In some cases, the man has to pay for a woman?

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21 April 2016

In some cases, the man has to pay for a woman Nowadays, more and more promoted equality between men and women.So few people are surprised by the head-woman or girl who first meets a young man.Nevertheless, some differences remain, and they leave a mark on the rules of etiquette.So let you understand, in any case it is, man must pay for his beautiful companion.And the men bred women for money?

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  • first date.Who pays - a woman or a man?
  • Financial expenses long-established couples
  • Business meeting - who should pay for dinner?

first date.Who pays - a woman or a man?

In some cases, the man has to pay for a woman Ironically, most modern women considers that man is obligated to pay for them always and everywhere , because he must be happy to have spent time in their company.And most interesting is that most of boys agree.They think that paying the bill for his companion, they acquire certain rights to the girl.And in an outburst of gratitude, she will not refuse to continue this fine evening until morning.

But when a girl says a polite but firm "no", the you

ng man feels cheated, because he has spent so much effort and even made material investments.It was after such situations, girls are beginning to call the "dynamo" or accused that it is only interested in money.It is not surprising that feminists offer women to pay for their bills , to continue to avoid such trouble.
Who should pay on a first date

Men in Russia manifestations of feminism are very wary.In order not to offend the feelings of fans and at the same time maintain their own freedom, on the first date, it is desirable to adhere to the traditional rules of etiquette: woman should not accept expensive gifts from a fan, and force him to serious material costs .

If the girl wants to pay for your own dinner, you need when ordering ask the waiter to arrange two accounts .

Financial expenses long-established couples

In some cases, the man has to pay for a woman Russian society agreed to pay the one who invites to the restaurant .Of course, there are women who are in my thoughts do not intend to pay for your lunch, even if they had initiated the meeting.But even if she tried to pay the bill yourself, educated man would not allow her to do so.

However, such costs as excursions, tours, a variety of souvenirs, better allocate .For complete financial dependence it has a lot of disadvantages.Sooner or later the question comes up, and the material will be more than an occasion for reproach and contempt to the less secured partner.

Business meeting - who should pay for dinner?

Who pays for a business meeting Unfortunately, in our country many people do not understand the distinction between the secular and business etiquette , which are based on different principles.In a secular etiquette lady has a special priority for her show of respect, worship her beauty and caring for it.But in business etiquette special priority uses head , and colleagues between them are equal.

Therefore, if a man and a woman meet at a business dinner, usually pays the side that invited .Or you can ask the waiter what he would have brought separate accounts .However, quite often there are situations when a woman invited her to lunch male colleagues adhering to business ethics, wants to pay the bill, her colleague does not allow her to do so.
Who pays for a business meeting

To prevent such an awkward situation when make an appointment, Emphasize that it is inviting you .If that was not enough, say during the next meeting to establish a balance will pay your colleague.It would not have a situation, in the presence of a waiter is not worth venturing dispute and find out who will pay for lunch .