Exercises for beautiful hands

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26 April 2016
Exercises for beautiful hands

ideal female figure - is not only a magnificent breasts, buttocks tightened and a flat stomach, but also beautiful hands.Unfortunately, many women forget about it and pay attention enough hands.Even in the gym it focuses on the muscles of the legs, buttocks and the press, while the skin on the hands without regular exercise becomes flabby much faster than in the entire rest of the body.That is why the range of activities sure to include at least the most basic exercises aimed at maintaining the arm muscles in a constant tone.No one is saying that women's hands have to be pumped and relief, they should pull up to such an extent that his hands look not only beautiful, but also feminine.To achieve the desired result, you need to regularly set of basic exercises for hands that do not require special physical training and the presence of an instructor.Therefore, these exercises can be done even at home, it would be very useful for those who, for whatever reason, can not go to the gym.

Warming and its value

Before exposing muscles of the arms and not let a heavy load, they must be pre-warmed.To do this, do the workout.Suffice it to five minutes of intense exercise, which will help prevent unwanted injuries and stretching during training.Start with warm-up exercises for the hands.Slowly rotate the wrists, first to himself and then by himself.Then rotate the hands, making a full circle, bending them at the elbows.Now you can go to a wide Mahama arms from the shoulder.It normalizes the mobility of joints and restore the elasticity of the muscles.Now a little pull warm up muscles.Straighten your arms above your head and stretch well up, trying to reach the fingers to the ceiling.Hold your right hand over your left shoulder and helping himself with his left hand, try the fingertips of his right hand to get up to the left shoulder blade.The left hand of this should lie on the right elbow.The same thing happened with the other hand.Do not do sudden, jerky movements, it can cause sprains and muscle damage.Once the muscles are prepared, you can proceed to the basic exercises for the hands.

Exercises standing

to perform the first exercise you will need to be straight, feet shoulder-width apart to place, straighten your back and hands to make a circle in front of him, as if you are trying to embrace a big ball, located at the level of your chest.The fingers while touching, pushing each other.The elbows should be parallel to the floor.Performing pulsating movement and without changing the position of the hands, with a maximum intensity squeeze your fingers together, keeping them in suspense for 10 seconds, then release.Do this exercise every day for 20-30 times, and in a month you will see results.

following exercise has a similar effect on your hands, however, it uses fewer muscles of the hands and performed much easier.Remaining in the original position, lift your elbows parallel to the floor, and the arms bend and connect their hands to each other.Fingers while looking up, hands at chest level.Now strongly squeeze the palms, holding the muscles in a tense state for a few seconds.Such an exercise is as necessary to carry out at least 20 times and making several approaches during the day.

Clutch Hand

To make the beautiful hands is not enough just to perform strength exercises, can not do without muscle strain.This exercise is well known to all of us, but few people realize its benefits.Put your feet together and your back straight, let down your right arm behind your head so that her elbow was looking straight up.At this time, the left hand is put behind his back so that the elbow points downward.Now try his hands clasped in castle, joining them behind.If at first you do not get to do it, and you can not even touch your fingers, do not despair, eventually, after regular practice, this exercise will not make for you is no difficulty.Gradually try to shorten the distance between the hands.

Stand straight, legs slightly bend at the knees, tilt the body slightly forward, lift your head, so you can watch in front of him, and his hands locked in the lock behind him.Now, slowly allot hands back without disengaging them at the same time.Back in the course of this exercise can be a little sag.When the hands go up to the maximum mark, just slowly lower them back.Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.You can also do this exercise with straight legs, but then you have to lean forward, while trying to get his head to the knees.

exercises with dumbbells

To perform the following exercise you need kilogram dumbbells that will not strain the muscles do not contribute to their rapid increase, but it will help to pull the shape of hands.Make sure that the dumbbells were comfortable, and the surface is covered with a rubberized material that does not allow them to slip out of hands during exercise.

So, put each hand dumbbells, raise your arms in front of him to the level parallel to the floor, keeping them straight and do the exercise "scissors", spreading his hands apart and crossing them with each other.This hand does not fall down.Perform 10 repetitions, and then take a break and do the exercise again.

Hands with dumbbells put on his shoulders and straighten alternating them above his head, then dropping again on the shoulders.Doing exercises with each hand at least 10 times, leave your hands on your shoulders, it will be the starting point for the next exercise.By turns straighten the arms to the side, holding their palms up, while fully straightening the elbows.

following exercise may seem complicated, but it's great trains the triceps, which ensures the absence of sagging skin on the hands.Take two dumbbells in both hands, hook them behind the head to the castle.Get your hands with dumbbells behind your head, elbows at the same time have to look up.Slowly straighten your elbows, placing your hands with dumbbells over his head, and then immerse them in the original position as slowly and carefully.Do this exercise 10 times, increasing the number of sets with each passing day.


It's not news that the push-ups - this is one of the most effective and efficient forms of exercise for the hands.That push is the basis for creating beautiful and fit the hands, so they need to perform on a daily basis.Let's start with the classic push-ups.Hands are on the floor, palms down slightly wider than shoulder width.At this time, legs, body and head form a straight line.Gently bending the elbows hands, lower the body down as low as possible without putting one up at the same time bending the buttocks and back.If you find it difficult to perform push-ups, kneel, but the back and head at the same time still need to be straight.

Involve other muscle groups will help to push wide.Arrange your hands wider than the width of his shoulders, palms fingers turn to him and follow ups on the same principle as described in the previous example.If you want to focus on your triceps, then place your hands palms down near the body, placing them at chest level.Unbend and bend your hands, avoiding sudden movements.Perform as many push-ups as you can, gradually increasing the number of approaches.

Remember that only regularly performing the above exercises and adhering to proper diet, you can make your hands perfect, clean them with fat deposits, tighten the skin and hands back a beautiful shape.