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13 March 2016
holidays in Greenland

Rest - this concept is purely personal, as everyone imagined it differently.For some, the rest - is watching your favorite movie or TV series, lying on the couch and wrapped in a blanket, some prefer to bask in the warm rays of the sun, going to tropical countries, lovers of outdoor activities not exchange anything mountain climbing or descending onKayaking on the rough river.But there are those who prefer to combine their holidays with the knowledge of something new and unknown, with discovering the distant corners of the planet and study the cultures of different countries.If you belong to the latter, we recommend you to visit Greenland, incredibly beautiful, unusual and not like any other country.Here you will meet breathtaking landscapes, rare species of animals and birds, as well as the hospitable locals.

How to get to Greenland

Given the fact that Greenland - this ice island located in North America, to get to him pretty hard.In addition, direct flights to Greenland from Russia is not, in this

regard, Russian tourists wishing to get on the largest island on the planet will have to make several changes and pay a decent amount for return ticket.The best option to get to Greenland flight is considered by Denmark.Flight time from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq or Narsarkuak takes about five hours.In addition to the aircraft can reach Greenland waterway.Despite the fact that direct to the island from Denmark there, across Greenland are cruise ships, following to Iceland.No matter what kind of mode of travel you choose, be prepared for the fact that you have to spend not only time consuming but also a very large sum of money.


In order to enter the territory of Greenland, Russian tourists need to apply for a visa, which is issued visa center in Denmark or Iceland.Find a Visa Center can be in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Krasnodar and other cities of Russia.For tourist visa need almost the same documents as in the Schengen visa.You will need to provide a valid passport, return tickets with a clear indication of the date of arrival and departure, confirmation of the reservation of the hotel in which you are going to stop, or else the invitation, if you live with relatives or friends living in Greenland, with theirplace of residence, name and surname.In addition, you will need insurance to cover all your expenses during your stay in the country.Often, the standard insurance amount is not less than 30 thousand euros.At the embassy you will be given a questionnaire is required to be filled in English.Visa processing takes about two weeks, the visa fee will be about $ 50.In short, to visit Greenland difficulty will arise not only from the flight, but also with visa.

Features of customs control

holidays in Greenland

At the entrance and exit of Greenland there are no restrictions on the import and export of foreign or local currency, but there are restrictions on the importation of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, tea and coffee making facilities that meet international standards.Prohibited import of weapons, drugs, fresh food, and home and any other animals.For the import of hunting equipment is necessary to have a special permit.There are also restrictions on the export of gift items, such as items made from whalebone, walrus tusks and bones.If you decide to take with you as a souvenir of the local fish or meat, be aware that they are allowed to export not more than 5 kilograms per person.

Greenland climate in Greenland is dominated mostly arctic and subarctic climate, which causes low temperatures almost all year round.In addition, due to the location of the island, it is often affected by cold cyclones bringing its territory strong, gusty winds, accompanied by heavy rainfall and temperature changes.The average temperature in summer is not above 10 ° C, while in winter can reach -47 ° C.As for precipitation, then they fall mainly in the autumn and winter, but the snow can go at almost any time of the year.Because of the high humidity in the territory of Greenland is almost always chilly and damp, and in combination with low temperatures and gusty winds the climate is not a tourist to visit the country.In addition, due to changes in temperature, fog - it is a very common phenomenon in the country.If you do decide to visit Greenland, we recommend you do so in the period from May to July, when the temperature is as high as possible, and at this time you can watch the incomparable white polar night.If you love winter activities, go to the island in March and April.


holidays in Greenland

Despite the fact that Greenland is not particularly popular among tourists country hotel you can find in almost every major city.Depending on the level of service and living conditions, they are divided into single, double, triple and Four.Classification of hotels corresponds to the international system.In each hotel, regardless of the number of stars in the room rate includes breakfast, decorated buffet.Hotels in Greenland are small one- or two-storey houses, which offer magnificent views of the local scenery.Hotel rooms are equipped with everything necessary for living, and some even available online.If you stay with your family, you should pay attention to family apartments, which are designed for family use.If desired, you can rent a cottage, but note that this service is available only in summer.For those who like exotics and wants to experience the local flavor as possible, will fall like the original cottages, decorated in the form of Eskimo igloo.Outwardly, they repeat exactly their shape, but inside are equipped with modern creature comforts.

National cuisine

No one is surprised by the fact that national cuisine of Greenland is represented mostly fish and seafood caught in local waters.Traditional cooking methods do not involve any heat treatment of similar products.For tourists who prefer European cuisine, bars and restaurants, where they will find familiar food for their stomachs.If you decide to try the local specialties, then pay attention to the "mattak", which is a whale skin with a layer of fat just been removed from the animal.Also, do not miss the opportunity to try shark meat and egg dishes seabirds.Especially popular among the local population and tourists alike enjoy the dishes of halibut, cod, crab and shrimp.To keep warm on a cold evening offers black tea with milk or coffee as Greenland, which in addition to sugar and cream added to several types of alcohol.

Attractions Greenland

main attraction of Greenland considered its nature and landscapes.To tourists could enjoy plenty of them, in the country equipped with many viewing platforms, which offer an amazing and breathtaking views.In addition, you can visit the national museums in Greenland, which collects objects that tell the story of local people.However, the main attractions of the country is, of course, the home of Santa Claus, which regularly make trips for tourists.