Technique classic pedicure

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09 May 2016

most common and affordable cosmetic procedure for the feet in this country is a classic pedicure.It is with this type of pedicure begins the story of the progress of their feet, he appeared more than a hundred years ago.

How to classic pedicure at home for yourself?

Technique classic pedicure is not much different from the manicure.

    1. First, wash your hands well and legs .If the nails are the remains of old paint, remove them with a cotton swab, which is pre-soak in nail polish remover.And then apply the scrub on the skin of the feet (cream), which has a peeling effect;
    2. Lower leg na10-20 minutes in warm water .The bath is necessary to add a foaming agent or soap solution, aromatic oil, baking soda, ammonia;

  1. While your feet are in the water, you can use a special brush remove their dead cells of the skin .To do this you must first use a saw with a large grain and fine loan.When you finish this procedure, wipe your feet dry;
  2. next step pedicure - handling nail plates .First, carefully tri
    m the nails with scissors or tweezers, then treat them is not a metal nail file.The nail on the big toe is better to cut to 3-4 hours, so reducing the risk of separation of the nail plate.Experts do not recommend toenails round or cut at an angle, this may cause ingrown nail into the skin;
  3. Then proceed to the cuticle .They need to be cut with special clippers or nail scissors with rounded ends;
  4. Then again lower legs in a warm bath for 3-5 minutes.Wipe them dry with a towel and apply a moisturizer massaged. Massage devour you relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation, tones the muscles and prevent edema.All you need to massage the foot and each finger individually.
  5. At the end of the procedure can be applied to the nail varnish .To do this, first apply foundation, then the decorative lacquer and hardener.To perform this procedure was easier, you can use special separators to fingers.

Video instructions classic pedicure

advantages of classic pedicure to trim other types and disadvantages

advantages of classic pedicure:

  • With this procedure it is possible to arrange even the most neglected feet;
  • Classic pedicure not only makes beautiful legs, but also heals them;
  • various problems and disadvantages of the feet helps to fight a large variety of baths for the feet;
  • Classic pedicure will help prepare for other procedures;
  • Most people love the feeling of a thin skin on the legs, which is obtained after removal of horny epithelium in the foot.

Disadvantages edging pedicure:

  • If horny skin cut with a razor, it will stimulate further growth;
  • There is a chance of infection or cuts;There
  • risk of contracting fungal infections.

Classic cut pedicure is recommended at least once a month .But some beauticians recommend to do it more often.

Remember that regular care of skin of feet and nails will help to support them in excellent condition.

Can you give some advice - the best way to make a classic pedicure yourself?