How to make a base for make-up - instruction videos

By Admin | Beauty
24 May 2016

How to make a base for make-up Among the huge choice of primers on the market, it is difficult to choose the one that is right for your skin.But once you have decided, immediately raises the question: "How to apply foundation makeup?".That's it, and we'll give you a response today.

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  • How to apply foundation makeup
  • Videotutorial: how to create a base for make-up

How to apply foundation makeup

How to make a base for make-up In applying makeup base is no big deal.The packaging of any base makeup has detailed instructions on its use.In addition to it, we'll give you another some useful recommendations .
Any leveling base can be applied in two ways:

  • in equal parts by mixing it with creams - this method is ideal for those women who want to improve the effect How to make a base for make-up its foundation.Mix it with the base, you can much better to conceal skin imperfections such as pimples, redness, large pores, etc.Also, using this method, you will not mask the effect occur (when the border is clearly visible person which is applied foundation and cl
    ean the skin at the neck);
  • inflicting on the skin immediately after Moisturizing Day Cream .

last way - more complex, so it included more detailed instructions:
How to make a base for make-up

  1. cleanses the face ;
  2. Apply day cream , which is best suited for your skin type, and then carefully blotted his paper with a soft cloth.The secret is that the thinner the layer of cream, and the longer the best kept makeup base;
  3. Primer we put small portions .It is possible to make a special sponge or fingers, depending on the composition and texture of makeup base.To the result was better, it is unnecessary to spare time, put the base in several thin layers.Because your face will look more natural than if you apply a thick layer of primer;
  4. Thoroughly rub transitions near the hairline and neck to hide the borders.To do this, press down gently sponge the skin, making the rotational movement;
  5. In places where there were wrinkles on the face, little dab foundation .Otherwise, you will not only get sloppy make-up, but will clearly emphasize your age;
  6. How to make a base for make-up If you are a happy owner of a healthy and beautiful skin, not worth all toned face .However, in the eyes foundation still worth cause.This is best done with a brush to the eyelids base layer to be very thin.Inflicts base for make-up must be lightly in the direction of the center of the face to the temples .

Videotutorial: how to apply foundation makeup