Sunscreen creams.

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23 May 2016

How to choose sunscreen With the onset of the summer season, which promises us a lot of positive emotions from the sun and fresh air, we all think about the reliable protection from UV rays.How to choose an effective sunscreen from the sun, and you need to know about the hazard that accompany sunburn?

content of the article:

  • Choose a sunscreen.Instructions
  • level of protection SPF.How to select it?
  • skin type and range of protective sunscreen

Choose a sunscreen.Instructions

How to choose sunscreen

  • skin type. light skin and eyes, abundant freckles - is a Celtic type.Blond hair, no freckles - Nordic type.Central Europe - brown hair and slightly swarthy complexion, and very dark skin, dark eyes and hair - Mediterranean type.Protection factor creams should be higher, the lighter skin color.
  • volume vial. When buying, consider the time you are going to spend in the sun.In one application is enough thirty ml of cream.For moderate relaxation in the sun for a week will require a traditional bottle with a capacity of about two hundred m
  • Mature skin is very sensitive, high risk of appearance of age spots.Therefore, it should be opted for a cream with a high protection factor, at the same time ensuring the protection of skin from dry skin and the formation of new wrinkles.
  • How to choose sunscreen Ask the Seller, after some time comes the action of chemical filters cream.The best option when the "inclusion" of protection occurs, on average, thirty minutes after the application of funds.
  • Avoid sun protective equipment, which are produced in the form of sprays .
  • Search a cream zinc and titanium dioxide - they have a physical rather than chemical, action on the skin.
  • Pay attention to the composition.From components depends effectiveness of the cream.The most effective zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, avobenzone (Parsol 1789) and meksoril.
  • How to choose sunscreen main selection criterion - sun protection factor (SPF) .This protection factor is specified in the range of from two to thirty pieces.The higher it is, the longer it will take to protect the skin from the sun.For kids and people with very light skin cream is usually chosen with a higher ratio - 30 SPF.

level of protection SPF - a suit?

How to choose sunscreen parameter indicating protection from the sun, are specified in a cream figures.Such indexes are usually two - SPF (protection against ultraviolet B-rays) and UVA (A rays) .In the presence of the package index SPF, there is no doubt in the effectiveness of the cream.The number (value) SPF - the time allowed for your stay in the sun.For example, using a cream with SPF, to ten, the sun can be about ten hours without substantial damage to the skin.However, it is worth remembering that the experts categorically against such a long stay in the sun.

  • SPF 2 - the weakest protection. will save only half the harmful ultraviolet b.
  • SPF 10-15 - medium protection. choice for normal skin.
  • SPF 50 - the highest level of protection.This cream filters to ninety-eight percent of harmful radiation.

skin type and range of protective sunscreen

How to choose sunscreen to determine skin phototype , which depends, in turn, the level of activity of melanocytes, cosmetologists use table Fitzpatrick.This scale - a six types.The last two are peculiar to Africans, so focus on the four European phototypes.

  • 1st phototype. white skin, slightly pinkish hue.Typically, freckles.This photo type commonly found in red-haired people with light skin and blue-eyed blonds.Such fair skin burns very quickly in the sun.Sometimes this is enough for ten minutes.Sunscreen for such skin should be chosen exclusively from the SPF, at least thirty units.
  • 2nd phototype. Blond hair and skin.Eyes are gray, green and brown.Freckles - a very rare phenomenon.Being in the sun continuously such people can no more than fifteen minutes, after which the risk of sunburn is increasing rapidly.The value of SPF - twenty or thirty on the hottest days, when you can choose a lower setting.
  • third photo type. dark hair (brown, dark brown), dark skin.SPF - from six to fifteen.
  • 4th phototype. dark skin, brown eyes, brown hair.SPF - from six to ten.

How to choose sunscreen No less important parameter when choosing a cream and a choice of a place where it is supposed to be under the sun.For a holiday in the mountains or at the water sports preferable to choose a cream with SPF thirty .