Results of milk peeling - Before & After pictures

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15 May 2016

Milk face peeling Milk peeling lately gaining popularity.Its very effective action combined with respect for the skin, so to perform this cosmetic procedure has virtually no contraindications.Find out if you can make yourself at home exfoliating milk and how?

content of the article:

  • Milk peeling - how it works
  • peeling procedure, the number of procedures
  • results milk peeling.Before & After
  • indications for lactic acid peels
  • contraindication for milk peeling
  • Approximate prices for lactic acid peeling procedure

How does milk peeling skin?

Milk peeling As the name of the peeling, it is not hard to guess what it means to are made on the basis of lactic acid .Lactic acid is to alpha acids , it is obtained from the fermented liquid milk.Lactic acid is a part of many cosmetics and hygiene.For example, it is added to the funds for personal hygiene - a very small amount of lactic acid in their composition promotes healing of damaged and irritated mucous membranes, promotes tissue regeneration and natural moisture

.With lactic acid produced by means of skin care products and tools for home peels - they are effective and safe for self-use.Cabin with lactic acid peels are performed on the basis of funds with high concentrations - up to 90% .It should be noted that these peels are superficial, and will be most effective for skin young woman of forty.Severe defects and wrinkles, this procedure will not be able to eliminate.
How lactic peels?
Peeling lactic acid lactic acid, which is part of the funds for the procedure, has the ability to destroy the very gently dead cells, intercellular communication, which leads to a gradual exfoliation of dead cells from the skin surface.Through the influence of lactic acid in the deep layers of the epidermis occurs increased production of collagen, elastin , which allow the skin to be in good shape, remain elastic, supple, to rejuvenate.Due to the rate of milk peeling, you may notice the positive changes of the skin, as well as its freedom from the existing problems - acne, age spots, freckles, wrinkles First, excessive dryness or oily skin, acne marks and blackheads, enlarged pores and blackheads.

How often do you need milk peeling?

  • Milk peeling, like all others, begins with a preliminary skin preparation for the subsequent procedure.Applied to the skin, special lotions or creams that soften the epidermis, the skin is removed from the oil and any dirt.Directly
  • the procedure is applied to the skin means Milk peeling - a procedure with high concentration of lactic acid (concentration cosmetic agent selected beautician individually in each case based on the problems to be solved and state of the skin).
  • final stage - removing funds from the skin and applying a special solution , neutralizes the effect of lactic acid that promotes rapid recovery, regeneration of the skin, eliminate the irritation and inflammation.

Milk peeling - the number of procedures After peeling procedures lactic acid is necessary to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays, causing her to a sunscreen with a high degree of protection.This peel is recommended to perform a course, once a year - the results are stored for a year.For greater efficiency, in the presence of significant problems and shortcomings of the skin, cosmetologists recommend held from 3 to 6 sessions peel with lactic acid. breaks between sessions should be 10 to 14 days .Naturally, this peeling, like the vast majority of others, must be carried out during the autumn or winter, when the sun's rays do not have excessive activity.

results milk peeling.Before & After

Milk peeling - results milk peeling procedures have sebostatichesky effect - they regulate the production of sebum, normalizes the sebaceous glands.That is why they are equally good for dry and oily skin.The effect will be visible after the first procedure.For these cosmetic procedures are uncommon redness and swelling, severe peeling, so it can be done very busy people who can not take a break to work on the execution of the milk and peeling skin repair.
After the procedure will be immediately noticeable following results :

  • skin surface aligned , structured.
  • Skin cells are able to recover quickly and be regenerated, there is skin renewal, rejuvenation .
  • increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin , it acquires elasticity, tone.
  • skin becomes moist , it becomes a radiant healthy look.
  • skin brightens , freckles and dark spots disappear or significantly lighter.

Photos before and after peeling milk
Photos before and after peeling milk
Photos before and after peeling milk

indications for lactic acid peels

  • unhealthy, dull complexion, skin stale.
  • Availability old excessive tanning, pigmented spots on the skin, freckles.
  • presence of facial wrinkles, loss of elasticity and skin tone.
  • Recurrent inflammation of the skin, for acne, comedones.
  • consequences in the form of acne scars.
  • enlarged pores.Increased oiliness of the skin.
  • dryness and constant flaking of the skin.
  • Allergic reactions to other types of peels.

Milk peeling is recommended to anyone who is not able to take a break in their work to carry out procedures as then peeling the skin will not occur redness and peeling strengths .

contraindication for milk peeling

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • Any cancer.
  • Diabetes and severe cardiovascular disease.
  • inflammation and infection of the skin.
  • Any disease in the acute stage.
  • lesions on the skin.
  • Fresh tan.
  • recent execution of another peeling.
  • Herpes in the acute stage.

Do not forget that within 10 days after each peeling sunbathing impossible .To exit to the street should protect your skin sunscreen with a high degree of protection.

Approximate prices for lactic acid peeling procedure

Milk peeling price steady average price of milk peeling in beauty salons of Moscow and St. Petersburg is within from 700 to 2500 rubles per procedure .The price of this procedure depends on the number and on the grade of an agent selected for your procedure.You also need to keep in mind that some are coming costs and the purchase of specialized cosmetics for post-peeling care , and to enhance the effect of fixing the results.