Best face powder.

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24 May 2016

Best face powder such a thing as a powder, is present in almost every female handbag.Use this cosmetic product since time immemorial, all who dream of a flat light skin.Appointment powder known to all - masking blemishes, smoothing her tone, eliminating greasy and making well-groomed appearance.What powder prefer modern women?

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  • Rating powder known brands
  • Estee Lauder AeroMatte
  • Givenchy Prisme Foundation
  • Dior DiorSkin Poudre Shimmer
  • Bourjois Compact Powder
  • Pupa Luminys Baked Face Powder
  • Mary Kay Mineral
  • Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 Mineral
  • Sephora
  • Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation
  • Reviews Women

Rating powder known brands

Best face powder This rating is made up of powder on responses of women and includes both budget options powderand samples luxury should be noted that when choosing powder least need to focus on the price of the product - and budget options are very good for certain skin types.Every woman should look exactly their powder, and our ratin

g is designed to help in this difficult choice.

Estee Lauder AeroMatte - matting powder


Powder Estee Lauder AeroMatte bought Estee Lauder AeroMatte two years ago, after reading rave reviews about the powder.Now, I do not part with it.I do not pull out of the bag.At any time (at work, on the street), you can correct makeup.It copes with the task assigned to it - matiruet perfectly on the face - like a silk veil, air, invisible and merges with the color of a person completely.I recommend.

very dense powder, harboring all sorts of bumps well, face looks fresh.Clasp comfortable - a magnet (not need to worry that the powder in the bag open).Mirror there.Sponge - not much use to others.Very pleased with powder (mass of these powders tried, it was something to compare).Anyone who appreciates quality and prefers delicate makeup, Estee Lauder enjoy.The cost is justified.Five stars out of five, of course.

Givenchy Prisme Foundation for effect photoshop


Powder Givenchy Prisme Foundation powder started to use recently, immediately opted for Givenchy (reviews were very positive).I could not believe that so it's perfect, this powder.Especially since my face is very bright, and all defects are visible to the naked eye.Took Prisme Foundation, because it is a tonal cream powder.Impressions: light texture, very even application (although the sponge is so-so), the shortcomings of all disappeared, relief lined face.Everything was done according to the instructions: mixed shades, struck, highlighting the nose and cheekbones, then concealer.Face - both on the cover of the magazine.Joy is no limit.Ideal place of foundation.


It's just excellent powder!The first time a year ago, my sister tried now use only Givenchy.All the pros are not listed.The most basic: a stylish, gentle, pleasant scent, the tone is selected easily, no mask effect.Tonalnik do not need, powder hides all the flaws, without any foundation.No peeling, no greasy, economically spent.I am delighted.

Dior DiorSkin Poudre Shimmer with shimmering particles


Powder Dior DiorSkin Poudre Shimmer not powder - a dream!No one really bad reviews about it not seen.It has cost dearly, but suffice it to me for a year, at constant use.Universal tool - and face and shoulders, and neck, and even on foot.)) Sparkles just stunning.The texture is loose, but allows for proper brush funky effect.The main thing - do not overdo it.

very natural look on his face.Powder - a real pleasure.Flakes stays, skin blends.Minus - crumble under the brush, but the special value it has.My skin is very oily, enlarged pores, pigmentation - so all the flaws hidden tight!Shining skin will probably never was.I advise everyone.

Bourjois Compact Powder matiruet long


Bourjois Compact Powder bought Bourgeois summer.In winter, too, I enjoyed with pleasure, however, also had neck zapudrivat.The smell - a very nice, easy application (in the winter - in the foundation, in the summer - right on the skin, without the base).Sponge removed, I use a brush.It is very durable and economical powder - almost a year I have it, and does not end until.No "masks" and "soap peaches", all the pores are disguised.Every day, I use it once.I have enough, although the skin is oily.Of course, I recommend.

Decent powder.Blush fit well.Keeps dust all day, in the evening face looks the same as in the morning.Very easy means matting effect on the skin is not visible.The second package ends.Very I like it!I have constant problems with the skin.In winter, the forehead is shelled, and in the heat of the T-zone - a continuous shine.And I'm just looking powder with matte effect.Bourgeois - just super.And the mirror is (powder without a mirror is very inconvenient).In general, I am very happy, and of course, all advise.

