The best base for make-up according to the women - the best reviews

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23 May 2016

The best base for make-up modern market offers us a huge amount of cosmetics.It is therefore not surprising that it is very easy to get confused.For example, many women have heard of such a product, as a makeup base, but not everyone knows what it is for and what is the best.It is on these two important issues and we will try to answer today.

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  • Why base for make-up?
  • best makeup base.Reviews Women
  • base for make-up of Meteorites Guerlain
  • a foundation Second Skin Foundation Max Factor
  • Base makeup Givenchy
  • Primer Mary Kay
  • base makeup Lumene Beauty Face Crystal Radiance
  • Base makeup Loreal Studio Secrets
  • makeup base Redness Solutions SPF 15 Clinique
  • Base makeup Vichy Oligo 25
  • makeup base Lovely Base Bourjois

Why base for make-up?

The best base for make-up First of all, we should remember that base makeup base and primer - it is one and the same product.This cosmetic product should be used in preparing the skin for makeup.Read about how to apply base make-up on the face.It contains many nutrients.However

, this does not mean that it can be used instead of means to care for skin.
You may ask why the base makeup for the face.Here you three main reasons :

  • makeup better and longer keeps ;
  • With the basics, you can align the face - bumps, wide pores, and other unpleasant features of your skin will help smooth base for makeup.It fills microrecesses and visually smoothes the skin.Your face will look natural and have a much better view than in cases where irregularities fills foundation.
  • The best base for make-up Matting bases perfectly conceal shine .Since the base covers your skin invisible pelÑ‘nochkoy, shine becomes invisible.Your face will always look natural and fresh.Nor are missing kilos of foundation, powder and other cosmetics.Your face is sweet, natural, and most importantly - matt.

best makeup base.Reviews Women

The best base for make-up makeup base in the Russian market appeared not so long ago.Almost every woman has in her expensive cosmetic lipstick, mascara stable, good cream, but other useful things from the world of cosmetics, unfortunately, not many people know.For them, we have decided today to review best manufacturers makeup base .

Base makeup by Guerlain Meteorites particle pearls

Base makeup by Guerlain Meteorites This gel makeup base is very easy to apply.It consists of particles of pearls , by which creates the effect of reflection.This makeup base makes the skin perfectly smooth in any light.Formula Guerlain base will give you a feeling of comfort and freshness, and protect skin from the effects of negative externalities.This product can be used alone or under foundation or powder.
reviews Meteorites by Guerlain:

I really like this basis.But the pro-amateur, people with skin problems it is not recommend to buy, because this base your pores and pimples will become even more noticeable.But the girls with good skin definitely recommend.

Excellent tool.Base + foundation.Skin looks flawless with him.Fresh, natural and unusual.I recommend unequivocally.

perfect tool.This perfectly smooth skin I have not been.Base gives the face extra glow (not to be confused with a greasy luster).I am very pleased with this product.

a foundation Second Skin Foundation from Max Factor perfectly adapts to your skin tone

Base makeup Second Skin Foundation from Max Factor It primer Second Skin Foundation from Max Factor is most often used in professional make-up, because it makes a perfect tone .The basis of the formula of this product is a multi-tonal effect pigments.This technology allows the base is easy to apply and instantly blends with your skin tone.
reviews based makeup Second Skin Foundation Max Factor

wonderful primer.The face looks good even in the evening.Perfectly hides any defects.Even a small scar on her face becomes almost imperceptible.

very happy with this foundation.Excellent choice in any weather.Well it moisturizes and protects the skin.I recommend)

wonderful tool.Makeup is kept well and the face looks well-groomed.

Givenchy makeup base with sunscreen

Base makeup Givenchy Givenchy makeup base is suitable for all skin types.The structure includes a means sunscreens and substances that do make more sustainable.This primer easily rests on your skin .It can be used as a standalone product, as well as a powder or foundation.This manufacturer produces base of various shades, from deep, to nearly transparent.Therefore, you can choose a base that it will be perfect for your skin and hide all its flaws.
reviews based makeup Givenchy

I have combination skin.I have long enjoyed the make-up foundation of the brand.Make it lasts about 12 hours.I am very pleased with this product.

For oily skin, this primer is clearly not appropriate.It clogs the pores, and a few hours makeup starts a drain.Nothing good about this product can not tell.

perfect base.Matting permanently and tightly.6 Hours makeup generally can not correct.However, after washing, even one pimple, but it will.Therefore, I use it only on important events.

base for make-up Mary Kay makeup for sustainable

The base for make-up Mary Kay Many cosmetologists consider it one of the best makeup base, and we must admit that it is not unreasonable.Its gel formula is an excellent base for foundation .Primer increases the stability of makeup , and makes its application easier.It absorbs quickly and perfectly evens skin .This product visually reduces wrinkles , pores , as well as great hiding other deficiencies.As this substrate has a transparent color, it is perfect for any skin color.This database can be used as a base for make-up, and as an independent means.
reviews primer Mary Kay

The given base use for almost a year.Very pleased.After applying the primer the person becomes younger, and makeup is kept perfectly.The perfect tool at an affordable price.

