Oily skin: causes of excessive sebum and its consequences

By Admin | Beauty
11 May 2016

Causes of oily skin and body you have oily skin and you do not know why?Then you just need to read this article, because in it we will tell you about the most common reasons for the appearance of oily skin.

content of the article:

  • hormonal imbalance
  • Improper care
  • mechanical damage to the skin peeling
  • Frequent
  • Influence Drug
  • Malnutrition

Causes of oily skin and body

  • hormonal imbalance as the cause of oily skin

    Why oily skin hormonal imbalance, or to be more precise, the elevated levels of the male hormone testosterone in the body.
    Most often, this problem worries adolescent girls, women in menopause and during pregnancy, because it occurs when hormonal changes.In most cases, this problem goes away after the normalization of hormonal levels.The skin is the combined type.But there are exceptions, the cause of which is the improper care.It should be noted that oily facial skin has a small advantage, it does not wrinkle.

  • Improper care oily skin provokes

    Causes of oily skin and body - improper care Abuse active cleaning agents, degreasing the skin, only aggr

    avates your problem.In response to the active removal of sebum, your body begins to produce it even more.Thus, it protects itself from dehydration.Therefore, beauticians recommend the use of alcohol gels without alkali and not more than 3 times a day.

  • Mechanical skin damage leads to the accumulation of sebum in the pores

    Causes of oily skin and body - mechanical damage In no event it is impossible to squeeze blackheads and pimples.They are going to lard and other products of skin renewal.Therefore, eating while squeezing you damage the pores instead of a small pimple, you may receive a serious inflammation.

  • Oily skin peeling as a consequence of frequent

    Causes of oily skin and body - a frequent peeling very frequent use of peeling and skrabiruyuschih funds could trigger the appearance of oily skin.Because these funds are mechanically damage it, which could result in drying or flaking.Defensively as this, skin begins to more actively secrete fat.To avoid this, read the instructions carefully to cosmetics.On peeling written that you can use it no more than 3 times a week.

  • list of the best cleansing scrubs for oily skin.

  • effect of some medications for lipid balance of the skin

    Causes of oily skin and body - the effect of medicines If you are prescribed to take medication with a high content of vitamin B and iodine, be prepared for the fact that your skin may become oily and acne will appear.Therefore, during the appointment of drugs your doctor learn how they affect your skin.If they have any side effects, is it possible to replace them harmless counterparts.

  • Malnutrition - one of the main causes of oily skin

    Causes of oily skin and body - unhealthy diet Many people do not often pay attention to what they eat.But improper diet can cause serious skin problems.To these problems have not caught up, try to reduce the number of its menu, smoked, fat, spicy and hot.Also on the condition of your skin adversely affect baking, soft drinks and coffee.Arrange for yourself a proper diet, you can return your skin beautiful and healthy.

If your skin has become oily, do not despair.Reduce the fat content will help proper skin care .