Pupa Luminys Baked Face Powder for stunning complexion


Pupa Luminys Baked Face Powder Navel - it is a miracle.Economical consumption, design lovely, all the disadvantages are closed.At the time, I was very spoiled skin creams themselves, so that's absolutely all powder concealed defects.Including dark circles, red and black dots and so on. Ideal even tone, invisible in the street, no one even suspects that this powder on the face.))

no words.Navel has surpassed all my expectations.Natural, natural look, easy glow.Enough powder for a long time, although I have at one time very much nanoshu until it will hide all defects.Acne hides well, we have to tinker a bit with red pimples, but in the end everything closes very smoothly.Easy upakovochka, good flavor.Shades, one word - wow!)) I will still buy.

Mary Kay Mineral useful for skin


Mary Kay Mineral Mary Kay - my old love.)) For more than a year with its drag, I can not refuse.Pros: excellent mattes, the skin is not heavy, makes the face smooth, glowing and velvety.It is impossible to overdo it, very comfortable.Cheeks I constantly shelled, but the powder does not emphasize this trouble (it was important for me).Cons - not very handy box, and cost.Although the price is justified.)) Of course, I recommend.Wonderful powder.

Mary Kay a lot of advantages.Almost one-esteem.The naturalness of wholly-owned, perfect alignment complexion, easy application and selection of color, frosting, of course.Masks not greasy not economical.One hundred points out of a hundred, could not be better!

Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 mattes and protects against UV


Clinique Almost Powder Makeup SPF 15 good powder.I gave it to me for my birthday.Very natural, matting resistant.In general, the face is not felt.Pores are not scored.Brush has included (nice)).I am delighted Clinics.No foundations do not need - I put or render directly to the face.Very natural look, a face mask is not hard, very economical - a year has passed, and I'm not even half consumed.Cons not found.Rather, as the elephant after a bath.I recommend it to all.

Clinics husband gave me.A little I guessed wrong with the color (it was possible to take a little lighter), but still well done.Because the powder is better not!Price high, but not for this powder.Fully justify the cost.It's just that option when it makes sense to spend money.The skin is not too dry, pimples do not appear.Only a small mirror.)) But the brush is very soft.Of course, this is not the foundation, but a decent disguise.

Sephora Mineral - light powder for a flawless face tone


Sephora Mineral I have a terrible skin.A bunch of different powders have tried!And just (talc), and balls, and compact, almost all brands have touched.Sefora I just struck on the spot.It should be two times cheaper than clinics, and by itself - just a treasure.Clinics - too good, I just wanted something new.In general, the pros: the texture of velvet, very nice.Pimple in sight.Keep all day, never swim in the wrinkles are not clogged.I now face, like a chrysalis.)) Super!I advise everyone.In the summer - an ideal option.

looking for something nice and useful for your dry skin.I stumbled on Sefore.Bought (means allow yourself to indulge).I was afraid that all flaky skin get out - nothing got out, fine powder falls.Borders can not see, even if a thick layer applied.Masks are not felt.Boll - the charm, there are sponge, is a mirror.Good choice of colors.Composition - the main thing.No talc, parabens, fragrances and so forth. Allergies can cause.Minus one - is not a large amount, which would be enough for ten years.))

Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation mask defects


Max Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation Among the shortcomings just like to highlight two - highthe density and the lack of the necessary me light shades.On the merits: sun protection, masking all the drawbacks (in any case, very serious defects I do not have, and that is - hides all).Absolutely naturally look on his face.Packaging comfortable.Tonalka I do not like, so it is looking powder.Max Factor I liked almost everything.Zhirnenky plus - a large mirror and a compartment for sponzhikom.Effect haze enough for about two hours, but I think that this is quite a good result.

plotnovata powder.If you overdo it with the layer, the person becomes flat.But if used properly, then everything is perfect.Masking properties of Max Factor - best of all powders, which I bought.It is her love.I do not go anywhere without powder in her purse.)) For she did not need any proof-readers!List the advantages of a very long time, so I will just - take it and do not even think!

What kind of icing do you prefer?Reviews Women:

My favorite powder - L'Oreal Alliance Perfect.Matting, lasts a long time, ideally placed.It should be not too expensive.It cares for the skin, masks very high quality.

advise everyone to loose beyu with minerals.It is worth about seven hundred rubles.Brush pleasant myagenkaya.A tiny bag under the powder.Very good masking properties and application.All deficiencies are hidden under a beautiful smooth complexion.Best powder, my favorite.

only Max Factor!It should be reasonable, shades - the sea, for every color!Compact, dense, does not close the pores.The skin breathes.Cover face - that's the main effect powder