Long manicure - Secrets manicure that lasts a long time

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13 May 2016

How to do a manicure that he had long held Manicure (translated from Latin «manus» - hand, «cure» - care) - is an important component of the image of any girl.No one likes to go with oblezshim lacquer on the nails.Here it is not even that did not like it, but that is not aesthetically pleasing.

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  • basic rules
  • Secrets varnishing

How to do a manicure that he had long held to the first third of the 20th century was a major component of manicure primary care.Secrets of a professional manicure kept secret and only passed on from generation to generation.Rapid development of nail care began only after the first colored lacquer.There was this significant and happy event for all the girls back in 1932 in the United States.

Since beautiful nails - it is an integral part of any image .To manicure last long, you need to know certain rules.Not only make up a beautiful lacquered nails, you need to keep the art of nail care and hand skin.

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manicure is right for you?

basic rules manicure that lasts a long time

  • How to do a manicure that he had long held Remove peeling paint cotton pad.Do not forget to moisten it in nail polish remover, or you have nothing.
  • Wash your hands with soap and clean nails special brush.Rinse hands with water and wipe dry with a towel.
  • Using a nail file, gives nails shape (it can be any).If necessary, shorten the nails with nail scissors.
  • recommended nails cut, pre-steam the hands - so they become softer and obedient.File nails dry.
  • How to do a manicure that he had long held Dip your pen for a few minutes in warm water with soap. When soften the cuticle, move it wooden stick intended for manicure.Carefully cut off the cuticle, using tweezers.It is possible to remove the use of special creams.
  • After you remove the cuticle, do hand massage , using almond oil.This massage improves blood circulation.After the massage, brush with your hands and nails with a nourishing cream.
  • When the cream is absorbed into the skin, nevpitavshiysya remove the cream from the surface of the nails with a paper towel .
  • How to do a manicure that he had long held Nails treated you, and now you must go directly to the application to them of nail polish.
  • to polish stayed long, you need to apply it according to the rules: first layer - a protective base under nail .This foundation is better to buy in the drugstore. second (if necessary the third) layer - Apply colored nail polish . third layer - the protective coating .Prior to the application of each layer is necessary that each successive layer of varnish has dried.You will need 2 - 3 minutes (sometimes more).Each layer is deposited in three movements: the center and the edges.
  • How to do a manicure that he had long held Dry nails must be complete as long as possible .To expedite the process, it is possible to dip her painted nails into ice water or waving hands.BUT!Before you start doing anything (to wash dishes, combing her hair, dressing, etc.) after staining with the last layer must pass at least 20 minutes.Otherwise, all your efforts will be in vain.If you do not will keep the full procedure for drying nail polish on the nails remain traces of what you have to repaint and touch the nails again.
  • When the nails are completely dry, use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover, remove the smudge on the edges of the nail varnish .

Manicure ready!Such a manicure can keep 1 to 2 weeks .

manicure How to maintain a long time - the secrets of well-groomed women

How to do a manicure that he had long held manicure to look nice, long and beautiful, you need to know some of the secrets of varnishing.

  • If the nail thickens, it can be applied in a single layer .If the nail thickens much that it is impossible exactly to make up nails, pour into a special liquid.
  • Before painting nails shake the bottle of varnish and warm it in the palms .Thus, it is smooth and evenly cover the nails.
  • Nails begin to paint with the little finger .Put your fingers on a flat surface (palm should hang).Light on the fingernails should fall on the left and top.
  • Brush immerse completely in the bottle with nail .After that, remove any excess varnish, brush wiped a hand on the edge of the bubble.
  • Mentally divide the nail into 3 parts .Depart from the cuticle 1 part to avoid soiling it.Confidently and quickly swipe motions brush in the middle of the nail to the tip.Dokraste nail edges.If the varnish on the brush is not enough, soak it in a bottle of varnish.
    How to do a manicure that he had long held
  • Likewise nakraste remaining nails .
  • Leave painted nails dry .

How to do a manicure that he had long held Make the right nail polish is not too difficult - just it is necessary to allocate sufficient time. Manicure whip up unlikely to get a neat and long .

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Take care of your nails and hands , and then your image will always be complete and stylish.