Summer Fashion 2014

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19 March 2016

So come to visit us the long-awaited summer.

We are delighted to welcome him!

Bright colors, a fusion of styles styles open up huge opportunities for each woman.

Ahead of the summer season.What he has prepared us for women.

So let's unveil the curtain and plunge into the world of summer fashion.

Summer Fashion 2014

white blouse - a required element of a woman's wardrobe.

white blouse - a real lifesaver.It help out in any situation: gathered in a movie, you have a date or a meeting with a friend, at a lecture want to look stylish, come to work in the office in high spirits - all these situations, your "companion" could become a white blouse.

white blouse - this thing for 24 hours a day.

Summer Fashion 2014

Ballerinas rightly called a real piece of art.

It is the most practical and convenient way of modern footwear.They are not only convenient and easy, but also complement the image.

Most recent ballet prints - dots, stripes, flowers, snake, ethno.But do not chase fashion prints ... The main thing - to you in these ballet flats w

ere comfortable.

Summer Fashion 2014

favorite of the come summer, no doubt - dress.

Especially popular are dress with elongated bodice and skirt Tatyanka.

trendy summer season 2014 a special place is given to dress with stripes and polka-dot dress.

Summer Fashion 2014

still remain in vogue wide straps and belts that accentuate the female waist.

Do not forget to pick up a low-cut dress and accessories.

This is another way to attract attention.

Summer Fashion 2014

Like last year, the actual remains bright, saturated colors dresses.

gives the dress a contrast monochrome helps belt.

Women should pay attention to fashion jewelry.After all, it will help to revive the image.

is enough to put on a neutral dress or blouse, but add to them your way of jewelry and began to play with new colors.

Summer Fashion 2014

jeans - the most comfortable clothes.No other item of clothing was popular for so many decades, as the jeans.

Collar-scarf allows you to create different images and gives uniqueness.Fantastic look light summer blouse with a collar.

Summer Fashion 2014

rhinestones, sequins, beads, beads give things originality, and a woman - originality.

It is not necessary to dress boutiques to look stunning.It is enough to show imagination and pick up a needle, thread and a bag of rhinestones, sequins, beads, beads and you will become the owner of a fashionable thing.

Summer Fashion 2014

Is it possible to imagine modern woman's wardrobe without light blouses.They are now at the peak of popularity.This shirt does not leave indifferent the designers, because as there is or not, it creates an air and envelops a woman a special mystique.On the one hand to create a romantic, and on the other - sexy.

Summer Fashion 2014

Blouses both large and small in the peas are very popular among women of all ages.

Things dots associated with ease, romantic, flirty, and feminine and elegant.

polka dot dresses became particularly favorite since the 1920s.The real birth of the print dots become the 50th of the last century.He was everywhere - from bathing suits to hats worn by movie stars him and housewives.Peas has become recognized classics by the great designer Christian Dior.

Summer Fashion 2014

skirt and blouse, skirt and shirt - your favorite summer outfits many Russian girls.These things emphasize grace, give femininity and charm.

In recent years, low shoes on the go has become popular among the fair sex.

image of our contemporaries would not be complete without a handbag or clutch.

Summer Fashion 2014

summer can not do without the stylish blouson.After years of "oblivion", he again won our women's hearts.This helped us designers.

for the warm season, many women choose white trousers or jeans.And this choice, as shown, is not accidental.

White harmonises with all colors of the rainbow, and therefore choose to order it quickly and easily.

Summer Fashion 2014

Easy blouson is the place in a warm summer.

Shirts in the style of "patchwork" in the style of Kim in biker style shirts in men's style, ethnic style, vintage style will please fashionistas this coming summer 2014.

Summer Fashion 2014

Many girls like the original stuff.Who can sew yourself - it's not a problem.Where difficult - to buy the original item.

Look at the original T-shirt with pleats and bow, or a bag-bag.

In the wardrobe of every one of us should be a place for original things.They give women elegance.

Summer Fashion 2014

trend of the summer season will also remain the classic skinny jeans and skinny jeans with artistic attrition, disrupted character, patches.

For those who prefer a sporty style - sports shoes plays a dominant role.

Summer Fashion 2014

constant attribute remain warm summer shorts.

Denim shorts - is the perfect casual-option.

Summer Fashion 2014

Wearing shorts, remember these things:
thin lapels to make shorts slender legs,
classic shorts with high landing optically make the figure more slender, help hide the tummy and lengthens the leg,
white shorts is better to wear a girl with a beautiful figure.

Summer Fashion 2014

summer - vacation time and time wonderful weather.

choosing this period of her wardrobe, keep in mind the flaws and merits of the figure.

Flaws hide, dignity - stress !!!

Good luck summer season!