Activities in Bolivia

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11 March 2016
vacation in Bolivia

choosing a route for travel, we often can not decide what exactly we want to rest, quiet and measured on an "all inclusive" or the interesting and exciting adventures involving long, tedious, but at the same time fascinating and informative tours.If you, nevertheless, give preference to the second option, we recommend you to visit Bolivia.It is a country with a unique climate and landscape.It is considered one of the driest and at the same time and the wettest areas.Here you can find an unusual combination of the richest deposits of natural resources and the poverty of local populations.Bolivia - this state is a real Indian village, retaining all the centuries-old traditions and South American mentality.Once in Bolivia, you can admire the ancient Inca city, and immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of the Amazon jungle, in a word, to feel part of the untouched nature.

Getting to Bolivia

Lovers of exotic often have to take long and grueling journey to get to such a distant and not subjected to t

he influence of modern science and technology place where more piece remained true spirit of their ancestors.It is no exception and Bolivia, so how to get there for the residents of Russia is quite difficult.Direct Flights to Bolivia are not provided, so will have to travel with at least two changes.The best route is via a flight of Chile and Peru.But that's not all the disadvantages that have to experience while traveling.Going to Bolivia, please note that in a way, namely in the plane, you will have to spend more than a day, that the strength is not for everyone.Do not forget about the cost of the ticket, which will result in a fairly large sum.In short, a visit to Bolivia will be solved only those who are really hungry for new knowledge and adventures, and is not afraid to overcome all the difficulties that lay wait in the way to achieve the desired goal.


Despite the fact that most Latin American countries to abolish visas for Russians, Bolivia is still not one of them, so before you go there, you must take care of the visa.To obtain a visa you will need a standard set of documents, which includes a valid passport for six months, air tickets in both directions, as well as booking the hotel where you are going to stay throughout their stay in the country.

vacation in Bolivia

visa process is a bit different from the standard procedure adopted in the European Union.First of all, you do not need to fill out forms, but the most remarkable thing is that you can apply for a visa at the embassy not only Bolivia, but also directly at the border.The only thing that distinguishes these two procedures is the cost of a visa.When making it to the embassy, ​​the visa is done for free, but this process takes two to four days.It should also be remembered that, along with the basic package of documents for a visa will need to carry a certificate of vaccination against yellow fever, widespread in Bolivia.Prescription help should not exceed 10 days, and, given the duration of the visa and the duration of the flight, it is best to be vaccinated before departure directly.

Customs control

Bolivian Customs regulations are not very rigorous.When crossing the border is permitted to import and export with an unlimited number of both local and foreign currency.When leaving the country you must have a special permit, if you have with you the things that have cultural or historical significance.As for souvenirs, fur and leather products and jewelry, you will need to present a receipt from the store where they were purchased, so it is not necessary to purchase these products from the hands in order to avoid unpleasant situations at the border.Import restrictions apply only to drugs and medicines are not certified in Bolivia, and also in food of plant and animal origin.

Accommodation and Hotels

Given the poverty of the country, it is not surprising that in its territory you will not find a luxury five-star hotels with the highest level of service.The most common are three-and four-star hotel.Selection of accommodation will depend on your requirements and capabilities.Conditions in the rooms and service are a little different from the European, which also must be considered when choosing a place to rest.Some of the hotels are closed for the night, some provided by the presence of air-conditioning and hot water, not all hotels include the cost of food, so breakfast, lunch and dinner have to pay extra, in addition, services such as the Internet, are discussed in advance and justavailable for an additional fee.If you want to save, offers numerous hostels, which are sufficient in the country.Lovers of the exotic, for sure, will appreciate this hotel, located in the salt desert, walls, and all the furniture in the rooms are made of salt.Another gimmick for tourists are the old hotels that have been converted by the mansions and estates.These hotels have a historic status.


vacation in Bolivia

Bolivia Climate Bolivia is very diverse and varies depending on your location.In lowland areas dominated by sub-equatorial and tropical climate in the mountain latitudes there is continental with extreme temperatures and gusty winds.In the summer in the tropics quite hot, the air temperature reaches 35 degrees, but it often rains, causing moisture.In winter there is also fairly comfortable climate and the temperature rarely drops below 20 degrees.However, bear in mind the strong temperature fluctuations during the day and at night, which can differ by 10 degrees or more.The best time to visit Bolivia tourists is the period from May to October.


Bolivia Bolivian cuisine includes national Indian dishes that are still prepared according to ancient recipes, but not without the influence of Spanish culture which has contributed to the local cuisine.The main products used Bolivians are meat, potatoes and corn.Many of the dishes are served with sharp, traditional sauces, giving them a special piquancy and originality.Prepared food is mainly on the grill, or the same foods fried in plenty of oil.The traditional alcoholic drink vodka Bolivia is corn chicha, very popular grape liquor that is drunk in its pure form and is included in most cocktails.

Attractions Bolivia

Talking about the sights of Bolivia, in the first place, it is necessary to mention its natural beauty, unique landscapes and amazing landscapes.In addition, be sure to visit the monuments of ancient civilizations scattered throughout the country.Special attention should be salt desert, located in Bolivia and one of the most unique landscapes of the planet.For tourists special interest carnivals and festivals of ethnic, Indian style, which are regularly held in Bolivia in anticipation of national holidays.