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18 May 2016

Most creams Tone Cream is paramount in any make-up, and takes pride of place in any woman's purse.This product is intended to mask the small irregularities, skin defects and at the same time - should not lie on the face mask to be uncomfortable to wear, should not worsen the condition of the skin.How does creams give his preference to women?

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  • Top tonalniki face.Rating tonal creams
  • L'OREAL Alliance Perfect - economical and practical
  • Vichy NormaTeint - foundation for oily skin
  • Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundatin - for a perfect complexion
  • Lumene SKIN PERFECTOR - for a perfect matte leather
  • Bourjois Fondde teint Pinceau good disguises flaws
  • Lancome Color Ideal - hide defects and protect against UV
  • Seventeen Time Plus is good for sensitive skin
  • Avon «Quiet Lights" matting skin
  • CLINIQUE perfectlyreal makeup for the perfect disguise

Top tonalniki face.Rating tonal creams

Top tonalniki This rating is on responses of women who impose c

reams enjoyed daily, its high requirements for the correction of skin imperfections, leveling the complexion, skin resistance and the absence of allergic reactions to the agent.So, what creams justified expectations?

L'OREAL Alliance Perfect - economical and practical foundation


  • light texture.
  • Fast application.
  • pleasant aroma.
  • invisible on the skin.
  • resistance.
  • Effective camouflage skin imperfections.
  • not stain clothes.

Reviews Women on L'OREAL Alliance Perfect

every month (on certain days) suffer from pimples.Without tonalnika simply can not do.Earlier plastered these "surprises" powder and pencils, then cosmetologist (my friend) recommended L'OREAL Alliance Perfect.I do not regret for a second!The application is very easy, no divorce and the effect of the mask.No irritation.I have very oily skin, cream and dries it well - has become velvety.In general, the cost (long enough), a light, a wonderful tonalnik.

I have a skin problem - persistent acne red marks after healing.On the street, even the nose does not protrude without tonalnika.L'OREAL Alliance Perfect girlfriend had tried.Very much.The vial was comfortable, with dispenser - not excessive izraskhoduesh.Economy cream - enough for seven months of the bubble.The price for such quality - just a cheap.The skin after it silky, marks on clothes not applied evenly, no spots are not visible.Super tonalnik.The best.

Vichy NormaTeint - foundation for oily skin

Vichy NormaTeint

  • Instant dry.
  • revitalizing effect.
  • resistance.
  • Excellent masking properties.
  • efficiency.

Reviews for women Vichy NormaTeint

tonalnik Excellent!It generally is not visible on the skin!Very smooth, beautiful tone.Everyone admires.)) I recommend!Little volumes too small, and a little expensive.But it's worth it.Any defects not visible, soft leather, blouses do not get dirty.
good foundation.Perhaps best of all that I have tried.The pores are not clogged, exactly lies, controls the intensity of sebum.Absolutely no fat.I recommend definitely.

Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundatin - tonalnik for a perfect complexion

Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundatin

  • perfect camouflage skin imperfections.
  • matting effect.
  • economy.
  • not clog pores.
  • resistance.

Reviews of Women Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundatin

best tonal framework I have not seen.For my oily skin - a real salvation.Disguises all the pimples, the person - if processed in Photoshop.Oily shine to the end of the day there, very resistant tonalnik.

this tonalnik I got as a gift.It is like, I want to recommend it, and to note the benefits.The skin breathes, no clogging of pores.Stability.Economical.Upakovochka very comfortable.Shade picked up easily when the cream over.Actually, not really, I love all these tonalniki and so on. Skeptical treat them.But this change my mind.)) The quality is excellent.And most importantly, mattes the skin.

Lumene SKIN PERFECTOR - for a perfect matt skin


  • variety of shades.
  • easy distribution on the skin.
  • Matting properties.
  • pleasant texture.
  • Even distribution.
  • excellent masking effect.

Reviews for women Lumene SKIN PERFECTOR

very difficult to find your best foundation.Just an endless search!Miraculously I stumbled upon Lumen.Hue found easily, the same.Already he spent two tubes.Only it now and I take it.I do not really like it, nothing to complain about.Apply nice, do not need to worry that dry.The texture is very light, hiding all defects.On the face is not felt.I advise everyone.

First, the advantages: no oil, light matting tonalnik, does not clog pores.On the face completely visible.In the rain does not spread.Cost is quite adequate.Very resistant.Excellent moisturizes the skin.Wide palette of shades.Economical.Matting the skin very efficiently.Minus one - you have to use the equalizer to specific flaws (do not hide any defects).Most bold plus - the presence of bright colors in the palette.

Bourjois Fond de teint Pinceau well masks blemishes

Bourjois Fond de teint Pinceau

  • good disguise defects.
  • pleasant aroma.
  • brush for easy application.
  • Even distribution.
  • resistance.

