The types of foundation.

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18 May 2016

Types of tonal creams tonalnik How to choose a face?Can I apply concealer every day?Do not spoil it by the skin?Do not clog pores?These questions are not relevant now.Modern creams - it is cosmetics made from natural ingredients.They not only do not harm the skin, but also to have it most beneficial effect, thanks to the antibacterial, moisturizing and sun protection properties, vitamins and plant extracts.

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  • types of tonal creams
  • foundation and skin types.Properties tonal creams

types of tonal creams

What are tonalniki face? Talking about the differences foundation, first of all, it should be noted that criterion is compatible with the type of skin cream.And only in the second turn - the color and tint.Types of tonal creams:

  • Camouflage. color saturation, durability, extremely rare use.Cream, masking scars, age spots, birthmarks.Washed away only by special means, it is difficult is distributed on the skin.
  • Thick foundation. good camouflage skin imperfections, thanks to the large amount of the colorant.A
    complex application that requires skill.
  • Easy foundation. funds on the basis of silicone oil.Easy distribution on the skin, easy flushing, affordability.
  • Cream powder. agent for oily skin, eliminating shine.

foundation and skin types.Properties tonal creams

Types of tonal creams Before buy foundation, decide with your skin type - normal, dry or oily.Get the cream only one that will match your skin type.

  • When dry skin preferably chosen concealer with a maximum of moisturizing ingredients.
  • oily skin requires special dense matting agent with properties that do not contain oils and absorb sebum.
  • for skin allergic reactions characterized , shows hypoallergenic cream with antibacterial additives.

Types of tonal creams Each type requires its own type of skin tone creams , another woman will celebrate discomfort during application and wear your makeup, and subsequently may notice appearing on the face of imperfection, irritation, scaling, excessive fat content, pigmentation and so on.d.Currently, almost all creams have UV protection - before acquisition costs tonalnika ask degree of its protection against UV .If this protection is not present, additional costs apply cream with sun protection , as the basis for tonalnik or powder with SPF over the foundation.

  • Creams with the declared matte effect have silicone in the composition.Silicone can clog the pores of the skin that is prone to an increased fat, with thick sebum.As a rule, matting creams, thanks to silicone, more dense, and apply them on the skin must be using hygienic sponge (sponge) or a special brush for cosmetic foundation.
  • Types of tonal creams Creams water-based (moisturizing) - this is the usual creams, in its composition are fat - even if they are not specified in a cream on the label.These creams better to buy for normal skin, and for skin prone to dryness.These creams are well moisturize the skin, due to the presence in them of water and fat, so they can be applied to the skin without a base in the form of a moisturizer.Tonalniki applied water-based fat and easy - you can do it with your fingers, brush, sponge.These creams are not designed for skin prone to fat, because they will cause an even greater degree of sebum and shine on your face.
  • Powder creams well suited to owners of oily skin, as well as women with combination skin.These creams are not suitable for women with dry skin, since in the majority of peeling stress on the skin and even more provoking dry skin, due to the presence in the powdery absorbent components.Under powdery creams should be used moisturizing base that is not contracted skin.
  • Foundation or powder cream powder - this is another kind of foundation, which are water-based and fat powdery components.When applied to the skin of water and fat base is quickly absorbed, leaving only the skin layer of powder.This foundation is good to use for skin prone to dryness, and skin that is prone to fat.Cream powder does not require powdering after application to the skin.If the skin is very oily, cream powder is not suitable for it, as will provoke unnecessary gloss and "float" in the make-up.
  • Creams that are made on the basis of fats , well-suited for women, facial skin which is prone to excessive dryness, as well as women with aging skin, with an abundance of facial wrinkles on the face.Fatty creams good to use during the cold season - they will protect the skin from dryness and frost.During warmer months, foundation fat-based can "float", especially if the skin is prone to fat.To apply the foundation on the basis of fat is best to use a damp sponge.
  • Types of tonal creams tonal framework - this foundation has the properties of foundation and powder.Tonal basis of good mattes the skin, smoothes out irregularities, hides wrinkles, evens skin tone, hides pores.Tonal framework suitable for oily, combination skin, it is stable in hot weather and keeps the skin firmly.
  • Tone Cream Stick in for correction of individual spots, flaws on the skin.As a rule, this cream has a very dense texture, well hides all the bumps and spots on the skin, use the spot where it is needed, and then applied on top of a lighter tone cream.Distribute foundation in stick on the skin must be slightly moist sponge - so he goes much smoother.