Milk peeling at home - a guide for home

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22 May 2016

Milk peeling at home Milk peeling or exfoliating lactic acid, belongs to the most gentle and non-traumatic methods peeling.Since lactic acid is part of the human skin, this procedure will not only exfoliate dead cells of the skin, but also nourish the skin, fill it with moisture, giving elasticity and tone.

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  • How does milk peeling?
  • Indications for milk peeling
  • Contraindications to milk peeling
  • How often worth making milk peeling
  • results milk peeling
  • Milk peeling at home - User
  • Important recommendations for the implementation of milk peeling

Effectpeeling of milk

Milk peeling at home As the name of the cosmetic procedure, it is possible to understand that this peeling is performed using lactic acid , relating to alpha acids , obtained from the fermented liquid milk.Almost every woman in your life to perform a simple version of home milk peeling - drawing on the skin of the face mask from natural sour cream, buttermilk, yogurt, sour.Such guileless cosmetic procedure is very popular among hom

e agents cosmetics, because it is very well nourishes, brightens, refreshes and tightens the skin.Moreover, such a mask is completely harmless, and it can be performed quite often as desired.Today
replaced homemade recipes dairy peeling masks came modern cosmetics that are sold in pharmacies and beauty salons.These drugs are used for lactic acid peels, they are divided into two groups:

  • Means peeling at home , having a gentle concentration of lactic acid;
  • Means salon peeling , which have varying degrees of concentration (90%) of lactic acid for the different effects on the skin.

Milk peeling at home These funds are used by professional beauticians, choosing the exact concentration, which is necessary for a particular type of person.
Peeling with lactic acid is universal, it can be used at any age .Still, it must be remembered that this procedure relates to the superficial peeling, which means that it helps to rejuvenate and improve the overall condition of the skin, but can not cope with deep scars, wrinkles and scars.

Indications for milk peeling

  • stale, unhealthy, dull skin face.
  • presence of hyperpigmentation on the face, freckles, age spots ;uneven complexion.
  • lowering the tone and elasticity of the skin.
  • appearance of first wrinkles on the face, facial wrinkles.
  • constantly appear inflammation on the skin.
  • Enlarged pores on the skin.
  • Acne, comedones , increased sebum secretion on the skin.
  • Contraindications to other peels due to hypersensitivity skin, allergies to other peels.

Peeling with lactic acid will be very useful to those employed women who want to perform express facial rejuvenation , and it does not have the redness, sores on the face.

Contraindications and precautions to hold milk peeling

This cosmetic procedure can not be performed in the case of:

  • pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Serious somatic or skin diseases.
  • cancer.
  • diabetes.
  • Open wounds on the face, pustules, severe inflammation, edema.
  • acute herpes.

must be remembered that after the procedure can not go out in the sun for 10 days .

How often worth making milk peeling?

Milk peeling at home According to professional beauticians, lactic acid peeling procedure - whether it is a home or cabin - should be carried out not more than once in ten days .The effective exchange rate - it five such procedures .

results milk peeling.Before & After

hydrated, radiant skin with a lightening age spots and freckles.As a result, small acne scars are less noticeable, smooths the skin, eliminates the very first lines .Inflammation and redness on the face disappear, eliminated as dryness and excessive greasiness of the skin.Peeling lactic acid starts to oily skin process seboregulirovaniya , which normalizes the production of sebum and is a great prevent formation of blackheads in the future.
Milk peeling at home
Milk peeling at home
Milk peeling at home

Milk peeling at home - User

Milk peeling at home to carry out the procedure at home, you must have a special solution (from 30% to 40%), cotton pads, rubbing alcohol, the usual hair dryer.

  • Before the procedure, you must wash your face, wipe the skin lotion to her best .In order to degrease the surface of the skin, it should be wiped with rubbing alcohol.
  • drench a cotton pad solution with lactic acid .Starting with the forehead, wipe your face, moving to his neck.Do not apply the tool on the delicate skin around the eyes and lips.Keep the Fleece with a solution does not drip, avoid contact with eyes.Do not apply the solution to the lips and on the nasolabial region.
  • Milk peeling at home inflicting a solution on the skin, you must immediately note the time.For the first time peeling should be kept on the face no more than one or two minutes .Gradually, from procedure to procedure, the exposure time should be increased.When applying the solution you may feel tingling, tingling and slight burning sensation.If the burn is very intense, it is necessary to stop the procedure, in order to avoid allergic reactions, severe inflammation and irritation, chemical burns the skin.
  • After the procedure should wash solution facial skin with cool water .Do not wash with hot water, as it can cause irritation, severe redness.

Important recommendations for dairy peeling at home

  • Milk peeling at home If discomfort during the procedure gives you a great inconvenience, you can direct to the person stream of air from the dryer (cold), and these uncomfortable feelingswill be held.
  • For very dry skin before the procedure lubricate any fat cream or Vaseline skin area around the eyes, lips, nasolabial area.
  • After the procedure is not recommended immediately applied to the skin cream with alpha and beta-hydroxide acids and retinoids .This cream is best applied after a day or two after the procedure.
  • duration of the procedure should be increased gradually.When the skin gets used to the effects of peeling, after the next procedure, you can immediately re-apply the solution on the skin for one more minute.
  • After cosmetic procedures can lubricate the skin moisturizer , suited to your skin type.
  • not necessary for home use peeling solutions of lactic acid concentration is higher than 40%.Home milk peeling is best done on a regular basis, patiently waiting for the cumulative effect of the long and useful.
  • Milk peeling at home best time for dairy peels (like any other) - period from October to March , when the sun is not yet active.
  • If necessary, go out after the procedure is necessary to protect the skin photoprotective cream with a high degree of protection (30-50) .