How to build arm muscles

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25 April 2016
how to build arm muscles

Quite often, having decided to do sports, women make emphasis on the most problematic areas such as abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks, which are the main drives of fat, while forgetting about the hands that also require attention and regular exercise.Lack of exercise leads to a weakening of the muscles and skin sagging in the upper arm.Often, it is not very evident, there will come a time when his hands suddenly become massive and unattractive body fat stores.With such a problem faced by women more often in the summer, when there is a need to wear short sleeves or no.However, the arms have to deal not only with the arrival of spring, but also in winter, when they are not visible under clothing, so that the muscles are constantly are in good shape.

Features workouts for hands

Using special exercise can not only remove the sagging skin on the back surface of the hand near the triceps, but also significantly reduce the volume of hands, making them beautiful and graceful.Do not be afraid to pump the mus

cles during exercise, so how to do it the fair sex is quite difficult due to genetic characteristics.So do not be afraid to give the maximum load and the arms do different types of exercises will involve all muscle groups.Most of the exercises for hands involve multiple muscles, mainly the one of them is the pectoral muscle that allows you to make not only beautiful hands and chest, giving it a firmer appearance and correct form.Exercises triceps often work the back muscles, so the exercises need to be alternated, giving a chance to rest and recover from breast and back muscles.

How to build arm muscles


For one of the best exercises for hands, available today, include push-ups.They are designed to provide reasonable, moderate strain on the muscles, and for their implementation does not require any additional equipment.In addition, during the push-activated a large number of different muscles, not only the arm muscles.

standard pushups, all familiar to us from childhood, help pump the biceps and give a good load on the pectoral muscles.To perform the exercise correctly, you need to take the emphasis lying down, putting his hands on his hands at his chest, his legs are joined together and rely on your toes, and the body is one continuous line with the legs and head.During the push you need to go down as low as possible, while maintaining a flat back, not putting down the pelvis up and bending your elbows.If you just go down low you can not, do not worry, go down as far as possible, in time lowering its limit.For those who do not have athletic training, such push-ups can seem very complicated, so the first time you can do push-ups with the knees, keeping all other principles of push-ups, or else on a window sill, table or any other protruding surface.

addition to the standard push-ups push-ups there behind.For this you need a bench, sofa or other fixed surface.Turn to the back bench, lean on her hands clasped fingers edge of the bench, bend your legs at the knees at an angle of 90 degrees, put his hands on the width of the hips and slowly lower your body down, making the most of the load on the hands.Get down as deep as you can, making sure that your back is straight and the body weight is fully transferred to the hands.In carrying out this exercise, the elbows have to look back, and when lowered between the shoulders, elbows and hands are at the right angle.This type of push-ups as possible involves the triceps and gives a good workout for this muscle group.

exercises with dumbbells

The most common piece of exercise equipment for training the arm muscles is the dumbbell.They provide additional load, accelerating the effect of exercise, but is not overtaxed while muscle.That is why dumbbells are often used for women's training and applied during the fitness and aerobics.

Stand up straight, hands with dumbbells are located along the hull so that the palms facing back.Slowly, bending your elbows, drawing the dumbbell to the chest, while turning the palm to itself, and then return them to their original position.This exercise should be repeated at least 10 times.You can raise your hands alternately, making 10 of ups each hand.When performing this exercise are utilized biceps.

Pick up a dumbbell, connect them together, locked in the castle, raise hands with dumbbells over your head, keep elbows close to his ears and slowly bend your arms, lowering the dumbbell behind your head.When doing this exercise, make sure that your back does not bend, and the main burden was on the triceps.The number of approaches should be at least 10.

Holding a dumbbell, pull them on both sides of the body, palms facing you.Slowly raise the arms straight up, throwing them to the side.When the dumbbells at shoulder level will also slowly lower your arms to the starting position.Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.This exercise activates the muscles of the shoulder girdle, pectoral muscles and triceps.

Exercises bodibarom

Recently increasing popularity get exercise with bodibara.This sports equipment provides sufficient load on the muscles of the arms, but overexert them as a bar.Bodibary there are different weight, and therefore the load on the hands can be gradually increased as the training of muscles.

bodibar Take both hands, which were spread shoulder-width apart, and lower it down.Without rapid, jerky movements, lift bodibar in front of him, and when he would be at the level of the chest and slowly lower it down.In carrying out this exercise, it is recommended to set aside a little forward pelvis to remove the unnecessary load on the back, but in this case the spine should be straight.

To make the load on the triceps, clasp your hands behind him bodibar so that palms looked down.Legs set shoulder-width apart, back straight, and lift with your hands bodibarom as high as possible, until you feel tension in the muscles.This exercise, like all the others, is done slowly so as not to damage the muscles of the arms and back.Over time, the amplitude of uplift bodibara will increase.

exercises lying

In most cases, these exercises are performed on a sports bench, but, in the absence of such, you can do them lying on the floor.So, lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, grab a dumbbell, lift them up, placed over the breasts.Palms with the need to look at each other.Spread slightly bent at the elbows to the sides until until they are at shoulder level, or it is not touch the floor, and then re-connect.Repeat the exercise 10 times.

left him lying on his back, arms out with dumbbells in hand, so that they are perpendicular to the torso.Now perform rotational hand circular movements with a small amplitude, slightly bent at the elbows.Make 10 turns hand away, and then as much to himself.This exercise involves virtually all muscle groups, including the chest and shoulder.

Remember that only regular exercise will help to give your hands the desired look, get rid of the problem of saggy skin and flabby muscles.Be engaged at least three times a week, maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, then your body will gain a perfect, smart appearance.