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17 May 2016

Chemical peels at home Peeling - the basis of modern skin care.Due to the procedure of chemical peel your skin will acquire radiance, elasticity and healthy color.It is clear that not everyone has the opportunity to go through this procedure in the cabin, but it does not matter.An excellent alternative to chemical peeling professioanalnomu person may be peeling in the home.However, the effect on the skin home procedures will be weaker, but if you spend it on a regular basis, then peeling will give you a brilliant result.

content of the article:

  • Features home chemical peel
  • precautions and rules of peeling
  • instructions to implement a chemical peel at home
  • effective recipes for homemade chemical peels

Features home chemical peel

Chemical peels at home Chemical peeling in the home should be done with the help of special face masks and formulations containing solutions of various fruit acids: citric, lactic, malic, and enzymes , which dissolve dead skin cells.Although solutions for home peeling rather weak, and affect only the s

uperficial skin cells, which is safe and painless, however, before deciding to carry out a chemical peel at home, well thought of everything, attentively read the instructions that came with your chosen drug andif you have the opportunity, consult in advance with the expert-cosmetician .Let's understand immediately what indications could be to conduct a chemical peel at home:

  • Traces of acne and pimples.
  • hormonal changes the body;
  • Teenage problems associated with high fat content of the skin.

precautions and rules of peeling at home

Chemical peels at home

  • before the procedure, be sure to do chemical peels test for allergic reaction ;
  • direct sunlight, and chemical peels - the concepts are mutually exclusive, it is desirable to carry out the procedure only in autumn and winter ;
  • chosen drug should be applied thinly , to avoid burns;
  • before the procedure clean the skin lotion;
  • be extremely careful with eye area - she is very sensitive and delicate;
  • if during the procedure, you feel a strong burning or tingling composition immediately be rinsed with warm water;
  • chemical peels need to spend no more than once in 10 days ;
  • if you have sensitive skin, it is necessary to abandon the deep chemical peels;
  • after the procedure during the day is better not to use cosmetic products and not to touch the face with his hands.

Contraindications chemical peel at home

  • in the exacerbation of acne (except salicylic);
  • are hypersensitive to the presence of the selected product;
  • during the active phase herpes;
  • with the existence of skin tumors and inflammatory processes;
  • case of hypersensitivity of the skin;
  • the presence of skin tumors and inflammatory processes;
  • If you suffer from cardiovascular and mental illness, it is not desirable to carry out chemical peels;
  • Chemical peeling is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.

Tools for chemical peels at home

  • clean towel or soft absorbent cloth;
  • cream or mask with acids;
  • Special cleansing milk or gel;
  • fluid to normalize the pH balance of the skin.
  • Moisturizer.

And now it's time to meet directly with the process of
chemical peel at home.

instructions to implement a chemical peel at home

Chemical peels at home

  • For any cosmetology means for peeling necessarily attached guide .Carefully and thoughtfully read it before you start the procedure.
  • Now cleanses the skin via a gel or jelly.
  • skin cleared and we can put a few drops of peeling already clean, dry skin, excluding the sensitive areas around the eyes.Exposure time peeling is usually no more than 5 minutes - it depends on the percentage of acid in the preparation and your skin type.Do not worry if during the treatment you feel a slight tingling, but if it turns into a strong burning sensation with redness, then quickly rinse with warm water applied makeup for the face and make a cool compress of infusion series.
  • If all goes well, then after a specified time in the manual preparation rinse peeling off the face with warm water or use a specially designed fluid which normalizes the natural pH balance.
  • all.Now you can put on your skin moisturizer .

results of chemical peels

  • After the procedure a chemical peel facial skin becomes healthy, radiant and elastic .Regular exfoliation cleanses the skin from dead cells, enhances the production of elastin and collagen, accelerates cell renewal of the epidermis.
  • Small traces of pimples and blemishes become imperceptible .To get such a great ruzultaty drug peeling should be composed of bleaching agents: vitamin C, phytic or azelaic acid.
  • skin becomes more supple and youthful appearance becomes .Restores the process of cell respiration, resulting in fewer wrinkles.
  • Chemical peeling - a terrific way to fight unaesthetic spots and clogged pores .
  • Chemical peeling helps maintain the results more professional procedures .Of course, home peels are much weaker peels performed by a qualified beautician, but he keeps perfectly professional peeling effect.

