Testers perfumes and toilet waters against the original perfume - which is better?

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16 May 2016

Testers perfumes and toilet waters In today's perfume market known for many varieties of fragrant products - this is a great variety of colognes, perfumes, eau de toilette, eau de parfum, refreshing water, deodorants, testers;there is even a perfume with pheromones.If a full-fledged original samples of perfume is always enclosed in a variety of volume, but rather weighty bottles, the testers look at their background is much more modest and smaller.Today we will find out whether the testers differ from the full-length versions of perfumes and toilet water quality.

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  • What is a tester?The distinctive features of the tester perfumes
  • How can you buy a tester
  • Testers original perfumes and perfume
  • Testers toilet water and originals
  • Are the perfume testers from the original?
  • When advantageous to buy perfume tester?
  • Reviews shoppers original perfumes and testers

What is a tester?The distinctive features of the tester perfumes

buying Tester Tester (in the people - "ProbeĀ») - a variant of the original perfume, n

ot intended for sale and created to demonstrate this perfume range of consumers in advertising tselya x .With the tester anyone can get acquainted with the flavor without having to purchase a fully fledged version of perfume or eau de toilette (which no sample may not be suitable for a specific customer).

Initially testers really not intended for sale - they are portrayed in the perfume departments stores and marketing purposes , to familiarize customers with the products provided by them.Testers can be used for the purchase of gifts, as an added bonus to buyers of their activity, or for various actions store.What is a tester spirits

Sell testers in stores is prohibited, it entails a very serious sanctions, up to a complete rupture of business relations between the company and the distributor.But enterprising sellers online stores and smaller retail outlets engaged in selling perfumes, began to sell the testers, on this ground and there were disputes, which is better - the original perfume testers or whether there are these differences at all, or is it another perfume myth.As a rule, perfume tester has a very small volume, packed into a small bottle and a fairly simple box .Perfume bottle shape can resemble the original bottle, but has a lower quality.

How can you buy a tester

How to choose the tester

  • Packaging tester simpler , compared with polnoyversiey perfume.The shape of the original bottle packaging quality and more beautiful.
  • bottle tester often simple lid screwed , or a spray with a simple plastic cap.
  • testers no original cap .
  • Based on the neck or spray tester is always a sign DEMONSTRATION TESTER , which indicates that this version of the perfume is a probe, not the full version.
  • bottle tester never is not hermetically sealed .

Testers spirits and full versions of the original spirits - comparison

Comparison of the tester and the original spirits Perfume - this is the most sophisticated and expensive type of perfume .Typically, perfumes are available in small vials to 7 or 15 ml.As part of the original perfume contains extracts, perfume oils, natural ingredients that give it flavor and product durability dictate to him the high cost.As a rule, the original version of the spirits do not have a sprayer and applied finger or drip cap on the skin and clothes. Testers spirits - a miniature bottles, which contain the original composition of these spirits. Testers spirits, which are the original spirits, produced in very small, tiny vials - do not forget that this product is very expensive.Buyers who are interested perfume tester, should alert the low price of the product, compared with the original bottle of perfume - it is likely to get a fake as a tester.
By the way, in recent years a proliferation of the original perfume testers in sealed packages of paper - they can be found in glossy magazines, or get as a bonus for your purchase in some stores.

Testers toilet water and originals

Tester of toilet water and original Toilet water is most common in the perfume stores, and its price is lower than the real spirits. Resistance fragrance toilet water also lower , but there are still samples of toilet water with a surprisingly persistent aroma - it depends primarily on the brand products.Free water is necessary to spend more than the spirits, and so it is available in vials larger volume - 30, 50, 75, 100 ml.Probes toilet water can be found in all the shops involved in the implementation of fragrant products, their volume is slightly smaller than the original volume of bottles of eau de toilette.There are testers and large amounts of toilet water - as in the original version of the perfume.In such a case, the tester can be distinguished by the absence or more simple packaging and lack of firm cap.

Are the perfume testers from the original?Myths and Reality

What is different from the original perfume tester In most cases, the buyer, acquiring for himself the tester, can be absolutely calm, as in the tester is the original products, but at a more attractive price .Major major manufacturers involved in the release of perfumes and toilet waters, let testers and parallel to the main products - for marketing campaigns, advertising and product presentation to customers.Testers perfumes distributor is obliged to buy the main consignment.They are placed in a container in the goods without the original boxes, but only in the technical covers to prevent them breaking during shipment.In the store, these testers are put on the shelves with products.
There are two persistent myths that are not the real state of affairs in the world of perfume:
Myth 1: Perfumes and toilet water in the tester is absolutely no proof, they have a lower quality than the full-fledged version of the toilet water or perfume.
Reality: Perfumes and toilet waters, which are issued by the manufacturer of the perfume are always the current version of the product, but - in a miniature version of the bottle-the probe.Manufacturer perfumes and toilet waters are always interested in seeing that the buyer was able to evaluate not only the perfume composition of products, but also resistance, so always lets testers, the content of which the quality no lower than the original full version of the product.
Where better to buy a perfume tester Myth 2: in the tester produced better products than in the original version - it is related to a marketing ploy to attract the interest of potential buyers to purchase full-length versions of the product.
reality. is no doubt that no self-respecting perfume company will not risk its image with the launch of a variety of quality products in the tester and weighty packages.Perfume manufacturers simply unprofitable to arrange parallel production, for the production of excellent quality testers, so all products are packaged, as they say, "from the same pot".Another thing is that testers are rarely counterfeited, but a full-fledged versions of perfumes and toilet waters - very often.Hence, apparently, and the myth was born, when the fragrant product testers to try out the buyer, it is not consistent with the full version of perfume or toilet water, purchased in a precarious store or online store with a dubious reputation.All figures
testers perfume or toilet water - resistance, Perfume - exactly the same as the original version.

When advantageous to buy perfume tester?Advantages of the tester

Why buy Tester While that is true in the tester perfumes, not buy this version of perfume for a gift someone else - it is considered a sign of bad taste.For their own use, and you can buy a tester, more than that - in some cases it will be profitable and justified.
So, in which cases the purchase of the tester can be timely and successful?

  • If you want to buy you a favorite perfume for less money .
  • If you not matter much simpler design package tester.
  • If you need small amount of perfume in a small bottle, you take to her small purse for the ride.
  • If you want get acquainted with the pleasant aroma , while "diarrhea" it for yourself before buying the full version of perfume.
  • If you really often use data perfume .

Reviews shoppers original perfumes and testers

testers usually sold in shops.My friend ordered the testers got a product that is no different from that which we used before.

testers in perfumeries sellers are required to put on the shelves.And online stores that buy perfume testers put nowhere.That is why the testers can not buy in stores spirits, namely the online store.

cost of perfume at a regular store incorporates a lot - and rent, and miscellaneous taxes, cheat, trade allowances.Price testers, which are represented in the stores for public use and reference, also included in the original perfumes and toilet waters, we buy it.Price perfume online store are lower because they do not need to pay for the rental of premises, etc.Testers who are obliged to buy for each consignment, also remain unclaimed, and so their online store sells.

perfume tester manufacturer unprofitable to make more low quality, because it will turn away potential buyers of the products.But about a higher quality testers I've heard from friends who claimed it first hand.

I - fan not only perfumes but also beautiful bottles, so always buy the original versions.And I meet with the flavors of the tester directly to the perfume store, a few calls, I do not understand is that this flavor - my.