Coral peeling - reviews.

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20 May 2016

Coral peeling - Before & After pictures Coral peeling is a relatively new procedure in the price lists of beauty salons and clinics, but he is already very popular.Someone has even learned to make a coral peeling house on their own.This species belongs to the mechanical peeling the middle grinding, and its popularity can be attributed to a 100% natural composition, combined with excellent results.This makes a great alternative to a coral peeling tougher kinds of peeling.

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procedure coral peeling - than help?

Coral peeling Coral peeling mixture consisting of crumbs coral from the Red Sea, the Amazon and herbal extracts salt from the Dead Sea, making the skin under his influence saturates very helpful vitamins, minerals and plant proteins.For
course requires passing around four treatments at intervals of 1.5-2 weeks .

Each procedure consists of several simple steps:

  • Cleansing the skin using a special lotion.
  • Preparation peeling of the skin to deliver a mass predpilingovym solution.
  • Application of the peeling mixture for a certain time, accompanied by massage movements.
  • Removing the drug from the skin.
  • Application special post-peeling cream .

Coral peeling concentration mixture peeling depends on the specific problem and the desired outcomes of each individual patient and beautician decided after a preliminary examination.If you want a simple cleansing from dead cells, it is necessary to lower the concentration of coral chips, if necessary effect of removing scars, wrinkles and post-acne , the concentration and exposure time can be increased.

How does a person after the procedure?Restoring the skin after peeling coral

Face after peeling coral Despite the fact that the coral peel is considered a wonderful alternative to chemical and passes without burning the skin, yet this procedure can not be called a mechanical peeling is absolutely non-traumatic.

post-peeling skin recovery can proceed as follows:

  • Abundant redness on the skin and a burning sensation and taunts.
  • Next comes feeling strained skin, it gets a shade after the sun.
  • replaced by a feeling of tightness formation plenochki , which after a while begins to peel, this stage usually takes place on the third day after the peeling procedure.
  • next couple of days going active peeling , which often ends in 5 days after the peel.

Coral peeling - results course, small deviations on terms quite natural, since every skin is individual and the reaction may be different.For example, a greasy skin will peel off is less active and more rapidly as compared with the thin and sensitive.
Throughout the recovery period, it is necessary to use a number of special post-peeling funds .They can give out at once in a beauty salon, and can explain where to buy.Read: How to choose a beautician and a beauty parlor.

Usually in this set include:

  • gel for washing;
  • caring protective cream;
  • Soft moisturizing tonic;
  • feeding retinoic mask for the fifth day after the peel.

All media created and chosen specifically for post-peeling skin care that restores the skin in less time, reduce the profusion of peeling and redness, while achieving the greatest possible effect.

results Coral peeling - Before & After

Results coral peeling Coral Peeling can give very good results because the coral chips affects the surface of the skin like microdermabrasion, salt, dehydrated old skin cells, which helps to remove them and plant extracts stimulate cellsregeneration and reconstruction.
This provides:

  • improved circulation in all layers of the skin;
  • acne treatment ;
  • cleansing and narrowing of pores;
  • getting rid of rosacea, age spots and scars;
  • good rejuvenating and refreshing effect;
  • return elasticity and skin tone;
  • reduced visibility scars and stretch marks on the skin .

Coral peeling - Before & After pictures
Coral peeling - Before & After pictures
Coral peeling - Before & After pictures

Sample prices for the procedure coral peeling

Prices per procedure coral peeling in large cities vary between from 2500 to 6000 rubles .On average, the price is 3500-4000 rubles .

Contraindications coral peeling

Contraindications Coral peeling Prohibited use of coral exfoliation during pregnancy, some skin diseases, while herpes sores on the skin.In addition, the procedure can not be performed during frequent exposure to the sun.In general, to the use of peeling there is no hard seasonal framework.

And how do you like Coral peeling - Reviews Women

One time I was often on the procedure coral peeling "Christina".After his skin for a while as the needles pricked.On the advice of my beautician, I wipe the skin with water and vinegar after each washing.I can say that the skin to some extent freshened and a rejuvenation as getting rested.At the touch it was smooth and soft, so I can appreciate this exfoliation only "excellent".

I also made a peeling, such as Christina called.I will say that we should not do it often, as the skin after it strongly reddens and then direct a lot of flakes.At work, you can not intimidate employees so weak person, so arrive just in time for the weekend.And the effect I have stayed a little longer, but it was some time, for 3-4 weeks, no more.

yesterday made himself a first time.The plans just 4 treatments for six weeks or two.Cosmetology really trust, because this is my friend.It would not become me to impose unnecessary nonsense and assured that many of her clients are satisfied with the results.In those few treatments, I plan to get rid of the new post-acne and rashes on the skin.I really hope it is a coral peeling.As already I tried some other effect from which not wait, unfortunately.

Coral peeling long beckoned me and finally I waited for him.I will describe the feeling: after the procedure began tingling on the skin.The next morning, the skin color was slightly pinkish, that does not stop safely go to work.I was quite pleased with the results, although there was no peeling at all.Soon I go again.I do not at least four such peelings for the year.

I made a peeling on the back, and then I could not sleep properly for several nights and loved the pose for sleeping on your stomach.And indeed it was an unpleasant feeling during the day.But good though that it was not in vain.The skin on the back has become much smoother and scars from the terrible acne became less visible.

I have mixed feelings about the coral peeling, because the first one was a great success, everything was great then, and after the next two as the beginning of a different climb on his face.What's the worst - it was a lot of painful pimples.But after the fourth time it was better.I do not know, to go to another procedure or not ....

I have walked three peeling coral and certainly plan to continue, because I see good results.Before the course on my face was a lot of long-standing acne scars.I decide to go on a long peeling or not.Now I regret that your time missed.Could earlier and improve your skin.I should add that after a deeper procedure, though there were strong peeling, but the result was much better.