Fruit peels - reviews.

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15 May 2016

Peeling AHA acids Peeling fruit acids is considered to be mild and safe.Fruit or AHA acids, as they are called, may be produced as a natural way, and synthetic.As the surface, this kind of peeling does not violate the conditions of life of the patient, affecting only the dead cells on the surface and not intruding into the deeper layers.

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  • Contraindications peeling AHA acids
  • Approximate prices peeling fruit acids
  • Reviews women about peeling fruit acids

Procedure fruitpeeling, the required number of procedures

Peeling fruit acids acids related to fruit: glycolic, grape, citric, lactic, tartaric and malic .
Most often prescribe such peeling women with problems in the form oily skin , prone to acne- and expanded pores .But beyond that, fruit acids excellent job with aligned skin relief and elimination first light age-related changes , while cleansing the skin and contributing to its hydration.
essence of the procedure is to flaking of keratinized skin flakes , which do not allow to breathe normally lower layers of the skin and exercise care of them, so that the development of various problems.Such procedures may need about 5-10 , with maintenance interval of 7-10 days .The required amount is defined only beautician in place, carefully examining your skin, and the existing problems.Each
Peeling AHA acids lasts about 20 minutes and contains the following steps:

  • thorough cleansing from surface contamination.
  • application of fruit acid at the required time.
  • neutralization and removal of acid with skin.
  • applied to the skin a special cream , has a moisturizing, soothing and protective effect.

Peeling fruit acids usually among cosmetologists popular assembly peeling of several fruit acids with the addition of the mixture of vitamins A, E and hyaluronic acid, which add useful features as whitening, moisturizing, toning, protective and antioxidant properties thatIt increases the possibility of obtaining a good result after peeling.

face after peeling fruit - the results of the procedure - Before & After

Peeling fruit acids After the procedure peeling fruit acids usually occurs strong reddening and burns, but while the skin can peel off .And this process is rarely brings much inconvenience to patients in the form of inability to leave the house, so how is not very active.However, it depends on the concentration of acid in the peeling.If it is too high, it may happen burns to the skin, so it's important to choose a good specialist in this field.

results peeling AHA acids

Results peeling fruit acids

  • activated local skin immunity and regeneration of cells.
  • skin gets nice beautiful color, soft and silky.
  • stimulates the production of the skin's own collagen .
  • restores skin elasticity.
  • smoothed the first signs of aging.
  • normalizes sebaceous glands .
  • skin becomes fresh.
  • There cleansing of pores of accumulated contamination.
  • Eliminates the causes of acne.
  • brightens pigmented spots on the skin .
  • amplifies hydration of the upper layers of the skin.
  • bounces lipid metabolism .

Peeling fruit acids - Before & After pictures
Peeling fruit acids - Before & After pictures
Fruit peeling - results

Contraindications for peeling fruit acids

  • tendency to form keloids.
  • Too sensitive skin.
  • skin tumors.
  • allergy to a component of the composition of the peeling.
  • Fresh tan.
  • Any slightest damage on the skin.
  • summer.
  • aggravation of herpes or acne in the form of rashes.
  • Couperose.
  • or acute exacerbation of chronic dermatosis.

Approximate prices peeling fruit acids

Peeling AHA acids steady average price for peeling fruit acids is within 2000-3000 rubles .You can find both a very low price in 500-700 rubles , and extremely inflated to 6000 rubles .All depends on the beauty salon.Read: All the secrets of choosing a good beautician.

Reviews women about peeling fruit acids

I did so at 10 times, and the break was only for 4 days.It is believed that this is the optimal frequency and not as some go one procedure per month and wonder why there is no miraculous results.The percentage increase acid me more with each procedure.Pinching, of course, very much.Then do not say anything.After that, the person becomes a "cooked-red" color, and some places looked burnt.This effect is passed through a couple of days, and then the person becomes more even color.In the end, I got a smooth and fresh skin prone to dryness for some time.

I periodically go on peeling fruit acids.It is like the skin after it pink and Gorny.I would like to receive and whitening effect, but this is not, unfortunately.Burns never received.This species is not a chemical acid.But maybe, if we take the highest acid, then it really even a skin burn.Another detail, if not to make a long (more than two months) received the effects disappear quickly.

I beautician unchallenged for years.I know this woman very well, and it is very pleasant to me as an expert.And not so long ago, she told me to start doing a peeling fruit acids.So far I made only once, but it was enough to improve the appearance of the skin.But I warn you right away that the skin can peel off after peeling.I was just so.

Just three days ago, I made this peeling.The procedure seemed more painful.After her skin is strongly stretched, and then began to peel off.After peeling it became evident that the pores downright strongly pulled together, narrowed.I wonder how long?I just hope for the best result.In front of me waiting for another oidn such peeling, and then we will see.

I went to peeling fruit acids for removal of not passing red spots from acne.As far as I know them only peels and can be removed.It is not possible anymore to go with them, all look.And by themselves I wanted to get rid of acne.In general, I got only one procedure, although appointed three.And even then the effect was stunning.The truth is all the skin was peeling in a few days.As will be needed again, I find time for such a cool peeling.

And I did not like at all.I agree, immediately after treatment, the skin was smoother and looked better.But after a while it started anew, rashes appeared with renewed vigor.Most would not go!