Red spots after acne - how get rid of them?

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23 May 2016

Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate you torment red spots on his face left after acne?You are not alone!We have collected for you the ten best ways to get rid of them (see also, which means help for acne).But first, a bit of necessary information on the nature of the problem.

content of the article:

  • reason for the appearance of red spots
  • it possible to avoid the
    appearance of red spots from acne?
  • ten working methods of disposal of post-acne

reason for the appearance of red spots after acne

Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate main reasons for the appearance of red spots after acne:

  • neglect disease;
  • squeezing pimples hands.

a large extent to blame pigment melanin , which is actively produced during the inflammatory process in the face.The color intensity of spots is directly dependent on the depth and degree of local inflammation.From this it follows that the more brightly colored spot, the longer it takes on its removal.In fact, these spots are stagnant processes in the skin , which must be made to "go away."

it possible to avoid the appearance of red spots from acne?

How to get rid of post-acne emergence of red spots is quite possible to resist.By prevention measures include:

  • timely daily treatment of inflammatory lesions on the face;
  • prevent extrusion leather inflamed elements;
  • use a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 25 before any access to the sun.

Even if you are not lucky and the red spots "decorate" your face, do not despair!It's still not the deep pits that remain after severe inflammation, and from them is even possible to get rid of.It takes patience because process of removing red spots may be delayed for months .

ten working methods of getting rid of red spots postacne

  • method №1: salon peeling
    Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate better and faster just to deal with this problem will help the course of any cosmetic exfoliation: mechanical, chemical, laser.All of them are excellent for removing stains left behind by acne.However, these peels are not everybody can afford, so you should consider other methods that are also highly effective and thus accessible to everyone.
  • method №2: home peeling with AHA acids
    Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate Unless salon peeling, then we can spend at home peeling systems for self-use, the benefit of a lot of them now offer a variety of cosmetic companies.Typically, this is either peeling AHA acids, or salicylic acid.Spending must be applied strictly according to instructions.A few procedures already possible to see a noticeable change - by lightening spots to their complete disappearance.
  • method №3: badyaga help get rid of spots after acne
    Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate One of the best ways to get rid of red spots on the skin is the effect of using badyagi.For reference, badyaga is a drug made from sponge badyagi.Initially, the drug was made only in the form of a powder and was intended for the treatment of bruises and hematomas, but now you can buy in a drugstore and gel badyagoy.To remove the red spots will be useful and both forms of the drug.The main action is based on the peeling effect of silicon needles that are part of badyagi.
    Dosing: badyagi powder should be diluted with water, hydrogen peroxide or boric alcohol to choose from.The resulting mass is necessary to gently rub in places with red spots, and then leave it on the face for another 10-15 minutes.It must be remembered that badyaga contraindicated in the presence of skin lesions.After the procedure may have a different reaction to the skin from a simple irritation to severe flaking and crust on the face.This is similar to what happens with the skin after a chemical peel, actually result in the form of a beautiful color with a smooth skin will not take long.
  • Method №4: Mask of clay
    Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate masks out of clay have excellent regenerative and stimulating effect.It is best to use them in combination with other components, for example, with the same badyagoy 2 tspwhite or green clay mixed with 1 tspbadyagi powder and 2-3 drops of salicylic acid or 3-4 drops of essential oil of rosemary.
    In another case, 1 tspwhite clay mixed with 2 tsplemon juice and water to obtain the desired consistency.Masks made of clay can be applied on the entire face, and only in areas with red spots and leave to act for 10-15 minutes.
  • Method №5: natural acid
    Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate very effectively the impact of natural acids, which are able to align the complexion by relative bleach stains.Such acids include apple cider vinegar and lemon juice.Before use, they must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3.After that you can simply wipe the face as a tonic.Besides, even in kefir attaching acid, so it also has a bleaching properties.They can wipe the skin pure every day.
  • method №6: parsley against red spots from acne on the face
    Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate Copes with bleach stains like parsley.To do this, you need to pour a bunch of parsley 1 cup boiling water and boil for about 7-10 minutes.The resulting broth is necessary to wipe your face at least twice a day.Also, the broth can be frozen into cubes and make them face massage in the morning and evening.
  • method №7: Mask of egg white
    well proven in the removal of red spots mask of egg white and 2 h. Liter.lemon juice, which should be applied for 15 minutes to do the spot or all over the face.
  • method №8: masks from vegetables
    Vegetables able to make its own contribution to the removal of red spots.We need to take a cucumber or tomato and rub into mush, which add 1 teaspoonstarch.Can use every day as a mask for 15 minutes.
  • method №9: treatment of the skin with essential oils
    Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate Try and spot treatment with essential oils.For this purpose, you need to pre-cook the following composition: to 1 tspolive oil add 2 drops of rosemary oil and 1 drop of clove oil, lavender and mint.The thus prepared tool must be rubbed in regions with red spots about 2-3 times per day.
    Another way: mix 4 drops each of frankincense, neroli and lavender.This mixture should be lubricated with red spots every day.
  • method №10: the mask of wax from the red spots
    Red spots after Acne - How to Eliminate bad cope with the destruction of red spots on the face of special cosmetic paraffin.It needs to be melted in a water bath, then just put on the spot with a cotton swab, pre-lubricated skin his usual moisturizer or nourishing cream.After the wax hardens the skin, it can be removed.This procedure is also very economical - used wax can not throw, and collect and reuse.Paraffin is contraindicated for skin that has surface capillary vascular reticulum (rosacea).

In conclusion we can say only that all your efforts will pay off .A beautiful complexion is worth trying different ways to achieve reasonable.