Fruit facial peels - reviews.

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19 May 2016

Fruit facial peels - reviews fruit peels - a kind of chemical peel.It is held as the name implies, fruit acids.Fruit peels virtually harmless to the skin and very soft.

content of the article:

  • Procedure fruit peels
  • Indications for peeling fruit
  • Contraindications for peels
  • tools used in interior
  • description of the procedure peeling fruit
  • Tips for skin care after the procedure
  • results of the procedure peeling fruit
  • Cautions for home peeling
  • Reviews women who have undergone fruit peels

Procedure fruit peel, it features

Fruit facial peels This procedure to reduce the fat content of the skin and its rejuvenation .The most important feature of the procedure is that it is superficial.
general, fruit acids appropriately called AHA acids or alfagidrokislotami .They affect only the dead cells and does not affect the performance of healthy cells.Fruit acids are extracted from natural fruits, and produced synthetically.For peeling fruit acids used standard set:

  • Glycolic - (sugarcane, synthetic);
  • milk - (sour milk, tomatoes, blueberries, synthetic);
  • Malic;
  • Wine - (wine grapes);
  • Lemon - (pineapple, citrus).

Indications for peeling fruit

Indications for peeling fruit

  • traces of pimples and blackheads
  • skin problems related to hormonal changes in the body
  • problem and unnecessarilyoily skin Teenager

Fruit acids have an excellent antioxidant effect the upper layers of the skin.In general, almost all the anti-aging effect lies in the stimulation of collagen synthesis own intradermal and glycosaminoglycans.

Contraindications for peeling fruit acids

  • various skin diseases;
  • propensity to scarring of the skin;
  • skin sensitivity
  • allergic reactions to components of the drug;
  • growths on the skin, hirsutism;
  • tendency to post-traumatic skin pigmentation;
  • application photosensitizer substances (essential oils of bergamot, St. John's wort, tetracycline, and others) and retinol
  • pregnancy and lactation

Tools used by a professional beautician during the peeling procedure inSalon

Face after peeling fruit - before and after photos

  • uno
  • spear
  • uno-lance
  • skimmer skimmer
  • -lance
  • needle Vidal
  • lamp magnifier
  • Vapazony
  • combination spoon
  • mikrokryuchok
  • disposable chopsticks and napkins.

description of the procedure peeling fruit

Face after peeling fruit - before and after photos

  • on damp skin, avoiding eye contact, applied purifying foam , which erode to a foam and then thoroughly rinse your face with cool water.
  • then evenly on the entire face, starting from the least sensitive areas: nose and forehead, continuing the periphery of the cheeks, neck, chin and neck area, and ending centuries and cheekbones, soft brush applied lotion fruit peeling.Lotion superimposed strips so that they do not overlap each other.
  • When the procedure you may experience slight burning or tingling .Exposure time fruit peels depends on individual sensitivity of the skin (typically, one to three minutes).
  • Time procedure is about 20 minutes.

Prices of fruit peels are acceptable, ranging from the amount of 1,500 rubles and up in various clinics and salons.
The procedure for peeling fruit
The procedure for peeling fruit
time effects on the skin fruit acids is considered one of the most important factors determining the efficiency of the peeling.However, while not strictly fixed, as it depends on the thickness of the stratum corneum of your skin, its type, the acid-sensitive, barrier properties.Therefore exposure time peeling chosen individually by a qualified beautician .
effect of fruit peeling lasts about six months or a year.You can then repeat the procedure.
The video, shown below, you can learn more about the procedure of the fruit peel.

Video: Peeling fruit acids

Tips for skin care after the procedure

  • During the course of fruit peels categorically not expose the skin to ultraviolet rays and other stress factors in order to avoidage spots!
  • No way not be repeated fruit peels at home !
  • Mode cleansing after peeling must be, above all, gentle !

results of the procedure

fruit peel fruit peeling will give your skin firmness, freshness, it returns the lost elasticity and help effectively get rid of the manifestation of age-related troubles .The result will be peeling particularly noticeable if you have oily skin, after the procedure because the sebaceous glands is normalized, cleansed pores that prevent the appearance of acne.In addition, after the fruit peel gpigmentirovannye lighten skin .
Face after peeling fruit - before and after photos
Face after peeling fruit - before and after photos

Cautions for peeling fruit at home

home you can use a variety of creams and gels, which contain fruit acids .
Fruit peels at home
Fruit peels at home
Fruit peels at home
Their concentration in cosmetics is small, so they are completely safe for the skin.However, despite this, before applying the chosen means carefully read the enclosed instructions , make test allergic reactions of the skin and consult a doctor-cosmetologist .

Reviews women who have undergone fruit peels

I'll just spend the course of fruit peels of glycolic acid (three sessions - so advised the cosmetician).20 and 50% solution of acid.
effect I like very much, the skin is smooth, well-groomed, acquired a healthy complexion, fine lines disappear and pimples.All creams, masks and other absorbs like a sponge.

do yourself a fruit peels of glycolic acid.Well, at first I did not believe in the effect - quite inexpensive.And the skin is really after - just super, though, of course, there is much more effi- ciently and peeling fruit acids, but they are more expensive.

did I only seven procedures - has already begun active sun, and when it can not continue peeling.The result is still pleased.Autumn still necessarily pass the course.

And I think the fruit peel does not rejuvenate.Deeper rejuvenates, and this procedure is simply to make the tone of the skin and get rid of all sorts of trouble in the form of acne vulgaris.

I did fruit peel is precisely because of a skin problem and helped me a lot.But, of course, unfortunately, this is not always the case.Looking for periodic refresher courses.

Personally, I'm all for this peeling.And it is for the course in the cabin, then seen a great result.Only as far as I know, pregnant and nursing mums, this procedure is contraindicated.

course, the result of the shops and showrooms peeling will not be the same.I took a course fruit peeling it in the cabin!And I really liked the result.By the way, this procedure should be done only in the autumn and winter, and a solarium banned!Otherwise, age spots may appear on the face.