2014 Horses, what to expect in 2014

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19 March 2016
2014 Horses

At the turn of the calendar year, each of us thinks about, what will the coming year.It is this curiosity and leads many of us to look into the horoscope, astrologers study the messages, hoping to lift the veil of uncertainty.

And the coming year, if we turn to Chinese mythology, promises to be the year of the Horse, but not simple, and blue, and even wooden.

What is it, Blue wooden horse?

important to take into account the fact that 2014 will be much different from last year's Water Snake, which was slow, cold-blooded and seasoned.The horse has a totally different energy, it is a strong, active, alive and open.Therefore, the motto of the coming year would be: "better hold in the saddle!".

Horse - a noble animal that has long served as a special symbol of the Chinese emperors.So for the Chinese way of Horses symbolizes nobility, honor and courage.Moreover, for their horse - a talisman that brings happiness to the house, good luck in business, health and social status.

lucky enough in the Year of th
e Horse

Firstly, the horse as an animal is clean and open, will bring good luck to those who will do good deeds, do not hesitate to exercise its good location and love is not only the closest, but also to other people.In fact, all that you will give the world something to you and return.If your premise is positive, and wait to be only good.

is important to remember that the Blue wooden horse will satisfy all bright, somewhere, even extravagant.It is characterized by impulsivity Horses and speed of decisions.Therefore, bright, brilliant, creative people can count on the favor of the horses as a symbol of the coming year.

But we should not "rush ahead of the engine," Looking forward, slowly, will not be able to attract good luck in the new year.This means that an important stage of the planning of its activities, not to be missed.Luck will accompany those who will be acting decisively still think about their decisions and planning steps.

Do not count on the success of bullies, boors and insolent.The horse is very thin feels good and honest intentions, but the hypocrites and Nahal it will not help.

What to expect from the year of the Blue wooden horse

Expect good luck on the upcoming year should be those who are willing to be patient and work hard, achieving goals.

Luck completed and the process of finding a companion to this serious matter.In general the following year will be characterized by favorable conditions for the creation of reliable and strong unions.So, wishing to start a family and to have children, do not save more.

Changes for the better should be expected, and scientists who will be able to greatly succeed in their work, but if the will to exercise restraint and patience.

what to prepare in 2014

beginning of the year, and it is important to remember that the year of the Blue wooden horse will not 1st and January 31, 2014, will be favorable.It will be a great time for good undertakings and making discoveries.Even if something did not work before the start of 2014 - the best time for change.So thoughtful and pre-designed, you can take on any boldest initiatives.However, it is very important at this time (especially in the first months of the year) as much as possible to avoid conflict situations, in order not to anger the mistress, the horse.Already in the beginning of February we should start to operate actively, realizing his plan, even when it comes to health problems for a long time and you put off a visit to the doctor.

2014 Horses

hardworking and responsible people and will contribute to success in March.Most of us need arises something to modify, improve or create.

But in April 2014 astronomers tend to assume difficult time when it is likely, as the natural disasters, and the development of armed conflicts.But the situation quickly enough normalized and in May the situation will change for the better.At this time, it stabilizes and the financial position of most of us, but in his personal life possible cooling.Therefore, communicating with family and friends should show restraint and avoid the development of conflicts.

Since the beginning of the holiday season will go smoothly and personal life.This time is considered very good for a marriage to be strong and long.From mid to late summer to do business development, because there will be a lot of ideas that will bring in the future a weighty profit.

But with the fall comes and the time of trouble, as the need to make serious decisions and find ways out of difficult situations.So do not take the time to not make hasty steps.In November, all those who have something to build or produce, can expect success in business and financial investments.But overall, so to speak, the political situation in the country is poor.There are even popular unrest, discontent and the occurrence of protests.

But by the beginning of winter all will be settled.And to the outstanding issues should be handled with special care not to provoke new problems.In December, will be the best conclusion seed Union and the birth of a child.

For most of us the coming year can be a year of change for the better.But the difficulties make people stronger and wiser.In fact, the year of the Blue wooden horse can be called a year of deserved victory.

characteristic features, the Blue wooden horse

The coming year will be a year wooden horse and the tree - one of the five elements, which also include earth, fire, metal and water.Wood is considered to be an active element, and therefore, together with the power of the horses will literally push for fair and open business.This is due to the fact that in nature Horses animal strength and power combined with a sincere and naive to some mischief.

According to Chinese astrology, the coming year as a whole must become successful.The horse will be helping good people, presenting their courage, and even some of the abilities needed to accomplish good works.In favor Horses can count primarily military men, who tend to be fearless and daring.

in 2014 should act quickly, but thoughtfully.It is important, and will rely on intuition.Therefore, in the coming year will give the desired results more creative solutions than the old plans.

too easy, however, the ratio of horses to the material values, can provoke in us a certain extravagance and desire to live in grand style.Moreover, horses liking various festivals and entertainment.In general, financial horoscope for next year is not stable, so together with the year of the Snake wise diplomacy takes time and thrift.Therefore, we can expect significant price fluctuations in the market and even recessions.

In the year of the Blue wooden horse can not aspire to be a leader, but in any case will have to act decisively.And it ends in victory for some, but for others - a defeat.Determined people can expect good luck in business.But the doubts and the low probability of a successful solution of the problem, it is better to refrain from activity.

most favorable for the coming year will be people born in the years of the Tiger, dogs, goats, and of course, most horses.

should also be noted that in 2014 will be important connection between man and nature.This is due to the love of horses of space and freedom.Again, the primary element tree will encourage any work on the ground, especially those related to gardening and cultivation of environmentally friendly farms.

People who were born in the Year of the Horse

characteristic features of people born in the Year of the Horse are cheerful disposition, bright personality and connected with these qualities in popularity in the human community.Have childlike, a certain naivety and endless charm, these people have a lot of friends.

That carefree disposition and easy nature of the causes that people born in the Year of the Horse needs space to express themselves.Bound circumstances or obligations, these people begin to rebel.A personalities being open, they are always honest and not capable of meanness.

With heightened intuition people born in the Year of the Horse, easy to go through life, taking the right decisions intuitively.Therefore, they do not have to fight their way, life itself gives them everything they need for a successful life.

Hot, Wild Horses and her temper independent character of a free, say that the next year will have more trust in his instincts.Especially that time, mysteries and secrets irretrievably gone, along with the year of the Snake.Year of the Blue Water Horse is swift, open and bright.That's when you can make a major purchase, to acquire housing, promotion of business to start, go to the long-awaited trip or to start climbing the career ladder.