Enzyme facial peeling;

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21 May 2016

Enzyme facial peeling Enzyme peeling - another very effective tool to get young skin, flawless complexion and get rid of the hated acne, enlarged pores, acne, black spots, fine lines, age spots, scars from inflammation.Enzyme Peeling helps remove all these drawbacks from the skin, it stimulates the renewal and rejuvenation of the skin.Read: How to choose a good beautician? Can I make enzyme peeling at home?

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  • Enzyme peeling - how it works
  • enzyme peeling procedure, the number of procedures
  • results of enzyme peels.Before & After
  • indications for enzyme peeling
  • Contraindications to perform enzyme peeling
  • Approximate prices enzyme peeling procedure

Enzyme peeling - how it works

Enzyme facial peeling Underlying means for enzyme peeling - enzymesand chemicals , which have the ability to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells.A new layer of skin which remains after the procedure, no longer has the drawbacks that were previously.Due to enzyme peeling, you can perform prevent acne, regulate the greasiness

of the skin .Fine lines on the face disappear because skin gets tone and elasticity , stretched.All types of hyperpigmentation also eliminated by using enzyme peels, and this type of peeling is shown for almost all skin types.Enzyme Peeling is good that the effect of its implementation can be seen almost immediately after the procedure.
Enzyme Peeling is superficial and deep .Surface enzyme peeling is done to the skin with minor flaws.Deep enzyme peeling is able to remove even the epidermis cells of tumors, which lead to skin cancer.
Enzyme facial peeling

Some preparations for enzyme peeling contain enzymes , which are found in most fruits and vegetables - pineapples, sugar cane, Manuka, kiwi, grapes, oranges, grapefruits, wheat, papaya, green apple, aloe vera, pumpkinetc.Most salons enzyme peels with more concentrated acid solutions is much more effective work on the skin with significant disabilities, eliminating even the effects of acne scars, age spots.Enzyme Peeling is also a good anti-aging treatments , which gives freshness and elasticity of the skin age.
Because only a professional beautician can find the right concentration of the means of enzyme peels, it is necessary to your skin, then enzyme peeling perform better in a beauty salon not conduct experiments on their skin at home.

enzyme peeling procedure - how often they need to do?

  1. Enzyme facial peeling prepare the skin for enzyme peeling. At this stage the skin is cleaned using special tonics and lotions.Then the skin smeared with a special solution predpilingovy-adaptogen which allows the most effective to prepare the skin for the enzymatic peeling.
  2. Actually enzyme peeling .Applied to the skin is specially formulated to enzyme peeling, to the desired concentration, which depends on the skin type and solve the existing problems - the concentration of the means chosen individually in each case.Enzyme peels can be performed on the face and eyelids, neck and décolleté.Means for enzyme peeling hold on the skin of from 10 to 30 minutes.During this time, you can feel a slight burning and tingling sensation on the skin.
  3. removal from the skin peeling agents. skin is washed with running water.
  4. If there is such a need, does beautician skin special means to neutralize irritation , occurring after the peel.It should not be applied to the skin tone means, Tutor selection of cosmetics, because you can harm delicate skin.Touch the skin after peeling is undesirable because it may appear otherwise irritated skin areas.

Enzyme facial peeling Enzyme Peeling is the most gentle types of chemical peels, so average it can perform 1-2 times a week , depending on the individual response of the skin on it.If dry skin is recommended to perform enzyme peeling not more often than once a week .For very oily, problematic, combined facial skin enzyme peeling can be performed by 2 to 4 times a week .If your skin is prone to acne eruptions, it is impossible to perform the enzymatic peeling.Usually it is enough two procedures enzyme peels, with a pause of a week .The next course of enzyme peels can be performed not earlier than after 5-6 months .
in choosing the number of required procedures, enzyme peeling rely on the advice of professional cosmetologist .You can not enzyme peeling with significant excess of solution concentration and the number of procedures, otherwise you can cause the opposite effect - the skin loses its elasticity and healthy look, it becomes dry and irritated, it will appear on the wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

results of enzyme peels.Photos before and after enzyme peeling

Enzyme Peeling has a unique ability to attach skin healthy look and even tone, raise the tone, elasticity of the skin, remove minor flaws - post-acne, scars, age spots, growths on the surface of the skin, alignthe relief of the skin, making it smooth and radiant.But, however, it is not necessary to impose on enzyme peeling hopes to get rid of deep wrinkles, rough scars - this peeling is able to eliminate only minor flaws, because it is superficial.
Enzyme facial peeling
Enzyme facial peeling Enzyme facial peeling

indications for enzyme peeling

  • Brown spots , hyperpigmented skin, uneven skin tone.
  • post-acne scarring and spots after acne.
  • Oily skin with increased sebum secretion, mixed skin.

Contraindications to perform enzyme peeling

  • Allergic reactions, intolerance means used for enzyme peeling.
  • Any skin diseases in the acute stage.
  • Infectious diseases of the skin.
  • sharpen herpes.
  • diabetes, cardiovascular disease.
  • Traumatized skin, sunburn, fresh tan.

Approximate prices enzyme peeling procedure

Enzyme facial peeling steady average price for enzyme peeling in beauty salons of Moscow and St. Petersburg is within from 500 to 2500 rubles per procedure.The price of the procedure depends on the interior.