Laser facial peels - reviews.

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17 May 2016

Laser facial peels - are procedures, reviews, photos before and after Any woman sooner or later think about the possibility of rejuvenating the skin on the face.Many believe that this can be achieved only with the help of plastic surgery.But it is not.Modern laser systems reached such a development that after several laser peeling skin starts to look younger for a few years.

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  • essence of the procedure of laser peeling
  • How does face after laser peeling?Effective results
  • laser peeling
  • Contraindications to the use of laser peel treatments
  • cost laser peeling
  • Reviews patients who underwent laser facial peels

essence of the procedure of laser peeling

Laser facial peels - are procedures, reviews, photos before and after essence of the procedure of laser peeling is to remove dead skin layers, causing the cells begin to produce collagen and updated.
to laser resurfacing can be used 2 types of lasers :

  • Erbium laser is designed for minimal penetration into the layers of skin and even approved for use around the eyes and lips.
  • Karbondioksidny laser CO 2 able to penetrate into the deeper layers.

Laser peeling surface and the median exposure is carried out by two methods :

  • cold laser on the skin layer by layer, without warming of the lower layers.
  • Hot laser exfoliates skin cells, warming the lower layers and stimulate metabolic processes in them, which is much more efficient improves skin elasticity.

Both procedures are carried out by a qualified beautician under local anesthesia .The treatment ends with the application of an anesthetic to the skin, after which the patient can go home.
When laser peels deep impact karbondioksidny laser penetrates deeper than the first two methods, so the risk of complications is much higher.This procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital specialized clinic.

How does a person immediately after laser peeling?

Laser facial peels - Results After the laser peel on the face can be seen redness and some swelling .Itching is also not uncommon, as occur in the skin healing process.These symptoms occur about 3-5 days , in some cases, such a pattern may be delayed 2-3 weeks .In general, laser peeling surface and the middle penetration is very popular in cosmetics thanks to easy, quick and painless recovery period.Skin care during the rehabilitation period is to apply the cream at regular intervals recommended by the doctor-cosmetologist.It happens that the effects of laser peels are redness, scars and dark spots on the skin .

Effective results of laser peeling

The results of laser facial peel A superficial laser peeling and median recovery period lasts approximately 7-10 days .When deep laser resurfacing - to 3-4-6 months .During the recovery period is no need for hospitalization if the order does not occur as a complication of preconditions.
After the laser peel can be obtained as follows:

  • more elastic and young skin .
  • improve circulation and complexion.
  • Increase regenerative capacity by 25-30%.
  • reduce or eliminate wrinkles and visible capillaries.
  • facial contour Fit .
  • Excision of minor skin defects .
  • Reducing the size and visibility of large scars , including traces of acne.
  • Silting stretch normal skin after a few treatments for about 1.5 months.

deep laser peel results will manifest themselves fully only 4-6 months , but they will be able to please to a few years.It was at this time lacks rejuvenating effect.
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Laser facial peels - reviews
Laser facial peeling - Before & After pictures
Laser facial peeling - Before & After pictures

Contraindications to the use of laser peeling

Laser peeling is contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Pregnancy
  • inflammatory lesions on the skin surface
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • tendency to keloid scars

cost of laser peel treatments

Approximate prices for laser resurfacing are in a very wide range - from 10 to 20 thousand rubles .

Reviews patients who underwent laser facial peels

I have now in full bloom recovery period after such an "operation."Although three months have passed.But I was warned, of course, that deep peels require such a long recovery.So far I do not see the desired results for the actual return of youth, but hated acne scars become less noticeable.I hope that in the end neither of them, nor of the first wrinkles will be over.I can tell you about the procedure itself that it was somewhat painful for me.But I think it's worth it.

I though was good intimidated with stories about the possible consequences of laser skin resurfacing, but still decided to take it.Very much like to return your face at least a few years of his youth.Now I understand that if accurately follow the rules of the treated skin care, then about any complications will not have to talk.I still do only one procedure the median peel.I had enough of this.Maybe later I pass a pivotal processing.

All women warn of the need of the laser peeling only in special clinics equipped with the latest developments, which employs highly qualified specialists.Do not be tempted by the low price offered by the conventional beauty salons.Thank you my friends, have advised to pass such a good procedure.For the past year I enjoy the smooth and beautiful skin.Wrinkles disappeared without intervention scalpel.During the procedure, I do not feel, as the skin of her face was under the influence of the anesthetic.

As I understand it, do not take such a serious procedure ahead of time, that is - up to 40-45 years.You can certainly do regularly superficial peeling even at what age.A rejuvenated it is better after 40 already.So I just did grind in 47 years.As a result, I learn the skin, which is probably in his youth had.And again, to plan the passage of deep laser peel can only be in the autumn-winter.

And I did not help the process of laser resurfacing.After her, I was waiting for that rid finally of posleugrevyh scars, but it was not there.Firstly, a long skin returns to normal, without pink spots, and secondly, all the scars have remained on my face.It seems that this method just does not fit me, because there are a lot of rave reviews about it from other people.