Chemical peels at home - Results

Effective recipes for chemical peels at home

Chemical peeling is quite easy to do using five percent solution of calcium chloride , which you can find at any drugstore.
There are two ways of carrying out the peeling.

method №1

Chemical peels at home - recipes

  • For the first time, use the 5% solution of calcium chloride and at first be sure to check your skin's reaction to this drug.To do this, put a solution on the sensitive skin of the inner bend of the elbow and keep for 4-5 minutes.If you feel only a slight tingling - this is the norm, but if there is much burning and redness of the skin is formed, this method of peeling does not suit you.
  • If you are convinced that everything is all right, then with a clear conscience go to peeling.Pour the solution of calcium chloride from a vial into a small glass bottle - will be easier to wet the sponge.And now on clean milk or lotion, dry skin, apply a solution of calcium chloride.Give the first layer to dry and apply the next one.Thus it is possible to apply from 4 to 8 layers, but for the first time will be sufficient and four.
  • When the last layer dries, soap fingertips baby soap and gently roll the mask from the face.Together with the mask will waste and spent horny layer of the skin.The remains of the mask with soap and rinse the face with warm water and then rinse it with cool water.Gently pat the face cloth and apply a moisturizer.
  • If the first procedure was nomalno, and the skin has successfully coped with acid aggression, the following procedure can increase the concentration of the solution to 10%.But more - in any case, it is dangerous.Do not experiment on themselves, favorite.

method №2

Chemical peels at home - recipes Saturate a cotton sponge 5% or 10% calcium chloride solution and apply it on your face.After that, wet with a solution of soap baby soap sponge and work through all the face neat and soft circular massaging gently.You will notice, as this will roll pellets stratum corneum of the skin.The remains of soap, rinse with warm water and apply moisturizer.Although it is quite gentle exfoliation, but do it more than once in ten days can not , especially if you have thin and dry skin.

classic chemical peeling at home

Chemical peels at home - recipes

  • Cook in a small vessel, a mixture of 30 ml of camphor alcohol, 10 ml of 10% solution of ammonia, 30 ml of glycerol, 10 g of boric acid, 2 tablets of 15g gidroperita or 30 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide.
  • rub on a small grater good little children or soap.By adding a little bit rubbed soap into your bowl and stirring, bring the mixture until creamy.You should get a light, slightly foamy cream that you can store in the refrigerator for three months.Separately, prepare a 10% solution of calcium chloride - one vial of 10 ml.
  • Apply the resulting cream to the face and when it dries, wash it off with pre-prepared solution of calcium chloride.
  • Immediately afterwards carefully and thoroughly rinse your face with lukewarm water and gently pat your skin dry and soft cloth.
  • In conducting this peeling does not affect the skin with small inflammations and small pustules.

Home peeling using concoctions and hydrogen peroxide

Chemical peels at home - recipes Attention!Although the process of peeling of concoctions with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution thoroughly verified and entirely consistent with the art and technique of its use in the Institute of Cosmetology, before you apply your own mask data is mandatory, consult a doctor-cosmetologist.
This peeling is undesirable to do with the overly sensitive or very fine and dry skin, with various skin diseases and severe inflammation.

    • Clean your face with milk or lotion.If you are the owner of oily skin, within two or three minutes a little steam out the face of a steam bath, and if not, then heat the skin with a towel dipped in hot enough water.Then gently pat the face and dry with a soft cloth.Remove the hair under a scarf and put something easy and free.
    • To protect the eyebrows, eyelids, lips and sensitive areas around the eyes from exposure to intense bleaching and peeling, lubricate them with Vaseline.On the hand, wear thin rubber gloves.
    • Grind to a powder 40 g of dry concoctions.2 tablespoons of powder obtained otsypte in a small container and, stirring constantly, slowly add to the powder 3% hydrogen peroxide solution until until your mixture begins to foam heavily and will not come in creamy state.
    • The resulting mixture was immediately put on the face with a cotton sponge and fingertips protected by rubber gloves, soft and light circular massaging gently rub the mixture gently into the skin.
    • mask on his face to keep the drying (about 15-20 minutes), and then rinse with warm water.The face and pat dry with a soft, after which talcum powder the dry skin.
    • Peeling skin concoctions should be carried out daily until the skin starts to peel off a little bit.As a rule, this is enough for 2-3, sometimes - 4-5 masks - the fatter you skin, the greater the required procedures.On the second and subsequent days of the skin before treatment is no longer necessary to steam or reheat and easy for cleaning wipe with a 2% solution of salicyl alcohol (otherwise - salicylic acid).
    • During those days, during which the procedure will be peeling, washing and use any creams and masks are prohibited.Any way we can protect the person from direct sunlight and often it to powder.A poslepilingovy period will be very useful to you suitable sunscreen.The conclusion is clear: this exfoliation is best done in the fall and winter.
    • Once the procedure is complete, to soften and soothe skin, lubricate it only 2 days (!) Boric Vaseline, and on the third day go to short-sparing and very easy to massage the person for whom use massage cream, mix it halfwith boric Vaseline or slightly warmed in a water bath of olive oil, too, mixed in half with boric Vaseline.After this gentle massage is necessary to immediately apply a skin softening and soothing mask selected for your skin type, for example: yolk, honey and oil, yolk, oil, yolk, honey, honey, milk, cucumber and lanolin, honey with the addition of birchjuice, chamomile, parsley and calendula.

Chemical peeling - Before & After pictures
As you probably have noticed, peeling compositions that you can make yourself at home, at a price make mere pennies, but the result - a smooth glowing skin.Remember that the most important thing - carry out the procedure according to the rules, observe all precautions and make sure that you there are no contraindications to the selected peeling .
The following is a useful video in which you can get acquainted with obosennostyami of peeling at home.

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