Glycolic facial peels;

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21 May 2016

Glycolic facial peels Glycolic peels, exfoliation or glycolic acid, belongs to the so-called chemical peels.Glycolic Peeling is superficial - it does not affect the deeper layers of the skin, but good updating the upper layer of the epidermis.Making peeling house glycol.

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  • Glycolic Peeling - the procedure to
  • fruit peeling procedure, the number of procedures
  • results.Photos before and after glycolic peel
  • indications for glycolic peel
  • Contraindications to perform glycolic peel
  • Sample prices for the procedure glycolic peel

How is the procedure of glycolic peel?

Glycolic facial peels Glycolic Peeling is performed by glycolic or hydroxyacetic acid , which is the most favorable effect on the skin, actively exfoliate dead skin cells by stimulating from the skin, renewal of the epidermis, smoothing the skin relief and improvement in skin tone.Due to glycolic acid in the skin increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans, which causes very good rejuvenating effect.Glycolic peels

obrladaet also inflammatory action , which is essential for problem skin, prone to excess fat and the formation of acne, subcutaneous acne, black spots and a variety of inflammatory foci.
Glycolic facial peels Glycolic acid belongs to the category of fruit acids .It is obtained from plants, advantageously - from sugar cane, which contains maximum amount of this acid than other plants.Glycolic acid has a unique ability to absorb water molecules, which contributes moisturizing of the skin, along with its noticeable rejuvenation and renewal .Peeling glycolic acid is capable eliminate fine lines from the surface of the skin, deep clean the skin, liberate pores from sebum, skin lightening and eliminate dark spots, making small inconspicuous scars.
Since glycolic acid, like any other fruit acid, can cause an allergic reaction, then before you perform the procedure, you must obtain consult an experienced professional cosmetologist .And, of course, salon glycolic acid peels is always much safer and at the same time - efficient than a home glycolic peel.

How often do you need to do the procedure glycolic peel?

Glycolic facial peels Best glycolic peel is performed in conditions of cosmetic surgeries.Depending on the type and condition of the skin of each client, beautician picks for peeling glycolic acid concentration is always individual.It is worth recalling that glycolic peels, like most other such procedures should be carried out in autumn or winter, the skin is not exposed to sunlight at her, and under the influence of UV-rays are not acquired to hyperpigmented areas.After the glycolic peel treatments need to go out only a preliminary application to the skin of a special sunscreen with a high SPF (50 and above) .
itself procedure glycolic peel passes so:

  1. Glycolic facial peels In some cases, beauticians recommend that women prepare for the main glycolic peel, and for two weeks to carry out at home surface treatment of the skin with a solution of glycolic acid in a very low concentration.This training allows you to soften the horny layers of the skin and remove them and make the underlying layers of the epidermis softer.
  2. The beauty parlor, at the beginning of glycolic peel, facial skin is thoroughly cleansed from dirt , degreased.Applied to the skin a weak solution of glycolic acid.
  3. Once the skin is prepared for the main peeling on her gel is applied to a pre-selected percentage of glycolic acid .At this stage, the skin begins to lightly pinch, the process steps peeling, which gives such great results.Beautician determines the effects of the gel with glycolic acid individually, depending on the reaction of the skin and peeling problems solved.
  4. Glycolic Gel in the completion of the procedure peeling glycolic acid washed off with a special solution , neutralizes the effect of acid.

If a woman feels very strong burning sensation on the skin during the procedure glycolic peel, then sends a beautician at her face air stream , which significantly reduces discomfort.
Glycolic facial peels course glycolic peel is also selected individually - the number of treatments depends on the problems to be solved, and varies in the range of 4 to 10 .The intervals between treatments can be from 10 days to two weeks , depending on the condition of the skin.Between treatments glycolic peel for the entire course beautician usually recommends the daily use of cosmetics containing a low concentration of glycolic acid to maintain the effect glycolic peel and more pronounced results.

result glycolic peel.Photos before and after glycolic peel

Glycolic facial peels Just immediately after the procedure glycolic peel the woman may feel a slight skin burning, redness may remain up to 24 hours .If the skin is very sensitive, prone to allergic reactions and irritation, it can be observed even edema, crusts occur, after the wounds.After each procedure, glycolic peel cosmetologist recommends continually moisturize the skin with special means, it suitable type.Crusts and large particles to exfoliate the skin removed in any case can not be , as this may lead to the formation of wounds and scars.
result glycolic peel is to bring back to normal the sebaceous glands in the skin, decrease oily skin, eliminate acne, blackheads, enlarged pores reduction .The skin looks radiant noticeably more youthful and fresh .Increased skin elasticity, it takes rejuvenation, tightening .Due to the activation of fibroblasts in the skin and improve blood microcirculation in the epidermis, the skin rejuvenation occurs naturally, maintaining this effect for a long time.
Glycolic facial peels
Glycolic facial peels

indications for glycolic peel

  • chronological aging of skin photoaging.
  • uneven skin , post-acne scarring.
  • Acne , scars on the skin after acne.
  • Brown spots , hyperpigmentation.
  • skin after UV damage.
  • skin condition after plastic surgery , remove warts, nevi, and other growths on the skin.

Contraindications to perform glycolic peel

  • Herpes in the acute stage.
  • Warts.
  • wounds, ulcers, violation of the integrity of the skin.
  • recent hormone treatment for acne, a course of chemotherapy.
  • Allergic reactions, intolerance to drugs that are used to glycolic peel.
  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding.
  • Oncology in any form.
  • serious cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma.
  • Fresh tan.

Sample prices for the procedure glycolic peel

Glycolic facial peels steady average price of glycolic peels in beauty salons of Moscow and St. Petersburg is within 1500-1700 rubles per procedure .

Tell us the results if you do glycolic peels!