Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

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27 March 2016

This year spring has come earlier than usual time, thus having pleased fashionistas.

on removable long fur coats and coats came bright, colorful spring dresses.

Spring - a time when nature awakens, and it gives an impetus to women's activity.

And as usual, every season offers a view of the fashion world.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014 quickly burst into life fashionistas and brought with him a new perspective on women's fashion.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

As always, women of all ages want to look stylish, you want to look fashionable, want to look younger than their years and I want to optically hide figure flaws, that is, almost every woman.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

Spring - time for change and time the bright, saturated colors.

If you have bright things in the locker room, then came their finest hour!

get them from the wardrobe !!!If there are no such things, then look at the fashionable novelties and buy some stylish things.

Important in the selection of clothing, pay attention to how the thing sits on you and what side of your nature, she s


Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

spring and summer - time short ... If you are young and your legs allow you to wear shorts, do it with great pleasure at the first opportunity.

feet - this is the body that drives men crazy, looker and commands respect.

legs - this part of the female body, which is always in the spotlight.

for more attractive, summer wear shorts with boots.

Mike-alcoholic, top, shirt, blouse sporty - all these things will be perfectly combined with shorts.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

sort of romantic image of students, excellent students can create, correctly picked the clothes, makeup and hair.

give your image an unforgettable notes will lace trim, fashionable this season raw hem products, socks, stockings, contrasting straps and belts.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

Times cowboys, miners have long faded into the past, but not for designers.They keep coming back to this topic.

Clothing residents of the Wild West won the world's catwalks back in the seventies of the last century and to this day remains relevant.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

Each of us chooses the clothes that are considered acceptable for themselves.

in one garment you can go to a party, and the other - for shopping.

But there are clothes that are able to seduce her boyfriend or husband in her own apartment.

Tell me, what man would not be struck on the spot, seeing you in that dress, meeting him after a long day at work?

Treat yourself to a man and his charm and sexuality.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

not surprising that many women and girls prefer black clothing.Today - a sign of respectability and confidence in themselves and their abilities.

In the coming spring-summer season 2014 fashionable all shades of black.

remembers another fact that black is slimming as conceals the shortcomings of the female figure.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

Spring - a time of knitted things.

Things rough mating have not lost their glamor and 2014.

Knitted jackets, skirts, dresses, cardigans remain at the peak of popularity among women of all ages.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

on world podiums shining models in skirts with all sorts of folds: whether bantovye, circular, ribbed, FPGA.This idea of ​​a world podium immediately transported to the streets of big cities.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

Do not forget about the sexiest thing in your wardrobe - dress.

black and red colors of the dress shows not only the women's attractiveness, but its sexuality.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

80s reasserted itself.Blouson skirt and 80s, will please you not only this coming season.

most characteristic feature of the female costume 80s was the emphasis on the shoulders, was in fashion clothes of bright colors combined with classic elements and plenty of accessories.

to be a girl in the style of the 80s - this means to express themselves in a bright personality.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

warm season pleases women so that can be several times a day to change your wardrobe.

This is a golden time for t-shirts, stamp, tunics, as well as various styles of light skirts of varying lengths.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

In recent years, great popularity began to use things with applique.

sweaters, cardigans, dresses, skirts literally transformed beyond recognition, if you decorate them with applique.

Tired of you several years to wear the same thing ... No problem ... Application returns the old things a second life.

And if you no one will reveal his secret about you made applications, it is unlikely that anyone would guess that this thing was already in your wardrobe.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

Female literally transformed the image, if you go out in a dress.All kinds of hats

complement your spring-summer look.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

Even today, start planning your holiday wardrobe, and not two weeks before departure to the sea.

Fashion Spring-Summer 2014

more original will be your shirt or top, the more attractive you will look.

spring-summer wardrobe today more than ever relevant.So try as often as possible to revise their belongings.They should reflect your tastes, your perception of the world.

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