Treatment and removal of ingrown hair - the best means

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20 May 2016

Treatment and removal of ingrown hairs epilation - not the most pleasant procedure.And nothing about the consequences of this procedure and can not speak: burning, redness, discomfort and other "victims" who need beauty.Deteriorating business ingrown hairs, facing practically every girl takes care of her appearance.How to prevent ingrown hairs, and what tools exist to remove them?

content of the article:

  • methods of treatment and the removal of ingrown hairs
  • Mechanical removal of ingrown hairs
  • Alternative methods of hair removal
  • best means for the removal and treatment of ingrown hairs
  • Folk remedies to combat ingrown hairs
  • Toolsto reduce inflammation after epilation
  • Important to remove ingrown hairs

methods of treatment and removal of ingrown hairs

Treatment and removal of ingrown hairs It is clear that the most complete and personalized information about the problem of ingrown hairs is easiest to get at the cosmetician, but the problem is this is sointimate that not every woman wants to talk about it even with a friend, not like a stranger.Is it possi

ble to get rid of ingrown hairs yourself at home?Of course you can!But it is worth remembering that much easier prevent their occurrence , than to waste your precious time and nerves to deal with them.Among the ways to treat ingrown hairs are the following:

  • topical antibiotics.
  • gels, creams, sprays, scrubs, wipes.
  • chemical depilatories.
  • home peeling.
  • Mechanical removal of ingrown hairs.
  • Medical removal.
  • IPL.
  • Bioepilation.

Mechanical removal of ingrown hairs

Treatment and removal of ingrown hairs For this method, the removal of ingrown hairs used manicure tweezers or fine needle (with deep ingrown hairs).Naturally, the instruments must be pre-disinfected with rubbing alcohol.

  • skin steam using the shower or wet warm compress to expand far.
  • with scrubs or washcloths tough remove dead skin layer .
  • Area ingrown hairs handle rubbing alcohol .
  • Carefully pick a hair needle or tweezers and release, then remove.
  • treated skin cream , slow hair growth and prevents ingrown hairs.

Alternative methods of hair removal as a method of dealing with ingrown hairs

Treatment and removal of ingrown hairs hair removal - a procedure to refuse that can not most women.But to apply the methods of hair removal, the consequences of which - growing hair just does not make sense.If the ingrown hair becomes a constant problem, it is worth reconsider their views on methods of hair removal and choose another more suitable option epilation.For example ...

  • IPL.
    effect of light on the hair follicle, resulting in hair roots are destroyed, and ingrown hairs completely eliminated.On the whole procedure takes about five weeks (delete at one time all the hairs is not possible).The result - a healthy smooth skin for a long time (sometimes permanently).Contraindications: dark tan fresh, pregnancy and lactation, oncology, inflammation of the skin.
  • Bioepilation.
    wax hair removal by the root.Preferably implement the procedure in the cabin, in order to prevent brittle hair and allergic reactions.Result: getting rid of the hair (including ingrown) for three to four weeks.
  • Laser hair removal.
    Reducing the number of hair and prevent ingrown hairs.The laser hair removal is used mostly for dark hair.Secure, fast, effective procedure.Minus: the risk of skin discoloration.
  • Electrolysis.
    irreversible destruction of the individual hair follicles.Suitable for all skin, hair of any color to skin areas of any size.Expensive, complex, time-consuming procedure.

best means for the removal and treatment of ingrown hairs

  • How to remove ingrown hairs Neet and Nair.
    chemical depilatories.Loosen the hair structure.It is undesirable to use constantly.In case of irritation should use hydrocortisone ointment.
  • Tretinoin (Retin-A).
    Helps reduce clogging, prevent stunting hair in the bulb, reduce the layer of dead cells of the epidermis subtleties.
  • topical antibiotics.
    fight against secondary infections and bacteria.They are used in complex cases with abscesses and ulcers.Erythromycin, clindamycin, benzoyl peroxide, chlorhexidine.Before use, consult with your doctor!
  • Antibiotics internal use.
    tetracycline, cephalexin.Before use, consult with your doctor!
  • based cream eflornithine hydrochloride (13.9%).
    applying it twice a day for a month, you can reduce ingrown hairs.
  • Kojic acid, azelaic acid (15-20%), hydroquinone (4%), hydroquinone (2%).
  • Cosmetics combat ingrown hairs: Kalo spray, lotions Tend Skin, Skin Doctors Ingrow Go .
  • Scrubs (with sea salt, tea tree oil, with the coffee grounds and so forth.).

Folk remedies to combat ingrown hairs

  • Folk remedies for the removal of ingrown hairs Gel badyagoy.
  • Baked onions.
    halves baked bulb attached to the desired area of ​​the skin cut and wrap.After four hours, refresh slice (cut onion part that touches the skin) and wrap again.Until change until after the inflammation.
  • compress the bow.
    Onion cooked in milk or baked in pastry.Mash and apply as a compress to the sore skin.
  • ointment from onions and honey.
    Rub the flour (a teaspoon), baked onion and a spoonful of honey.Lubricate the affected area four times a day.
  • onion with grated soap.
    Mix (two to one) and apply a compress on the inflamed area.
  • Aloe.
    Crush sheet pulp, attach to the inflamed area, bandage.
  • compress with aloe and oils.
    Mix equal proportions of aloe juice, almond and olive oil, a decoction of flaxseed.Wet the cheesecloth in a mixture, make a compress to the sore area of ​​the skin, wrap.
  • healing powder.
    Grind rose petals, incense and dried leaves of aloe.Sprinkle powder inflamed areas five times a day.

means to reduce inflammation after hair removal ingrown hairs when

  • antibiotic ointment.
  • tannin, oak bark tincture.
  • Medications containing cortisone.
  • glycerin lotion and aspirin (prepare yourself - three pills on a small amount of glycerol).
  • alcohol tinctures of calendula.
  • chlorhexidine.
  • Furatsilin (solution).
  • antibacterial lotions.
  • Miramistin.

Important to remove ingrown hairs

  • How to remove ingrown hairs to slow the growth of hair and to protect themselves from the problem of ingrown hairs, you need to use special tools .They can be purchased at the pharmacy.The funds are part of special components that have an action on the cells of hair follicles.Usually it - sprays and lotions with the inscription "to slow the growth of hair."
  • inflamed follicles strongly not recommended to open .When entering in the wound infection consequences can be much more serious, until the skin disease.Not to mention the scars, get rid of that then it will be almost impossible.
  • Use scrub to remove ingrown hairs possible only in the absence of inflammation skin.
  • Using a razor, do not skimp on the blades .Dull blade - a direct path to inflammation.
  • Before epilation to use creams or gels , which contain aloe vera, D-panthenol, allantoin and bisabolol.They warn irritation and help slow down the growth of hair.
  • After the procedure, be sure to remove hair use moisturizers , containing components to slow the growth of hair. Website warns treatment and removal of ingrown hairs, especially in the presence of pustules and inflammation, to perform better in the office of a professional beautician or dermatologist.Before using the medicines you should consult with your doctor!