Terms makeup in hot summer

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13 May 2016

Summer Makeup All women dream to look perfect at all times.In disguise our weaknesses and emphasizing the advantages of a more just helps us cosmetics.But in the heat of the skin begins to actively sweating, which leads to stains, divorces and other "joys" of summer make-up.The result - irritation and flaking of the skin, clogged pores, inflammation and so on. To avoid such consequences, should abide by the rules of make-up in the heat.

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  • How to be painted in the summer?Recommendations
  • Terms makeup summer
  • Adjust the summer makeup
  • Eliminate shine.Folk remedies

How to be painted in the summer?Recommendations

Rules summer makeup basic rule "summer" make-up - not to overload your face makeup.That is, to select cosmetics based weather and its direct effect on the skin.

  • Preparation of the skin. When peeling and excessive dryness be sure to use a cleansing mask.A couple of times a week will not prevent peeling.
  • Makeup be more resistant , if you first apply moisturizer.
  • Cosmetics should be easy
    , but protect against UV rays .
  • on chapped lips can not hold even resistant lipstick.Therefore, to avoid dryness, take regular special masks lip with nourishing cream or honey.
  • Rules summer makeup to create sustainable use quality makeup brushes and pressed (not rubbing) the skin cosmetics.
  • After applying gloss (lipstick) remove excess oil with a napkin .
  • Gather napkins and regularly remove shine from the T-zone .Either choose funds with matte effect.
  • entire "old" cosmetics should be composed of special ingredients that protect your skin from the sun .

Terms makeup in hot weather?

Eye Makeup

  • Terms of eye makeup in the summer Eyeliner more resistant than the shadows.If you put it on the upper eyelid and shade with a brush, you can not worry about the make-up for eight hours.Choose
  • modern pencils, have composed nylon .They provide a "stretching" the paint with the skin.
  • most persistent shadows - those that have bright colors and contain no particles of nacre.That is, the shade should be matte.
  • If you want to choose a bright shade , pay attention to the means that are water based - they provide a thin, highly elastic film on the skin, so makeup will last for several hours.
  • ideal option when choosing mascara - waterproof .It is not showered or washed off.Preferably, blue or brown.Black mascara for the summer is better to remove.
  • from liquid eyeliner, it is desirable to give up. It flows, greasy, and gives the face a very sloppy appearance.

Lip Makeup.See also: How to find out the character of your favorite lipstick

  • Lip Makeup summer In the summer, try instead to use lipstick lipgloss (preferably a roller).But in the evening.Day is best to choose the means for the lips containing wax.
  • best option for summer lipstick - resistant lipstick, has a satin cover .Usually, this lipstick is different natural colors and a lack of drying effect.
  • lipstick can strengthen the resistance, placing it at some time in the refrigerator .

tone summer makeup

  • The tone in the summer makeup desirable to abandon the foundation at all in the summer.If this is not possible, look for cream with a light texture and apply it in a minimal amount.
  • To provide secure makeup should be used primer , he will not let cosmetics "float" with the person until the evening.
  • Foundations in hot weather tend to darken.Choose a tool that will on lighter tone your usual and silicone-based .
  • Tone cream can lock the top powder .But in this case there are no problems with the skin.
  • Just over foundation, applied concealer and corrector .
  • Pink shades of blush more resistant , compared with orange and brown.You can use the liquid absorbent blush under the foundation.
  • Follow lack of oil-based under the foundation.When
  • of oily skin tone replace liquid mineral foundation .

Summer make-up must be corrected!

  • Adjust the make-up summer If skin powder as soon as it starts to shine, by the end of the day you have to face is a few layers of melted powder.Therefore it is better to use matting napkin .
  • also matting the skin can be used powder "antiblesk┬╗ .It is possible to protect against greasy, and along with the effect of "layering", thanks to its colorless.
  • As part matting cosmetics present absorbent material , providing absorption of excess sebum, UV protection and moisturizing.

There are folk remedies, solves the problem of oily sheen.However, their effectiveness depends on regular use.

Eliminate shine folk remedies

  • Folk remedies for oily sheen Instead of the usual water use for washing in the morning herbal infusion .For him fit chamomile, sage, St. John's wort or marigold.
  • Before going to bed, wipe the face with a cotton pad, pre-moistened in cabbage broth .
  • oily sheen can be eliminated by mask of whipped egg white and grated cucumber , applied for twenty minutes before bedtime.

And, of course, not forget about thermal water .Periodically sprinkle your face - it does not ruin your makeup and nice to refresh the skin.