Exercises for the obliques

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25 April 2016
exercises for obliques

Have a beautiful, flat stomach - the dream of almost every woman.To do this, you must not only adhere to a certain diet that lacks fatty and fried food, sweets and flour, but also regularly set of special exercises aimed at training the abdominal muscles.Most attention is paid to only the upper and lower abdominals, however, are also important, and obliques.They help form a graceful, slender waist, remove the fat on the sides and prevent the displacement of vertebral discs and the formation of a variety of injuries in the area of ​​the loin.In order to strengthen the whole muscular frame, you should not forget about exercise for the obliques, including them in their compulsory program.Exercises there are many, but among them is the most effective.

Exercise 1

Stay on the floor, lying on his back.Bend your legs, put a full stop on the floor and pushing them away as far as possible.Hands folded on his head so that his elbows were looking strictly at hand.Pa exhale lift the body up, then crank it fir

st in one direction and then the other side, elbows touching the opposite knee.Then go back to the original position, slowly lower back to the floor and repeat the exercise 10-15 times.

Exercise 2

For this exercise, stay lying on the floor.Hands are placed at the back as well, as described in the previous exercise.The legs lift up so that they are perpendicular to the floor, and then bend their knees as long as they do not form a right angle.The principle of this exercise is based on the twisting, the most productive in training oblique abdominal muscles.Lift the body, severing blades off the floor, and turn it into one, then the other way.At this time the foot corresponding to the elbow, stretching forward, straightened, without touching the floor, and arm tends to bend your knees.Alternately my legs and arms by doing the exercise 20 times.

Exercise 3

Lying on his back, his legs bend at the knees, spreading them slightly wider than shoulder width, arms stretch along the body.Slightly lift, severing blades off the floor, but not much bending the back.Now, in turn make the body tilts to the right and left, taking the tips of the fingers to the heel respective legs.In carrying out the exercises back should be fixed and not to perform twisting movements.The rhythm of the slopes is recommended to take a crash, then the muscles will work more intensively.Make 10 tilts to each side.

Exercise 4

starting position of the exercise - lying on his back.Legs bent at the knees so that the foot is completely flat on the floor, hands clasped behind his head into the lock, the elbows out to the sides.Place one foot on the other knee so the upper leg ankle was placed on top of the lower knee, and the knee looked toward the top.Now follow the twisting movement, turning the body on the floor.This elbow hand, the opposite upper leg stretches to her knee and the other hand is completely remains on the floor.After you make 10 turns, change legs and follow the twists and turns in the opposite direction the same number of times.

Exercise 5

still remained lying on the floor, lift your legs, knees bent 90 degrees, up, arms to the side, turning their hands to the floor.Now slowly turn the entire lower part of the body, including the hips and pelvis, first left, then right, before dropping her until her knees touch the floor.Legs thus keep together and keep the knees at right angles.By turning the legs unfold head to the opposite side, resting his hands on the floor.Perform each exercise slowly and carefully enough.If once you can not touch your knees to the floor, slowly, over time, the muscles become stronger, you can increase the amplitude of the turns.

Exercise 6

Lie on your side, knees slightly bent legs, put the upper hand over his head, and pull the bottom forward, that it lies perpendicular to the body, palm down.Now lift the body up, taking him clear to the side, leaning forward and not caving in at the waist.Drag the elbow to the thigh, lightly resting on the lower arm, but not leaning on her elbow.You should not rise too high, just a little tear off shovel from the floor.Perform each exercise 10 times, then it is necessary to turn to the other side and do the same things.

Exercise 7

This exercise is similar to the previous one, however, slightly varying degrees of sophistication.All also left lying on his side, one arm stretched forward and the other placing on his head, straighten your upper leg and lower bent leave.When lifting the housing lift the straight leg, trying to fold in half, and lower it when lowering the body.If you find it difficult to do the exercise with a flat foot, you can raise with the housing leg bent at the knee.Do not forget to take the body strictly to the side, without leaning forward or backward.You can then immediately leaving the floor two feet, it will increase the load on the muscles.

Exercise 8

This exercise is called the plank.It not only trains the obliques, but also the abdominal muscles, as well as arms and legs.For its implementation need to be trained not only muscles but also endurance.First, lie on your side, and then straighten the lower arm, which will be a support for the body, rest his hand on the floor and place it on top of the waist.Your torso should be a straight line, starting from the feet to the side rest on the floor, and ending with his head.In no case do not bend at the waist, not leaning forward or backward, or the load on one muscle group is much stronger than the other, which can cause injury.Stay in this position, the maximum time until you feel a strong burning sensation in the lateral muscles.Then do the same exercise, turned over to the other side.If you are very hard to stand on her arm, bend it at the elbow and leaned on it.

Exercise 9

This exercise is performed standing and need for it in the form of a dumbbell weights.Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart place, in each hand take the dumbbell.Suffice it to 1-2 kilograms of dumbbell weight that will provide the necessary load on the obliques.One hand with dumbbell bend at the elbow and place it on the waist and the other lift overhead.Now, slowly, puts his hand in the opposite direction, throwing it over his head, tilting with her whole body.Thighs when the inclination to remain stationary.Lean most deeply, and then return to the starting position and repeat to the other side.Make in each direction 10 tilts.

Exercise 10

Coaching obliques can be using fitball.Lie on fitball sideways so that he was on your waist.Legs thus should be flat and rest against the side of the foot to the floor, his hands clasped behind his head, elbows to the sides apart, and the case is a straight line with your feet.Now slowly lower your body down, pulling the lower elbow to feetball, and lift it up, trying to reach out to the hip.Follow these slopes with a maximum amplitude, avoiding sharp and jerky movements.During training on fitball muscles provide additional load, as you need to not only do the exercises, but also to maintain balance.