For oily skin the primer is absolutely not suitable.It clogs the pores, so that the skin does not breathe.

good primer.All the promises of the manufacturer performs.However, I do not like its composition and texture.Something like silicone, which completely clogs the pores.Therefore, I use it very rarely.

Base makeup Lumene Beauty Face Crystal Radiance Reflective micronutrients

Base makeup Lumene Beauty Face Crystal Radiance Base makeup Lumene Beauty Face Crystal Radiance is perfect for dry and normal skin .And thanks to its reflective trace elements, your skin will become radiant well-groomed appearance, and will make natural and fresh.
But for oily and combination skin is more appropriate Lumene Beauty Face Matifying Primer .It consists of absorbing microspheres that clean shine, evens, and give the skin a well-groomed appearance.
reviews based makeup Lumene Beauty Face Crystal Radiance

Excellent makeup base.After its application, the person as if transformed.The skin becomes smoother.Tone cream on her well-applied, without slipping and keeps most of the day.

I really like this primer.After application to the skin there is pleasant.It has a matte effect.And the price is very affordable.I would recommend.

And I do not like this primer.He has quite a liquid consistency, so make fairly quickly begins to flow.

Base makeup Loreal Studio Secrets perfectly mattes the skin

Base makeup Loreal Studio Secrets Professional Loreal Studio Secrets primer is used by many makeup artists with a worldwide reputation.He perfectly hides wrinkles and other irregularities on the face.Due to its mild formula rests on the foundation of great skin, giving it a magnificent matte appearance .It can be used not only for make-up, but also as a standalone product.
reviews based makeup Loreal Studio Secrets

great product.After applying the skin instantly becomes smooth matte.He permanently eliminates shine and does not clog pores.Therefore, thoroughly recommend to owners of oily skin.

The advantages of a foundation Loreal is the fact that it is perfectly evens skin.However, it is not very good foundation rests.

good money, perfect as a base under the powder.After using this primer skin becomes very pleasant to the touch.

makeup base Redness Solutions SPF 15 Clinique masks redness on the skin

Redness Solutions SPF 15 Clinique Do not be scared green gamma primer Redness Solutions SPF 15. It is due to this pigment it perfectly masks any redness on the skin.It consists of herbal ingredients and antioxidants, which soften and moisturize the skin.And from UV rays your skin will protect sunscreens.This product is perfectly smoothes the skin and prepares it for the application of makeup.
Reviews of base make-up Redness Solutions SPF 15 Clinique

Base Clinique perfectly hides all the imperfections on the skin and moisturizes.But because it has zhirnovat texture, the only suitable for dry and dehydrated skin.

I am pleased with this make-up foundation.Excellent moisturizes and nourishes the skin.Makeup on it keeps perfectly.And the price is not very high.I recommend.

This base is perfect for oily skin.It not only hides the redness, but also neutralizes the new foci.After a few weeks of use, I noticed that my skin has really become more healthy.

makeup base Vichy Oligo 25 improves skin color

Base makeup Vichy Oligo 25 Primer Vichy Oligo 25 - is tinting emulsion that is suitable for all skin types.This makeup base significantly improves skin color and gives it a healthy look.The structure of the framework include thermal water, due to which your skin will be smooth and perfectly hydrated.This product should be applied to the face after moisturizer.It can be used as a base for the foundation or powder, and as an independent cosmetic.This primer is completely hypoallergenic .
reviews based makeup Vichy Oligo 25

This cream has a pleasant air texture, very good to apply and exactly lays down.And most importantly it is the foundation does not clog pores and do not feel that the face mask.

At Vichy makeup base is not very successful.It Tonalka roll everything.I do not really like it.

excellent basis for problem skin.Excellent hides all the imperfections.It nourishes and moisturizes the skin.It is well mattes and evens, so it can easily be used without Tonalka or powder.I recommend.

makeup base Lovely Base Bourjois corrects imperfections

Base makeup Lovely Base Bourjois a foundation from Bourjois Lovely Base is adjusted so perfectly conceals redness and other imperfections on the skin.It includes a special green pigments that allow to achieve such excellent results.This product is perfectly adjusts and evens skin tone .And thanks to its soft texture, it is easy to apply and quickly absorbed.
reviews based makeup Lovely Base Bourjois

This base has excellent adjustment effect.Various redness on the skin are practically invisible after application.So I recommend it to girls with problematic skin.

good primer.Perfectly falls on the skin and is quickly absorbed.Make it lasts a long time.And the price he is quite affordable.

excellent basis for high-quality makeup.It has a very pleasant smell.The base has a light texture and well drained with natural skin color, skin tone lining.Definitely I recommend.