Baths of youth and beauty

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13 March 2016
bath of youth and beauty

Baths youth and beauty beauties used in the days of antiquity.Cleopatra, for centuries served as a standard of beauty, according to legend, she coined some recipes, which have now become classics.The most famous - milk bath beauty.

principle bath of beauty and youth is simple: water is added different ingredients, broths and herbal infusions, biologically active components.Upon receipt of such a bath the skin becomes smooth, soft, young and beautiful.If the composition of the bath includes aromatic components, the body after a bath fragrant long.

Today baths offer youth and beauty as a cosmetic procedure, many spa.Under the supervision of professional ladies take baths that maintain or return the beauty and youth of the skin.For that ladies are willing to pay.However, the same procedures can be done at home, saving time and money.

Basic Principles bathing beauty and youth

Nothing too complicated procedure taking a bath there, there are some rules to be followed.

To prepare the bath is first prepar

ed in a separate bowl "filler" for a bath and then it is poured into a water bath.

temperature of the bath should be comfortable, not to exceed 39 degrees.Higher temperatures are not safe to health at lower can, firstly, the common cold, and secondly, the active substance into the skin worse.

be immersed in a bath so that the water level is below the chest.Long submersion area of ​​the heart is undesirable, especially in adulthood.

Spa beauty should not be prepared with components that have allergies.For example, if there is intolerance of honey, it is not necessary to add it to the bath.

Do not take a bath beauty if there is a pustular skin lesions.Also receiving baths may be contraindicated in some dermatological diseases.In this case, you should consult with your doctor.

contraindication to the bath may be some chronic diseases, gynecological, including fever.During pregnancy and during menstruation from taking baths beauty should be avoided.

Spa Beauty - relaxing treatment, so it is better to move in the evening, before going to bed.

We must do everything to bring bathing most use and enjoyment.It will not be superfluous to light scented candles, dim the lights a bit in the bathroom.

Baths youth and beauty

Cleopatra bath

most famous bath of beauty and youth, according to popular belief, this Cleopatra bath.It is believed that the recipe was invented itself Cleopatra, and her celebrated by his contemporaries and descendants of the beauty - the result of these baths.Perhaps it is a myth, but that does not stop many of the spa to take a lot of money from their clients for this myth.

Heat a liter of milk, better than fat, add two tablespoons of honey, stir.In a separate bowl, combine 100 grams of sea salt with 100 grams of low-fat sour cream.If there is no sea salt, you can take a cookery iodized coarse grinding.

in a bath filled with warm water, pour a mixture of milk and honey.The body rub with a mixture of salt and sour cream, carefully massaging the place where there is cellulite.Not washing the scrub sink into the tub and lie 20 minutes.Then rinse the body in the shower.

Salt baths

Salt baths - perfect when you need to get rid of cellulite, even out the skin.Salt acts as a natural scrub, improves blood circulation and really reduces the severity of the "orange peel" on the hips and buttocks.

salt baths to cellulite should take only sea salt, replacing it with food greatly reduces the effectiveness of the bath.

in the bath with warm water dissolve 100 grams of sea salt.The bath takes about 20 minutes, followed by a shower and put on problem places a special anti-cellulite cream.

Spa beauty and youth with herbs

Herbal baths have not only an external effect.They affect the nervous system, soothe or tone, depending on the composition of herbs.Selecting the other part, to relax before going to sleep, or to cheer up, if to be a sleepless night.Herbal baths soothe irritation and fatigue, improve blood circulation and skin tone.

Given the state of chronic stress, which reside today almost all urban dwellers, herbal baths are very useful for health and beauty.

Coniferous bath

In the store you can buy ready-coniferous concentrate and add it to the water in accordance with the attached instructions.You can prepare the basis for a coniferous baths themselves.Briefly, 1 liter of spruce or pine needles pour hot water, boiled for 20 minutes, then allowed to brew for a further hour.Infusion filtered and poured into the bath.

Such bath beauty preserves the essential oils contained in the needles, all the aroma fills the bathroom, great tones, lifts the mood.The skin becomes smooth, filled with the scent of fresh pine.Coniferous baths also help with arthritis, relieve joint pain.

Bath with rosemary

in three liters of water must boil over low heat 100 grams of dried rosemary and the same amount of dried wormwood.Let it brew, strain and pour into the tub with water.

This bath is very useful if there is a dermatological diseases, propensity to rashes or allergic reactions.

Bath with vervain

50 grams of dried herb verbena pour boiling water, let it brew, strain.The infusion of a solution of 2 tablespoons of dark honey.Honey herb mixture pour into the tub.

Verbenaceae bath tones and honey has beneficial effects on the skin.Therefore, you can take a bath, for example, before a date.

lavender bath beauty

have the opposite effect bath with lavender.Lavender bath calm, help to relax, make the skin smooth and delicate aroma.

50 grams of dry lavender pour 1 liter of boiling water, allow to infuse for half an hour, filtered.Lavender infusion is added to the bath water.

Citrus bath

There are several recipes for bath beauty citrus.Baths are prepared with lemon, grapefruit or orange.Squeeze the juice from the fruit and add it into the water.Boil or insist citrus zest, and is the basis for the infusion bath beauty.There is an option when citrus pulp mash, peel and rub with this mix was added to the bath.

Citrus baths have a tonic effect, they perfectly refresh the skin, including after a hot day, stimulate blood circulation and, consequently, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Soda bath beauty

soda baths credited properties break down fat, reduce body weight.This dubious soda.And from certain - cleaning effect of soda baths.Before taking bath body treat washcloth soaked in soda paste (a mixture of baking soda and water).Tough rukovichkoy massaging the whole body is treated especially carefully roughened place on the soles, knees, elbows.

Then, without pre-washing soda, should be immersed in a bath.And lie in it for 15 minutes.On the surface, the water comes up all the dead epithelium.The procedure should be completed showering.And be sure to then apply a moisturizer to the body.