What if the ex-husband does not pay child support?

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22 April 2016

Ex-husband does not pay child support - what to do become very common, unfortunately, the situation when the ex-husband refuses to pay child support.The reason for such behavior in men may be a cart and trolley, but none of them, of course, does not justify such an attitude toward her child.How to be in this case?What are the ways to get the ex-husband's child support payments?

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  • Why men do not want to pay child support?
  • Important information about alimony
  • How to get alimony from her ex-husband?
  • Rely whether alimony after a civil marriage?

Why men do not want to pay child support?

Ex-husband does not pay child support - Causes

  • site of a former wife. majority of divorces in our country comes at the initiative of women.Both men leaving, often throw phrases like "If this self, the very child and educate!And a penny from me, do not wait! ".Unfortunately, in conflict with their wives, husbands often forget about the welfare of their children, who willy-nilly turn into an instrument of revenge.
  • poorly developed paternal instinct .Overly protective of her husb
    and from the household chores wife should know that it is unlikely he will be responsible in the event of divorce, the pope.Pampered husband becomes thereby dependent for whom does everything his wife.And getting used to married that baby diapers to change, cradle and feed, led to the garden and the school is not necessary, after the divorce, he, of course, even to think about the alimony will not.
  • protest. This situation is very common.Wife forbids her ex-husband to meet with the child, and her husband, in turn, in revenge refuses to pay child support.
  • Ex-husband does not pay child support - Causes lack of opportunities. Social attitudes have changed in recent decades beyond recognition.And if before earning a lot - it was a man's duty, or incomes were equal, but now she often earns more husband.And after the divorce, has created a new family, a man can not understand - why, in fact, it will be with their tiny wages to pay child support if his ex-wife money three times more than him.Read how to survive divorce from her husband?
  • Selfishness. sense of responsibility - it is either there or not.The children "former" does not happen.The man, ignored the fact that his child needs food, clothing and education, may be corrected only bailiffs.

Important information about alimony

What is child support For those who do not know how much is required to pay ex-husband, her child:
According to Article 81 of the RF IC, amount equal to the fourth part of the maintenance of earnings (including other income) perchild.Two children are paid one-third of, three - fifty percent of the revenues .
If the ex-husband's conscience and responsibility is not lost, then beg for money he did not have to.If he works in the civil service, the money will be transferred directly from the accounting of his salary.

What do , if you know of his large income, but officially recognized as unemployed ex-husband and not pay child support?

  • is worth remembering that to sue her ex-husband does not work, if it does not have formal jobs.But there is such a thing - "hard money", which is determined by the court taking into account the situation on both sides.That is, this amount can not be lower than the minimum level of income.
  • Prepare in advance to what money you can not get even with a positive court decision on alimony.What to do?Work with bailiffs.They declare the defendant wanted.And at the first formal employment, to work her ex-husband comes to debt paper.
  • bailiff about his work carelessly?Send the application themselves or appeal against his actions in court.
  • Ex-husband does not pay child support - what to do nonpayment "children's" money more than six months is considered willful refusal to pay alimony , and the defendant may be held criminally liable.Do not pay more than six months?Take help from the police officer, surrounding the amount of debt, and contact the police with the appropriate application - the husband will be obliged to prosecute.A similar application submitted to the court, can cause seizure of her husband within the boundaries of the debt and the forced sale of the property.

It should be noted that criminal liability in this case, does not provide for imprisonment, but the fact of a possible criminal record often makes careless father to attend to the urgent payment of money.If this does not work, it means "leopard change his spots," and it makes sense to file a for deprivation of parental rights .

How to get alimony from her ex-husband?Solutions to the problem

What to do if the ex-husband does not pay child support

  • First you need to try agree on everything peacefully .That is explained by her ex-husband, that salaries of one mother to a decent education of the child is not enough, and his father's help is absolutely necessary.
  • husband does not respond?Then we can contact the police and write a statement under "evasion of alimony" to attract her husband to court.Rarely happens that "deviationist" really "put" (the maximum term - three months), but to correctional labor sentence can.
  • ex-husband does not work anywhere?Irrelevant. pay regular maintenance, he is still obliged to .He has no money?Bailiffs settle the issue quickly by seizures of property.
  • former husband disabled and receives an appropriate pension ?Even this does not exempt him from the alimony.Exceptions for different categories of citizens st.157 not provide.
  • husband works informally?Out - appeal to the police and the identification of the actual position of police officers (property) of the debtor.
  • husband was deprived of parental rights ?Irrelevant!He is still (by law) required to pay alimony.
  • child eighteen years? amount of debt is not forgiven , until all of it will not be quenched.

Rely whether alimony after the dissolution of civil marriage?

What to do if the ex-husband does not pay child support Definitely.Moreover, rely on child support can and should , even when her husband is officially a civil paternity is not recognized.But it will have to establish paternity in court.