The best and most popular facial peels

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19 May 2016

The best and most popular types of facial peels Modern cosmetology salon offers women a vast number of treatments that improve skin and renew or return to her youth.Among these procedures is one of the foremost is peeling face, which is in great demand today, due to the high efficiency and impressive results.Read: Women's secrets of choosing the right beautician.

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  • What is the procedure of peeling?
  • Classification of peeling faces
  • Popular types of facial peels
  • reviews about the kinds of women peeling

What is the procedure of peeling?

Types of facial peels The word comes from the English language.That expression «to peel» gave peeling his name.If the mention of the transfer, it means «cleaned rind» .Properly and efficiently spent peeling ensures deliverance from age-related changes in the skin, reducing or even complete removal of wrinkles, age spots, scars, enlarged pores and others. The essence of any peeling is the impact on the different layers of the skin, causing them updated.This is due to the unique properties of h

uman skin to regenerate.And since at the time of peeling creates the effect of skin damage, the body reacts immediately and starts restoration work, thus filling it with new cells and substances necessary for beauty.The result of the procedure see almost after the first time, but despite this, it is desirable to peel rate.

Classification face peeling

Face Peeling There are several classifications of peeling.Before choosing a specific peeling passes mandatory consultation with the doctor-cosmetician, who will pick up the necessary procedures to skin type and intended effect.

By way of exposure is peeling:

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical
  • Ultrasonic
  • Peeling fruit acids
  • Enzyme
  • Mezopiling
  • Laser

At the depth of penetration and the impact of peeling is:

  • Surface
  • median
  • Deep

Popular peeling face - the effectiveness of the action and the results

Face Peeling

  • Mechanical peeling usually carried out by spraying the skin abrasive particles special apparatus.These particles are capable of removing the top layer, so that the facial skin is cleansed, becomes elastic, smooth out wrinkles, scars of different origin become less visible or disappear altogether.
  • Chemical peeling is carried out by various chemicals that can cause the desired reaction in the skin layers.It is good to lighten the face, removal of various scars and wrinkles.The procedure of deep chemical peel can significantly rejuvenate the skin.
  • Ultrasonic peeling uses separate popular due to the fact that after a patient sees a result immediately, but at the same time, there is no undue injury to the skin and the rehabilitation period is very short.The essence of this is to apply a peeling apparatus capable of emitting ultrasonic waves, which accelerates and improves skin metabolism.
  • for peeling fruit acids used apple, almond, grape or lactic acid.Characterized as quick and painless procedure, the results of which is to improve the complexion, eliminate small irregularities, skin hydration and stimulation of skin cells in the formation of collagen and elastin.
  • Enzyme Peeling is almost the most easy and gentle.He is able to deal with common skin problems.It is held with the help of enzymes - specific enzyme substances that have a positive effect on the endocrine and immune system and stimulating blood circulation and improve skin elasticity.
  • Peeling Face House Mezopiling carried out using 1% glycolic acid.It has a lot of popularity due to the fact that this procedure is practically no contraindications and it can be carried out year round.Mezopilinga result is the reduction and elimination of wrinkles and improve skin condition in general.Another advantage is the absence of redness and peeling after the procedure.
  • When laser peeling beam falls into all the cells of the skin and stimulates the production of collagen.After this procedure the wrinkles, eliminating circles under the eyes, and the skin looks healthy and beautiful.
  • Superficial peels usually carried out mechanically, fruit acids and enzymatic methods.It is usually prescribed for young skin with relevant issues.This can eliminate the peeling and fine wrinkles.During the procedure, the main impact is directed to the upper layers of the skin.
  • median peeling effectively whitens and moisturizes the skin, smoothes wrinkles and severe scarring on the face, giving it youth.Usually spend his patients middle-aged and often using different acids.The procedure is very painful and it is recommended to combine it with a holiday, because the recovery period is quite long - a few weeks requires the skin to get rid of swelling and scabs on his face and come to the natural mind.Such unpleasant consequences due to the fact that during the procedure takes a real burn the top layer of skin, causing the whole layer then peels.This type of peel is a popular peeling TCA.
  • Peeling Face House deep peel affects the deeper layers of the skin and ensures a real rejuvenation effect that is comparable with the results of plastic surgery.This effect is even able to persist for several years.It is generally carried out chemical and hardware means (ultrasound or laser) only in specialized institutions under the strict supervision of a specialist and often under general anesthesia.This peel is much less traumatic and safe, compared with the median, and even more so with the surface.

What type of facial peel you choose?Reviews about the kinds of women peeling

She did retinoic peels in the past year.During his struck me on the face yellow cream, which I then washed off after 6 hours.Under cream face lightly stung, and when washed, it was found that the skin is red.But the next morning it was quite normal.However, after 7 days, I started to peel off so much that it seemed as if it would never end.It was similar to peeling like a snake changes its skin, here are associations were with me.But the result was impressive - the person was perfect, and the effect will last the whole year.

recently made TCA.So tired of the bad skin scarred by acne vulgaris, which once decided on the median peeling.And somehow I do not care that you have to go to work with the crusts on his face.Well it's not forever.I'm just not sure why that it is worth it.

going to make ultrasonic cleaning person, so beauticians advised to undergo the procedure almond peeling.The skin has become much smoother and, it seems, may not need cleaning.From sensations - a little tingling during the procedure.

's already been 10 days since I made a TCA peel, 15% acid.All just great.I did not have a strong crust, only the film peeled off.So it is no great stress I have not received.The skin became very different.There was no inflammatory processes.And despite the fact that I took only one course of the procedure.I plan to make it four in number.