Best wraps to reduce the volume of the body

By Admin | Beauty
14 May 2016

Best wraps to reduce the volume of the body Many women dream of a slim figure, but not all have time for daily exercise and willpower to different diets.About beauty salons and can not speak - you need to be very wealthy woman for their regular visits.Therefore, it is relevant today a way to improve their figures as wraps.Advantages: cheap, convenient - and, most importantly, enjoyable.

content of the article:

  • body wraps.What are the benefits?
  • wrap at home.Is it possible to?
  • Contraindications wraps
  • recommendations for implementation wraps
  • Best wraps for weight loss

How useful wraps?

Best wraps to reduce the volume of the body Wraps are recommended for women beauticians and nutritionists around the world.But, of course, for best results, you should apply them as part of a comprehensive approach to getting rid of excess centimeters at the waist .Aided wraps?

  • weight loss.
  • getting rid of cellulite.
  • softness and elasticity of the skin.
  • improve circulation.
  • higher rates of metabolic processes in the body.
  • getting rid of toxins and excess fluid withdrawa
  • skin rejuvenation.
  • general relaxation.

wrap at home.Is it possible to?

Best wraps to reduce the volume of the body Wraps, without leaving your home - it's really real.You do not need a "thick" or a credit card means that the afternoon with fire you will not find in stores.It is only necessary: ​​

  • little free time for themselves, favorite.
  • Natural mixture , which you can prepare yourself from inexpensive components.
  • airtight film .

can be used to wrap the funds that is at hand: herbs and honey, organic coffee, fruits and chocolate.As well as clay and seaweed.Of course, the greatest benefit of the wrap will only under strict sleep, proper nutrition and avoiding harmful habits and confectionery .

Contraindications wraps

  • Pregnancy.
  • menstruation.
  • gynecological diseases.
  • Oncology.
  • inflammatory processes in the kidneys.Read about kidney cleansing of the house.
  • varicose veins.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • colds and fever.
  • allergic to components of mixtures for wrapping.

recommendations for implementation wraps

  • Wraps home not use wrapping several components to prevent an allergic reaction.
  • Before wrapping take a bath with sea salt and treat skin scrub it better cleansing.
  • When using clay preheat it for a couple of .But do not overheat.Firstly, it will destroy all the useful properties of clay, and secondly, you risk getting burned.
  • tool for wrapping rub the skin soft and circular movements .
  • wrapping film tightly (not tight), in a spiral, and then turn around with a towel or sheet.
  • At one wrap usually takes forty minutes to one and a half hours , then you can remove the tape, take a bath and put on a body moisturizer.
  • For best effect should not eat for an hour before the procedure (and an hour after it) .
  • result of wraps is the most complete during the whole course, including at least twelve procedures (every other day).
  • Between courses should be made pause for six weeks .

Best wraps for weight loss

  • Honey wrap.
    Honey wraps for weight loss Slimming using honey wraps should remember a few rules:
    • Procedure time - no more than half an hour .
    • Before the procedure recommended peeling, a sauna or a massage .
    • should not be covered with a blanket (honey when heated loses its properties) during the procedure.
    • After the procedure is prohibited walks, swimming in cold water, hypothermia.
    • After the procedure, the use of wetting agents is necessary.

    for honey wraps can be used honey combined with various components :

    • wrap with pure honey.
    • Honey with essential oils (two or three drops, citrus or rosemary oil).
    • honey milk (2: 1).
    • Honey mustard powder (1: 1).
    • Honey with papaverine (two ampoules) and caffeine (two vials).Mix, put on the skin, leave for two hours.
  • Fruit Wrap.
    Fruit wrap slimming fruits are anti-stress therapy for female skin.In addition, they nourish the skin the necessary trace elements and contribute to its moisturizing.For the procedure can be used:
    • mixtures of fruit.
    • Isolated fruits.
    • berries.
    • Fruits and berries with milk, honey, natural oils or cream .

    Procedure time - from forty minutes to an hour .

  • Coffee wrap.
    Coffee wraps for weight loss helps get rid of cellulite, weight loss of elasticity and skin cleansing.
    mixture used for organic coffee grounds.The combination with:
    • Citrus essential oils.
    • white clay.
    • algae.

    Procedure time - forty minutes .The course - ten treatments once a month.

  • Acetic wrap.
    Vinegar wraps for weight loss course - fifteen procedures (hours a day).In the "unloading" days can be carried out oil wraps.
    procedures for vinegar (natural, apple) diluted 1: 3.It wetted broad pharmaceutic bandages, whereupon everything happens as when wrapping.Vinegar should be diluted 1: 4.
    Procedure time - no more than twenty minutes .
    After the procedure must rinse your body herbal infusion.
  • Clay wrap.
    body wraps for weight loss Action: getting rid of stretch marks, removing excess fluid, weight loss, skin elasticity.
    powder clay (four tablespoons) to divorce proceedings to a state of sour cream with warm water.The mixture can add a spoonful of vegetable or essential (citrus) oil.
    Preferably use a white or blue clay.
    Procedure time - about half .
  • Seaweed.
    Seaweed Slimming Algae (three tablespoons of dried kelp) diluted with warm water and leave to swell up, put on a body.Thanks
    composition of algae destroyed fat cells, increases muscle tone and stretch marks disappear.
    Procedure time - forty minutes .
    acquire such algae can now be in any drugstore.
  • oily wrap.
    Oil wraps for weight loss need to mix:
    Twenty ml of olive oil .
    and three drops of essential oil:
    • juniper.
    • Lavender.
    • lemon.

    mixture is heated in a water bath (up to forty degrees) and applied to the body.

  • Chocolate wrap.
    Chocolate body wraps for weight loss One of the most pleasant and "tasty" wraps.On
    pint of hot water - two hundred grams of cocoa (powder, natural).
    Stir, cool to warm conditions applied to the body.