How to choose a foundation?

By Admin | Beauty
17 May 2016

Instructions how to choose tonalnik With a variety of types of foundation, presented in today's cosmetic market, choose your "tonalnik" and easy and difficult at the same time.Every woman can find a foundation corresponding to its type of skin, but sometimes this choice may be delayed for years, go through a lot of trial and error in the search for the "right" foundation.Today we'll talk about how to choose the right tonalnik.

content of the article:

  • Useful properties of tonal creams
  • Arguments in favor of regular use of tonal creams
  • Criteria for choosing the correct foundation
  • Selection Guide foundation
  • reviews about choosing women tonalnika

Useful properties of tonal creams

How to choose a concealer Creams currently produced in various formulations, and in the choice should be guided first of all, composition tonalnika - it is suitable for your skin type or not.Those women who shun foundation, considering them always harmful, wrong, because the creams are a number of very useful features :

  • skin smoothing.
  • Masking small defects on the skin - age spots, freckles, post-acne scarring.
  • protection from adverse environmental factors: air pollution, dust, cold, wind, dry air, rain and snow.
  • Moisturize skin.
  • Regulation developing skin sebum.

Arguments in favor of regular use of tonal creams

How to choose a concealer

  • The composition of tonal cream manufacturers today include many useful components: lanolin, mink oil, cocoa butter , natural vegetable oils.These substances do not interfere with "breathing" of the skin, not clog pores.
  • As a rule, all creams in varying degrees, have protection from harmful ultraviolet .If the tone sredstde not indicate the degree of protection from UV, it is SPF10.
  • To align the skin color of tonal resources are composed photochromic pigments, nylon "pearls", silk proteins .These substances help to visually smooth the skin, Optical removing her fine lines and other small flaws.
  • How to choose a concealer Creams for the most part are composed vitamins and minerals, nutrients, moisturizing ingredients , beneficial for the skin.There are special creams to be enjoyed for skin prone to acne, irritations, various rashes.

Criteria for choosing the correct foundation

Instructions how to choose tonalnik

  • Select by skin type .
  • choice of color and shade. color selection criterion - a harmonious blend with the natural skin tone.Tone Cream on the skin should look seamless and natural.Too light tone will create a contrast effect with the neck and chest areas, too dark tone will be visually old skin and cream with light-reflecting particles are not recommended for use every day.Choose color, squeezing a drop of cream on your wrist - not the best option.Preferably try to tone facial skin (no make-up, of course).
  • Choose creams marked «SPF 15» , means should protect your skin from UV rays.
  • required tightening of the skin?Note cream with lifting effect .This tool will hide wrinkles.
  • Test cream before his purchase.Apply a little money on the cheek area, blend, wait a bit, then check - cream should exactly coincide with the complexion.
  • Instructions how to choose tonalnik cost of foundation - not benchmark for purchase.The main thing that came up means perfect skin.This cream can be easily found among budget options.But the high price of foundation - not a guarantee that it will meet your expectations.

Regardless of the selection criteria, foundation usually selected "at random."But the key benefits of good tonalnika are:

  • resistance.
  • no traces on clothing.
  • Easy application.
  • evenness of tone.
  • hide minor skin imperfections.

guide for choosing the right foundation

Instructions how to choose tonalnik

  • First you need determine your skin type .The better the skin on the face, the easier it should be to choose the means.Women with dry skin person should choose creams liquid consistency, water and oil-based.If the facial skin is very dry, peeling her present, the foundation using a mix with conventional moisturizing day cream.For oily skin person best suited creams with a dense texture, cream powder - they Matira tighten the skin, hide pores.Women with combination skin face creams are suitable matting.
  • Instructions how to choose tonalnik When choosing a foundation must be properly decide his tone .It is - not an easy task, as it requires time and care of women, and sometimes the help of a consultant-beautician.For skin with yellow midtone should choose creams with yellow tone with pink undertone skin - tone in the "pink" scheme.For the summer, as a rule, required foundation for one or two shades darker than the color of the skin in the winter, this is due to a summer tan.Before you buy the full version of the foundation, it is best to purchase a few small probes 2-3 shades and test them on your face at home, choosing the tone in daylight.
  • When applying foundation to your face look - no different whether a person of color from the neck .The correct foundation will never make the face and neck of the owner of the different hue.
  • Instructions how to choose tonalnik If you bought a foundation, but - alas!- Missed with a touch, you can purchase a foundation of the same brand, but a tone lighter or darker (depending on what you need).If you simply use mix a drop of cream of these bottles , then putting on the face, achieving the perfect skin tone.
  • If your skin is very oily, it tends to the formation of comedones, acne, you can choose foundation Antibacterial - they will help cleanse the skin, eliminating inflammation and suppuration on it.
  • women who want to eliminate age-related defects on the face, you should choose creams with a dense texture, with lifting effect .Tonal fluids can align the complexion, but hide age spots, wrinkles, they can not afford.
  • If you want not only to align the complexion, but correct oval face , you can buy two creams: one - in a tone suitable for your skin tone, and one - the tone is slightly darker than your skin tone.With darker foundation can be darkened and the optically "remove" problem areas - too prominent cheekbones and nose, chin, and can be optically "deepen" the cheek under the cheekbones, temples, so the person does not seem "flat".

Instructions how to choose tonalnik
testing the foundation in the store, keep in mind that a good tonalnik should not have difficulty in applying on the skin. foundation should be well feathered , pretty quickly absorbed .A good foundation will not leave marks on clothing, imprinted on the phone during the day to sink into the pores on the face, "swim" to darken the skin.

And how do you choose foundation?Reviews Women

most like L'Oreal.Tonalnik MATTE MORPHOSE.Masks even circles.No trace of fatigue, irritation and bright pimples.Ideal as a base for make-up.I choose this cream is not very long, I just lucky, I immediately found my tonalnik and do not want to give it up.What is nice - and for the price it is much cheaper than the representatives of luxury cosmetics.

One of my favorite tones of creams - Bourgeois, Mineral Matte mousse.On the clothing should not leave, giving a smooth natural color, masks all dots and redness.Nanoshu morning - before the end of the day I go quietly.I select it on the advice of a friend, and I liked him immediately.All my other tonalniki flew into the trash.

tonalnik choosing, for some reason, decided to put it on the skin of the hand near the thumb.There skin is much darker than, for example, on the neck and tonalnik may be too dark.The most rational - to put concealer on the skin of the back of the wrist, but better - to make a smear on the neck, then just see - he'll fit the tone or not.

Now the store has probes, you can try foundation before buying.But it all is that we rarely come into the store without make-up, to the same - to test tonalnik, causing his unwashed hands, to put it mildly, unhygienic.Very few people know that you can come to the store with her jar from under any cosmetic product, and ask consultants to cast a little money to test at home, in calm conditions.I have never denied, so I chose my tonalniki with properly, with deliberation, and not mistaken.

If you buy tonalnik advance for the summer, choose a couple of shades darker than your skin color the winter, or summer this facility will greatly vybelivat tanned face.

to using dense tonalnika face does not look flat mask, use bronzer - it will provide a good oval face and make it more "alive".