Jessner Peeling for the face - reviews.

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20 May 2016

Jessner Jessner Peeling - a combination of three different components, which are unchanged.Though Jessner peel is considered superficial, but it can create an effect similar to the median, and even types of deep peels.This fact not only depends on the acid concentration, but also on the number of layers deposited on the skin peels.Read: How to choose a beautician right?

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composition peel Jessner

Jessner Peeling for the face - ratings composition of the surface chemical peel as follows:

  • lactic acid - has anti-inflammatorymoisturizing effect and enhances the ability of skin cells;
  • salicylic acid - has an antibacterial effect and increases the possibility of lactic acid;
  • resorcinol - also has a disinfecting effect on the skin and increases the impact of the two acids.

The percentage of each substance can vary, depending on the skin type and its .

Jessner Peeling

Jessner Peeling for the face - ratings

  • Preparation of the skin for the application of peeling by purification.
  • degreasing the skin with a special compound.
  • distribution of skin peeling solution .
  • removal solution from the skin over time.

During exposure peeling solution, patients may experience a burning sensation and discomfort.In some cases, the skin is too sensitive procedure is even painful .Most salons client the hand fan or a mini-fan, to ease discomfort during exposure to peeling.After peeling usually all go home with a sense of frostbite face , which takes place an hour after the procedure.
Jessner Peeling for the face - ratings

For skin effect often practiced by applying just one layer peeling mixture for each procedure to help restore skin elasticity, moisture, freshness and a nice uniform color.

If necessary effect median peeling , you will need application of at least three layers, with the removal of all before then.This will allow to get rid of the more serious problems that can not cope superficial peeling.

believed that a deep cleaning and updating to cope peel Jessner if the number of coats to increase to 5-6 .Results thus will be more dramatic as compared with the surface peeling, but and a long recovery period.

How does a person immediately after peeling Jessner?

  • the first day to replace the feeling of frostbite comes redness and swelling skin.
  • After 1-2 days the skin on her face contracted and a feeling of a mask, followed by the appearance of crusts in some places.
  • 3-4 days Ā«Mask" begins to crack and peeling occurs gradually epidermis.
  • After 5-7 days the skin comes normal state , sometimes a little longer.

Tips for the period of rehabilitation after peeling:

  • not allowed stripping of crusts flakes and scaly skin, otherwise the skin may remain for a long time not passing red spots;
  • necessary permanent skin hydration creams or ointments Bepanten type or D-panthenol;
  • shown very gentle care for the skin special post-peeling means;
  • is mandatory to the skin special sunscreen before going out.

repeated procedure if it is necessary, it is recommended not earlier than 4-6 weeks after recovery .

look at how to perform peels Jessner home alone.

results Jessner peeling

Results peel Jessner is impossible to predict all the women getting the same result due to different types and individual characteristics and skin problems.Someone will enjoy stunning achievements after one time, and someone and some procedures may not bring visible and desirable changes.

However, most often peel Jessner pleases clients following results :

  • softens and moisturizes the skin;
  • enhanced its elasticity due to the increase in the number of its own intracellular collagen and new cells;
  • removes dirt from skin pores, and is their restriction;
  • decreases the amount of inflammation in the skin;
  • removed the upper horny layer of dead skin cells with the bacteria living there;
  • normalize sebum;
  • lighten pigmented areas;
  • evens the complexion;
  • become noticeably smaller scars and red spots from acne;
  • smooth fine lines;
  • improves microcirculation in the layers of the skin are activated and regenerative processes.


Price peel Jessner Approximate price per procedure vary considerably.In the capital, you can find salons prices from 1000 rubles above.On average, the price is set in 2500-3500 rubles .

Contraindications peel Jessner

  • Pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • inflammation of the skin, including herpes.
  • Intolerance and of components in the peel.

Reviews women past peel Jessner

Three months ago I had two treatments and peel Jessner happy because the result - what you need!All around notice changes in me compliments.And the improvement is that the skin on his face brightened, leveled its surface, color has become more uniform.But most of all I am pleased that about 40 percent narrowed the pores on your face!

Once I did it, but I did not like the result.It's not something that was not, and he soon became negative because all over his face povysypali some strange white pimples, which previously never had.After peeling long held red spots.If we dare once again, it is clearly not on the peel.It is better to choose something more expensive.Well it's still my skin, nekazennaya.

I have long suffered and struggled with rash on the chin and forehead, while the beautician has not appointed me Jessner peel procedure.We held it five times.In one procedure every week and a half.But the mixture is applied only on problem areas.After each procedure, all peeling and fell off a huge reservoir.After the first time has not been any changes, but after the second has already begun to improve.So I do not recommend throwing.After five treatments, I can say that I no longer climb acne scars are barely visible, the skin feels velvety straight, and the type of light.So I recommend to everyone I know.I bow to the inventor of the peel, well, my beautician, of course!

That made Jessner peeling the first time and enjoy the results.Gone are all the spots that remained after the powerful eruption, well, acne scars become much less.In the autumn I plan to make a few more procedures.

And my expectations for some reason did not materialize, although a beautician promised that I would not regret.I'm hoping to smooth the scars from acne, but completely useless.In addition, the face still does not stop to be shelled, despite the fact that after peeling has passed 10 days.Already ashamed to walk down the street.In general, just wasted your money.

tell you, as I have: after treatment the skin was red just one hour, and then only peel off.After graduating from peeling it became clear that the cosmetician did not disappoint - rovnenko skin, smooth, not greasy.I go for another course!The results are unreal!