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22 May 2016

Enzyme peeling at home Enzyme Peeling refers to the most restrictive of these types of cosmetic procedures that can be performed as in a beauty salon as well as at home.Sophisticated equipment for enzyme peeling is not necessary, do not require as strict control specialist cosmetologist.

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  • Types enzyme peeling
  • How does the enzyme peeling
  • Indications enzyme peeling
  • Contraindications and precautions
  • How often worth doing enzyme peeling
  • results of enzyme peels
  • Guidefor enzyme peeling

Types enzyme peeling

Enzyme peeling at home Enzyme Peeling is of two kinds - home and salon .For home enzyme peels produced special drugs that are readily available buyers at a price - they can be purchased in stores or beauty salons.Cabin enzyme peeling can be much more efficient household enzyme peeling, because it used to more active and stronger drugs .The deepest cabin enzyme peeling is able to eliminate the dead cells of the skin, dark spots, cancerous growths from the skin, dissolve shelled all scales from th

e skin, preventing the clogging of the pores.

How does the enzyme peeling

Enzyme peeling at home At the heart of preparations for enzyme peeling - a complex composition with its member enzymes , stimulating skin cell renewal and acid and retinol , exfoliates dead skin cells and dissolvetheir.Fruit acid in the enzyme peeling - is often acid from lemon, orange, pineapple, grapes, green apple, papaya, pumpkin, wheat, aloe vera and other plants.Since the enzyme peeling particles chapped skin not only rejected from the surface of the epidermis, but dissolve without clogging pores, exfoliating enzyme can be used with oily, problem skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation, inflammation skin .

Indications enzyme peeling

Enzyme peeling at home Enzyme Peeling shows women with very oily, problem skin , even for those that do not fit many other peelings.Enzyme Peeling is also good for those ladies who have spots, hyperpigmentation of the skin, freckles, uneven complexion .This type of peel used in the case acne, post-acne - enzyme peeling perfectly eliminates the effects of inflammation and evens out the skin surface.The action of the enzyme peeling allows age aging skin restore firmness and elasticity, with dull complexion - align and lighten skin , when extended pores - significantly narrow their .Enzyme Peeling helps normalize sebum secretion facial skin oily seborrhea, restore moisture and elasticity of dry and dehydrated skin .

Contraindications and precautions of enzyme peels

Although enzyme peeling is considered to be almost the most mild and gentle exfoliation of all kinds, its use has still contraindications that should be read before the procedure to be addressed:

  • contact dermatitis.
  • Any skin diseases in the acute stage.
  • chronic dermatoses.
  • Acne inflamed elements.
  • very high sensitivity of the skin.
  • photodermatitis.
  • Individual intolerance all components of preparations for enzyme peeling.

Enzyme peeling at home When conducting home enzyme peeling procedure should not be performed too often , in order to avoid the reverse effect.If excessive skin irritation fruit acids, it can respond to the new rash, redness, increased sensitivity to the appearance of dryness, dullness, loss of protective forces of the surface of the skin.After the procedure
enzyme peel is recommended for some time (during the day) not to touch the skin of the face, apply cosmetics or cosmetic creams, and do not go in the sun.

How often can make enzymatic peeling?

Enzyme peeling at home As preparations for the enzyme peels do not contain solid particles skrabyaschih and exfoliate skin cells dying only when exposed to fruit acids, enzyme peeling is considered to be very soft, delicate.But, nevertheless, during the procedures of this type of peeling must be guided by common sense and advice beauticians.Conduct enzyme peeling can once or twice a week .But if you have dry skin, the procedure can be carried out more frequently than once 7-10 days .For oily and combination skin of the face, is not prone to sensitivity and irritation, inflammation, enzyme peeling procedures can be performed to 3 times a week .

results of enzyme peels: photos before and after

Enzyme peeling at home result of the procedure is the enzyme peeling radiant, moisturized skin .With age, skin aging is very pronounced effect of rejuvenation - skin is tightened, gets the tone and elasticity .The skin becomes smooth color slightly lightened, aligned .It is worth noting that when a deep scar on the skin, wrinkles enzyme peeling bears no miracles - it only improves the overall condition of the skin, but can not get rid of most of its defects.As a rule, in the salons enzyme peeling is used as a preliminary procedure before a series of other, more effective and powerful beauty treatments.The action of the enzyme peel is often compared with the effect of fruit masks - skin gets elasticity, strength, beautiful color and tone .
Benefits enzyme peeling:

  • This procedure is stimulator cell regeneration epidermal skin rejuvenation.
  • Enzyme Peeling evens skin tone , removes age spots, freckles, lightens hyperpigmented skin.
  • Procedures enzyme peeling increase the tone, elasticity of the skin face.
  • After enzyme peeling women say that skin becomes radiant, healthy , improving its overall condition.

Enzyme peeling at home

Enzyme Peeling home -User

Enzyme peeling at home It should immediately be noted that for the enzyme peels are used in the salon more powerful drugs, so the salon treatment is much more efficient home.But because the enzyme peeling is very gentle and non-traumatic, it can easily be applied at home.
enzyme peeling procedure should take place as follows :

  • Cleansing the skin using a lotion , suitable for the skin type.
  • Application predpilingovogo solution on the face, eyelids, neck and décolleté.The solution should be applied to all areas of the skin that are subjected to peeling, no missing portions in order to prevent occurrence of them inflammation or allergic reactions.
  • applied to the skin enzyme means , which must be kept on the skin for 20 minutes.In the absence of an increased sensitivity of the skin enzyme peeling procedure can be extended to 30 minutes.
  • Flushing enzymatic agent with skin very large amount of clean water.

Enzyme peeling at home After peeling procedure the woman may feel a burning sensation on the skin not strong, tingling, "burning".These events will take place soon, they say that the process of enzyme peels at home was done correctly, and the effect is present .