Types of face powder.

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23 May 2016

Types of face powder Powder - a very important component in the make-up of women, it is present in every purse.Powder should possess many properties, most basic - a matting face make-fixing on the skin, masking minor imperfections in the skin resistance over a long period of time.

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  • What powder?Types of face powder
  • Secrets of choosing the right powder
  • How to use face powder?

What powder?Types of face powder

Types of face powder In ancient times, the beauty of ancient Greece to powder her face and body skin dust of crushed minerals, limestone.In the Middle Ages the role of powder is often served plain flour - it was applied to the skin and the hair, to give them dullness and fashionable in those days white.The composition of the modern powder is a mixture of calcium carbonate, talc, natural silk, kaolin and other additives .

Types face powder

Types of face powder

  • Compact. Equipped with a sponge and a mirror, easy to carry in a handbag.Suitable for dry skin contains a small amount of fat.The peculiarity of this p
    owder is the complexity of choosing the right colors - it should be a tone lighter than the natural color of the face.
  • Powder (Loose). gently caresses the skin, provides the effect of smoothness.The most evenly applied with a brush, perfectly mixed with creams.
  • Cream powder. most suitable for dry skin.
  • Powder-balls. provides a healthy fresh look to the skin, contains light-reflecting particles.
  • shimmering powder. option for the festive makeup.
  • Antiseptic. has antibacterial additives, used for medicinal purposes in girls with problematic skin.
  • Types of face powder -powder bronzer. This powder is used for sculpting the face, darken certain areas of the face to make it more lively expression.Bronzer is needed in the summer when tanning makes conventional powder too light.Very often, bronzer is a part of shimmering particles which give the skin a healthy glow and make very beautiful and expressive evening make-up.
  • green powder. This powder can be crumbly or compact.Purpose of cosmetic products - hide excess facial redness, red post-acne, blood vessels on the face, rosacea, various inflammation and irritation of the skin.
  • Transparent powder. used under the foundation or as a top coat to complete the makeup.Designed to help eliminate shine on the face, matt, but not change shade of foundation (skin).

Secrets of choosing the right powder

Types of face powder Choice powder - a very difficult and responsible work, because powder woman will enjoy every day.Powder should be selected to skin type , and try to get into skin tone person, otherwise it would look like cosmetic facial alien, transforming the face mask.Under the selected powder for tighter coverage you can buy concealer the same shade .

  • If you prefer to apply the powder directly on the skin without foundation, it should choose the right shade, causing a small amount of powder on the bridge .The test on the hands can push to the wrong choice, because the skin on the hands is always darker than the face.
  • If you choose powder for evening makeup , keep in mind that this is a cosmetic should be slightly yellowish or lilac - such tones will effectively illuminate the face in the evening light.In addition, the powder for evening makeup should be a tone lighter skin tone.
  • Powder for everyday makeup should be beige, pink or golden undertone, depending on your skin tone.

How to use face powder?

Types of face powder

  • Dry skin person needs a minimum use of the dry powder. Oily skin facial requires quite dense coating layer of powder to remove shine.
  • If you apply the powder on top of the base or foundation, give the basic tools good soak into the skin before dusting.After the base or foundation absorbed, blot the face with a dry cloth, and then powder.
  • If the facial skin is very oily and shiny after applying makeup appears very quickly, powder can be applied under foundation .
  • on oily skin powder should be applied very light tangential movement of the brush or sponge, and in any case - not rubbed into the skin .
  • Types of face powder on the forehead, chin, nose powder should be applied puff ;on the cheekbones and the side of the face - brush.
  • When applying powder puff on the skin should be dipped in a jar of powder, and then press it to the back of his hand, as if pushing inward.Then, the powder should be applied to the face with light circular movements .
  • 's face puff or brush with powder should slide towards from the chin to the side cheeks , temples and forehead.
  • Types of face powder If the facial skin is prone to fat content should be applied second layer of powder in the T zone .Happy women with oily skin should repeatedly soak the face dry with paper towels or napkins special matting.You can then be applied to the face powder again.
  • If you want to have a makeup very fluffy eyelashes - apply a powder ink before painting.Powder applied to the lips before lipstick, the lipstick counter and does not allow it to spread out the contours of the lips.The same applies to the shadows - best powder on the eyelid fixes them if powder eyelids before applying makeup.
  • If you applied to the skin too much powder - do not wipe the face wipes, and even more so with his hand.Just whisk the excess powder with a clean, dry skin brush .
  • to face did not look "fluffy peach" with powder on the finished makeup can splash thermal water , or normal mineral water, pour into a spray bottle.
  • Types of face powder brushes, sponges, puffs , which powder is applied to the skin, should be washed often .Do not put the sponge or powder puff to use the side because sebum spoil the appearance of the powder - it was "greasy".