Diamond facial peels;

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14 May 2016

Diamond facial peels Diamond facial peels has recently enjoyed increasing popularity.This cosmetic procedure refers to a group of mechanical peeling, which is popularly known as more "grinding face."And indeed - thanks to the solid particles, the peeling of the skin is able to grind, brushing off her dead cells and old layers of the epidermis, allowing the skin to be updated.Read: How to choose a good beautician?

content of the article:

  • What diamond peeling
  • How is the procedure for diamond peeling
  • results Diamond mikrodebrazii
  • Indications for diamond peeling
  • Contra diamond peeling.Precautions
  • Approximate prices for Diamond peel in salons
  • How many treatments are necessary to carry out diamond peeling

What diamond peeling

Diamond facial peels Diamond Peeling refers to a group mikrodebrazii , because it literally cleans with the top layer of dead skin allcells and dirt, knocking out traffic jams and clogged pores.This type of peel is performed special medical apparatus , having a plurality of different nozzles, wit

h varying degrees of intensity of the abrasive properties as well as different sizes and destination.This is done so that when peeling a professional cosmetologist could pick mikrodebrazii force individually to each type of skin, as well as to expose clean all areas of the face where it is needed.At each tip of the diamond abrasives deposited dust with varying degrees of granularity.Diamond dust - it is a very small diamond crystals treated with the laser. device Diamond facial peels diamond peeling has the exhaust system, through which all dust from sanding the skin is pulled into the machine.The vacuum, which is formed by drawing strength from the surface of the skin, has a favorable effect on it, reducing the risk of swelling after the procedure, stimulating blood circulation in the skin , thereby updating the latter.

How is the procedure for diamond peeling

Diamond facial peels Each procedure that peeling takes for about forty minutes .The woman does not feel unpleasant, painful sensations, so additional anesthesia for the procedure is required.After the procedure, there is no much redness and irritation , so a woman can easily lead your normal life, without making a break in work.This peel can be used on all parts of the body - the face, neck, areas of the skin around the eyes and lips, behind the ears, in the upper chest, back, in other parts of the body.
diamond peeling procedure has the following steps :

  1. Diamond mikrodebraziya Skin preparation : cleansing, steaming and warming the skin to exfoliate dead skin cells better.
  2. Hardware grinding specially selected nozzles for approximately 40 minutes.
  3. moisturizing or nourishing mask on skin areas that have been diamond peeling.

Diamond mikrodebraziya The benefits of diamond peeling should include the fact that its conduct does not require the use of special peeling solution - a fully hardware mikrodebraziya and therefore it belongs to hypoallergenic type peeling .Since this procedure is performed only in the beauty parlor and a professional beautician can talk about sterility procedures , hygiene, individuality peeling strength, selected for each person separately.

results Diamond mikrodebrazii

This peeling not only removes dead skin cells to its surface, but stimulates collagen skin, which is key to improving its elasticity, tone. and smooths skin tone , peeling able to remove or smooth scars, scars, post-acne, superficial wrinkles from the skin surface.The color quality of the skin improves, it gets even tone, it is younger and more radiant.Due to this peeling, a facial eliminate dark spots , freckles, hyperpigmentation areas.Enlarged pores on the face are not as noticeable.The skin takes on the tone, improves skin elasticity, it is literally younger.
Person after diamond peeling - Before & After pictures
Diamond mikrodebraziya
Person after diamond peeling - Before & After pictures

Indications for diamond peeling

  • Enlarged pores on the skin.
  • pigmentation , dark spots, freckles.
  • Wrinkles , loose skin of the face.
  • dull, tired, lifeless skin .
  • Availability post-acne scars, wrinkles , scarring, comedones on the skin.
  • Cellulite (exfoliating body).
  • acne , clogged pores.
  • Ingrown hairs on the face and body.
  • Oily skin , prone to acne, clogged pores.
  • Stretch marks on the skin of the body.
  • very uneven, uneven skin surface .
  • Fast aging , lack of elasticity.

Contra diamond peeling.Precautions

Diamond facial peels procedure should be carried out only in the beauty parlor, a professional beautician.Otherwise, you can damage the skin and even leave scars on its surface and scars.
Contraindications for diamond peels are:

  • sunburn.
  • wounds on the skin, scratching, unhealed sores and fresh scars.
  • All infectious diseases of the skin.
  • hyperkeratosis, scleroderma.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding the child.
  • menstruation.
  • Skin irritation, allergic reactions, skin pustules.
  • Asthma.
  • inflammatory and viral diseases, elevated body temperature.
  • serious gastrointestinal disease.
  • Availability skin tumors, papillomas, warts, moles.
  • Pacemaker, diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • feverish condition.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Any cancer processes in the body.

Diamond facial peels After the procedures, you must avoid exposure to direct sunlight to those areas of the skin that have been mikrodebrazii.It should also visit the steam rooms, saunas, baths, pools for 1 week, 10 days after the procedure .In the first days after the procedure should not engage in active sports or hard work - sweat can erode the delicate skin, causing irritation and inflammation of education.Cosmetic products, which can be used after diamond peeling procedures - a moisturizing and nourishing creams and sunscreen with a high degree of protection for the exit to the street.Do not use tonics and lotions, which in its composition are ethyl alcohol, to avoid skin irritation.It would be better if the period of recovery of the skin after peeling woman will not use foundation, powder, blush .

Approximate prices for Diamond peel in salons

Diamond facial peels high cost - is only minutes diamond peeling procedures.In beauty salons in Moscow and St. Petersburg prices for one procedure range from 4 to 6 thousand rubles. should be noted, however, that the popularity of this type of peeling does not fall even because of the high cost of the procedure because it is very high efficiency significantly overlaps this annoying disadvantage.

How many treatments are necessary to carry out diamond peeling

Diamond facial peels For effective results, especially - with highly problematic skin with large defects require 5 to 20 procedures performed every 10 - 15 days.

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