When you already have children?

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21 April 2016

When you already have children? This question strikes at the most sensitive spot when the "age" for a long time came up, and the long-awaited baby is not there.The most insulting, when asked his parents and relatives are not people, and completely alien - colleagues, friends and neighbors unfamiliar.

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  • tactless question.How to respond?
  • When you already have children?As women are usually responsible

When you already have children? «When you are finally ripe?", "You are going to give birth to children?", "You have been married for a lifetime!Is not it time already to think about the children? "- But of course, it's time, you think.Everything has been tried - and ovulation tests, and all tests have passed, and people's ways of getting pregnant, and IVF.But, apparently, there, above, think that it is necessary to wait.And the answer to those questions is absolutely no desire.And even the fact that dry and short cut "Naturally, we are going," simply can not.

tactless question.How to respond?

When you already have children? How to be in this situation? answer, when to respond to inappropriate questions is no longer words?Here, first of all, it should be understood with what intention the question is asked - with genuine concern, or malice.

usually issues concerning children and families, ask for, to keep the conversation .That is simply out of courtesy.Of course, if you respond to this question too emotional, you at least can misunderstand.

But if a person asks a question with a clear desire to pin you and provoke , a little sarcasm does not hurt.
When you already have children?

Home, answering such questions, not overstep .It does not show that to you this painful topic.The best option - to show that you are in no way such questions, whatever they were motivated not hurt.

not want to answer at all?So tell me.Or try to translate the conversation in another direction .

Every woman who found herself in this situation is the case of this question a few stock phrases - sharp, stinging, different, according to the case.

What answer the question -When you already have children?

When you already have children?

  • We were just working on this issue.
  • First you need to live for yourself.
  • For what purpose are interested in?
  • As soon - so soon.
  • remained a matter of hours.
  • When the Lord willing, then it will be.
  • not going.Why is that?And because.
  • As soon solve the housing problem (finish repairs, finish building the cottage, they diverged from their parents and so forth.).
  • What children?I myself still almost a child!
  • Do not even think!
  • We have not yet agreed to the draft.
  • Only after you.
  • Soon.That's just finish my coffee.
  • Just run to address this issue.
  • Man proposes, God disposes.
  • you'll be the first to know.
  • Do not you think that to go into someone else's personal life is indecent?
  • What time has come?(Round eyes)
  • What children?I'm afraid of them!
  • We still without children have enough problems.
  • liked the process so that they have decided not to hurry.
  • Want to help?
  • Waiting for increasing child allowances.
  • nothing if our plans will remain between me and my husband?
  • Exactly!Most of my head flew!Thank you for reminding me.I will go look for her husband.
  • Once you give us a separate apartment.
  • now - no way.I'm at work!But after - just be sure.
  • Immediately after conception throw off your sms-ku.
  • Once back from the hospital - I will report.Superstitious us.
  • We all according to plan.On what?Do not you care?
  • older - the higher the chances of twins.And we just want it and.In order not to give birth twice.
  • And why should I have to report to you?
  • You, but my personal life, no other worries?
  • 'll talk about this in five years.
  • When you already have children? doctors have forbidden to think about this the next couple of years.
  • Yes, we would be happy to ...
  • Do you want to hold a candle?
  • We are busy saving the world.It will distract us.
  • Hmm.You know, looking at you, change your mind.

Of course, the list is endless.Those children are "easy" rarely can understand those for whom it is a heavy and painful way.If you have your thoughts, you can share them.Home - believe in yourself, and let no tactless questions do not become an obstacle on the way to your dream .