Almond peeling face - reviews.

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16 May 2016

almond peeling Almond peeling is considered one of the most delicate, so it is suitable for sensitive skin thin.Mandelic acid extracted from bitter almonds and similar in properties with fruit acids.Read how to make almond peeling house on their own.

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How is the procedure of almond peeling?

almond peeling Almond peeling advisable to carry out a course of 4-8 treatments, depending on the existing problems and the expected effect.Between all the procedures necessary to maintain the length of the break in a week.Very often, the visible effect is evident after the first two peeling procedures.Read: Secrets of the choice of a good cosmetologist procedures.

Each procedure includes the following steps:

  • skin surface is cleaned special lotion, tonic or milk, a part of which has a mandelic acid of 10% concentration.
  • In order to prepare the skin for peeling the skin is applied mixture of 5% mandelic, lactic and glycolic acids .This will help align the structure of the top layer of skin to ensure equal penetration of mandelic acid.
  • 30% almond peeling applied over the pre-applied mixture of acid and after 10-20 minutes wash off with water at room temperature.
  • on the face mask is applied Calendula and lasts about 20 minutes.
  • The final step is to applying special post-peeling cream a calming effect.

face after peeling almond

almond peeling Though almond peeling and is considered sensitive, but it is still the influence of acids, so it is natural that after the facial skin usually appear some redness and peeling .Especially strong facial flushing occurs after the first few times of course.When they also may appear strong eruptions during the week, as all pollution are beginning to surface.Normal is the fact strong dryness of the skin after the procedure, so it is important to use a good post-peeling means for the care and avoid skin contact with abundant sunlight.In this case, after the peeling procedure mandelic acid will not have problems with access to work or for the next day.

results almond peeling: photos before and after

Almond peeling helps:

  • stimulate skin cells for renewal, growth and collagen
  • achieve remove keratinized and dead cells from the surface of skin
  • get rid of age spots , freckles, blackheads, pimples and acne marks
  • align the color and structure of skin
  • extend between cleanings skin prone to comedones
  • give youth and freshness
  • smooth out small wrinkles

In addition, the skin after peeling the entire course of the almond is saturated with moisture, and a light of purity and beauty.It increases the number of necessary substances for preserving youth and health, which greatly improves the immunity of the skin and creates a lifting effect.
almond peeling
almond peeling
almond peeling
To experience all the charm of a beautiful and clean skin of the face, of course, have to pay.The total amount will depend on your location in the geographical sense, but also by the number of peeling procedures.In general, cost of the procedure almond peeling today is within a maximum of 3,000 rubles .

Contraindications procedures almond peeling

As with any form of exfoliation, using mandelic acid has its contraindications.It is not recommended if you have:

  • idiosyncrasy components peeling
  • cold sores on the skin
  • finding long in direct sunlight
  • various injuries and sores on the face

And you like almond peeling?Reviews patients after almond peeling

recently passed five procedures almond peeling.Beauty!The effect is very much my problem skin.Inflammation of the face no more.I hope the result will be enough for long.By the way, the skin is almost climbed after peeling.There was peeling.Well, if only a little at all.Now I'm just enjoying the health of your face.

my thin skin has always been very sensitive.Tried before a few different types of peeling - all were very strong stimuli, remember scary!Recently, I finally decided on almond peeling since heard that he was for a skin like mine.Yesterday I passed the first procedure and decided to share his impressions.During the peeling was all good, no pain is not experienced.The next morning everything was red and itchy.However, the trouble quickly passed.And after a few days the skin has become much smoother.I can not wait what will happen after the course procedures.

I have said many times passed through the almond peeling.It helps me to direct cool to get rid of all skin problems.Maybe he did not suit everyone, but it suits me just perfect.The skin becomes nezhnenko, complexion very freshens and no acne and blemishes on the face.

I and without peeling the skin is normal, but a good friend regularly goes to the beautician is on almond peeling.She has always been a problem skin, prone to rashes.Sometimes it was a pity to look like she's trying to hide everything under a thick layer of Tonalka.Now her skin is ideal.So I think this peeling is quite good.

until I passed only two procedures, but some changes noticed.I hope that at the end of the course will get rid of all skin impurities.

passed as many as six treatments such peeling in the cabin and that is not noticed improvements in the skin, which made me very upset.It should in fact knowingly throw good money after bad.

And I did not like the effect, though, and has gone through several procedures, as it should.The only thing that the skin became slightly smoother, allowing concealer goes smoother.But I expected more, so disappointed.In addition, after peeling was a lot of rashes.Now, think about whether to try something different, as again go to a beauty salon is absolutely no desire.