Reviews Women on Bourjois Fond de teint Pinceau

Bourgeois I take a year.He approached me more than others (many have tried).My skin combined type, something difficult to find a decent - a few hours, the skin shines like a porcelain doll.And I was very pale, and hard to find the right shade.Took Bourgeois due brush.I smeared right before going to work.Minus - the rigidity of the brush.And yet - no equalizer would not cope.That is clearly visible does not remove skin blemishes.On the pros: a person is not slipping on the skin is not visible, exactly lays down.And the price is normal.

Took Bourgeois just because of the brush (before enjoyed Lumen).Very easy tonalnik, feeling no masks, beautiful tone, rovnenko falls.Brush comfortable size - that is necessary.Squeezed cream too convenient.Care Brush also easy - wiped cloth and ready.The skin does not dry, there is no light.However, matting either.Watery consistency as much.)) Excellent product.

Lancome Color Ideal - hide the defects of the skin and protects against UV

Lancome Color Ideal

  • pleasant aroma.
  • sparingly.
  • resistance.
  • Excellent masking properties.
  • optimum consistency.
  • Contains SPF 15 (sun protection).

Reviews for women Lancome Color Ideal

I once got a sampler of Lancome, and I just bought a tube (like).Shade slightly went, but still turned out wonderful color.My skin capricious, drawbacks - car and truck.Tonalnik hid all wonderful.Consistency little tight, this is probably the only negative.Extremely economical cream.I am pleased.

always carefully chooses foundation.Not to lay a mask, and I was completely invisible helper to no peeling it was not visible, and other flaws.Lanka is the best.Cost, of course, higher budget, but justified.Pores are not scored, suitable for oily skin.Person after Yashar health.



  • Alignment far.
  • velvety and smooth skin.
  • resistance for the whole day.
  • Easy application.
  • Lack of effect of the mask.
  • freshness of the face.
  • pleasant aroma.
  • Moisturize.
  • evenness of tone.
  • protection from the sun.


prices there this tonalnika!Innocuous ideal means!The consistency of the airbag on the face is distributed without any problems (no limit!), Clear pimples does not mask, but the rest of bumps and smoothes out all the dots.Reds from the face of very high quality removes (and I have always had a problem with it - the skin around the nose always red).Clothing is not spoiled by the end of the working day lasts cream.No consisting of talc, oils and perfumes.I recommend!

great foundation.In summer, at the same time it protects the skin from the rays and moisturizes it.The complexion is very smooth, camouflage is quite normal - all black dots closes.The wrinkles are not accumulated, peeling does not emphasize.Reflective particles contains.I am very pleased.

Seventeen Time Plus is good for sensitive skin

Seventeen Time Plus

  • Underline white.
  • Alignment colors.
  • dense consistency.
  • Masking is not too obvious defects.
  • protection from sunlight.
  • pleasant smell.

Reviews Women on Seventeen Time Plus

good cream.The mask stays on his face invisible, is not greasy.The whole day is held.I even now do not use powder.Masks are well, no defects not visible.This is for me the main criterion tonalnika.But peeling stresses.So I'm under nanoshu moisturizing concealer.It lasts a long time.It should be inexpensive.

tonalnik ideal for winter.From all this dense cream is preferred.Impeccably falls, looks good on the face.Masks all but the brightest spots.Quite resistant (if not to touch your face constantly).Enough for a long time.No yellow as other tonalnikov.Overall, I think this cream a good choice.

Avon «Quiet Lights" matting skin

Avon "Спокойное сияние"

  • Easy application and distribution.
  • Masking enlarged pores, wrinkles and peeling.
  • Alignment skin relief.
  • Matte effect.
  • dispenser.
  • velvety skin.

Reviews Women on Avon «Quiet Lights»

zhirnenky creamy texture, very pleasant.Peeling is not visible.It adapts to the texture of the skin.Obscure!Very natural look.No fat content.At the exit - a healthy, matte, hydrated skin.It lies on any moisturizer without divorce, without sliding, exactly one hundred percent.Very comfortable all day.The pores are not closed, the skin breathe.Not sticky, not heavy.The dispenser is not very comfortable, but given the price and quality - this is nonsense.

I liked this cream.It washed off well, but at the same time under the rain is not flowing.Freshens, rovnenko distributed over the entire face.Hides dimples and pimples with dignity.No sharp transitions, the main color is good "adjusted."What can I say - great tonalnik.

CLINIQUE perfectly real makeup for the perfect disguise blemishes

CLINIQUE perfectly real makeup

  • soft texture.
  • No smell.
  • Disguise redness, black dots, circles under the eyes.
  • resistance.
  • drying effect (for oily skin).

Reviews Women on CLINIQUE perfectly real makeup

Clinics bought on the advice of my mother, did not disappoint.Money spent fully recouped.It does not smell at all, that for me is a big plus, given that I have no tonalnika even on the street do not go out.All pimples safely hides, skin levels.Corrector no longer use.There is no gravity on the face mask or underscore peeling.Good tool.

cream is excellent!All smoothes irregularities, deficiencies hides.Dries my (fat) skin.I would recommend this tonalnik.It is applied quickly and easily, exactly tushuetsya, lasts until evening.What more do you want?)) The normal price.The collar does not stain.I am pleased.