Ultrasonic facial peels - reviews.

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19 May 2016

Person after ultrasonic peeling - Before & After pictures Someone thinks ultrasonic peeling almost classical procedure, while others prefer to think that this hardware cosmetology service is relatively young.One way or another, but the ultrasonic peeling is gentle and versatile, as is suitable for all ages and skin types and has no side effects for the skin in the future.Read: How to choose a good cosmetologist procedures?

content of the article:

  • How is the procedure of ultrasonic peeling?
  • Appearance face after the ultrasonic peeling
  • results of ultrasonic peeling
  • Sample prices for treatments
  • Contraindications to ultrasound peeling
  • Reviews women receiving ultrasonic peeling

How is the procedure of ultrasonic peeling?

Ultrasonic facial peels - reviews basis of ultrasonic peeling is an ultrasonic wave with a specific frequency of the set parameters are not lower than 28 Hz, which is under the influence of the process of exfoliation of old cells from the skin and massage all the layers of the skin, thereby improving the flow of blood and lymph.
The procedure is as follows:

  • skin cleared .
  • On the whole surface to be treated applied mineral water or a special gel conductivity.
  • Held skin treatment ultrasound through a special nozzle, with peeling effect is caused by the fact that the sound wave crushes dead skin cells and dirt in the pores, which are then easily removed.

Ultrasonic facial peels - reviews whole procedure lasts for about 30 minutes , during which the patient does not feel any pain.It is generally recommended to undergo the process of the peeling no less than once a month in normal skin and few times a month owners of oily skin.

Ultrasonic facial peels can be done at home.

Appearance face after the procedure, ultrasound peeling

Person after ultrasonic peeling - Before & After pictures Due to the fact that the ultrasonic peeling and absolutely painless netravmatichen, after skin there is no trace of the procedure , such as redness, swelling, and brown faces.In some cases, possible slight redness on his face for a short time.Through such as ultrasound peeling after the procedure there is no need to conduct any rehabilitation action.

results of ultrasonic peeling

Person after ultrasonic peeling - Before & After pictures

  • pores cleared of sebaceous plugs and narrow.
  • skin tightened like lifting effect and becomes more elastic.
  • enhances the natural content of all layers of the skin with moisture, oxygen and nutrients.
  • complexion becomes smooth and fresh.
  • Small smooth wrinkles .
  • reduces swelling under the eyes and on the whole face.
  • Problem skin is less prone to various rashes.
  • tense facial muscles relax.
  • stimulates the growth of new cells skin.

Person after ultrasonic peeling - Before & After pictures
Person after ultrasonic peeling - Before & After pictures
Person after ultrasonic peeling - Before & After pictures

Sample prices for treatments ultrasonic peeling

The results of ultrasonic peeling in Moscow and other big cities the cost of the procedure of ultrasonic peeling is within 2000-3000 rubles , with a minimum price of 400 rubles , and the maximum is much more expensive - 4500 rubles .Such price dispersion depends on many factors, such as effectiveness and variety of apparatus used, additional means in the form of masks, in the end, from the passenger compartment.

Contraindications to ultrasound

peeling Ultrasonic peeling is prohibited under the following facts:

  • front neurologists I ;
  • acute inflammatory and infectious processes on the face;
  • presence pustular forms of acne ;
  • tumor growths on his face;
  • passage middle or deep chemical peels recently ;
  • pregnancy .

And ultrasonic peeling is contraindicated in people oncology, cardiovascular or acute infectious diseases .

Reviews women who have undergone ultrasonic peeling

When I took the first procedure of ultrasonic peeling, it has been seriously upset, since no effect and benefits not found.However, I decided to continue the course of peeling, hoping for a cumulative effect.And I realized that I did it knowingly, because after the second procedure were noticeable changes for the better.The first thing I realized that tone foundation laid much smoother than before.Employees of all notice that I got prettier.I think that soon throw his powder as almost do not use it!

I want to share that there is such a wonderful treatment in beauty salons as ultrasonic peeling face.Where I usually do this cleaning, the program includes a preliminary facial massage and nutritional medical mask.I try to pass this peeling course of ten treatments to get rid at least for a time and the rest of acne troubles.It turns out that I'm going through the whole course of five weeks.It helps very well, then long skin clean.And I see that beginning to become dirty, so once again sent to the peeling.

many years I suffered from these black dots all over his face.When already quite sick of all, I decided to go for consultation to the beautician, who put me on a regular ultrasonic peeling.I can only say that now everything is wonderful.Pores gradually returned to normal.But this is taking into account that I had to find the right skin care.