposits - up to 30 mA.More consultation is to give specialist.


Note electrodes , included with the device you purchased.Usually myostimulation apply self-adhesive fabric guides.They can not be washed and washed, on a rough surface quickly accumulated sebum, dead skin cells, mineral salts.All this reduces the efficiency miostimulyatorov and may even lead to an electrical burn your skin.These electrodes must be disposable (or with limited period of use), so ask where you will acquire in the future "parts" for your equipment.More comfortable tokoprovodniki neogolennogo of metal or carbon placed in conductive rubber. highest quality electrodes are high-tech silicone , very tight to the body and has a very high electrical conductivity.

Video lessons on home myostimulation

view a training video on myostimulation and do the procedure without any problems at home.

Basics myostimulation

Myostimulation ESMA with the machine-video presentation

basic rules of myostimulation home

  1. Consultation for the purchase of a suitable apparatus.
  2. Purchase miostimulyatorov.
  3. Determination of the most problematic areas and points, which should be installed electrodes (best to check with your doctor and take the "map" of the points!).
  4. acquisition conductive gels (if not complete miostimulyatorov).
  5. peeling parts of the body, which will be installed electrodes.
  6. myostimulation procedure itself.
  7. wrap (after the procedure myostimulation desirable to wrap or the use of anti-cellulite cream).

myostimulation And you do at home?What myostimulator bought?Share your experiences and tips with us!