Activities in Colombia

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25 March 2016
vacation in Colombia

Latin American countries have long attracted the attention of tourists and many of them have become a favorite vacation spot Russian travelers.Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Cuba and the Dominican Republic are among the most popular to date tourist destinations, attracting its exotic and special flavor.However, not all countries have managed to woo both leisure and travel agencies.These include Colombia, which was once famous because of its bad reputation.Drug trafficking, robbery, terrorist attacks, the guerrillas, the Mafia, it was all in Colombia, but it was in the past and now the country is very friendly and open to tourists.Unfortunately, not everyone can overcome their fear and forget about the prevailing stereotypes, but this is just an opportunity to appreciate all the advantages of this wonderful country and get acquainted with its attractions.

If you're still decided on such a desperate, but very exciting trip, you need to know some of the nuances and peculiarities holiday in Colombia.One of the

drawbacks, repelling tourists, is an expensive and long flight with transfers that are often inconvenient and problematic.The best option would be to purchase tickets in advance, taking advantage of the special offer of any airline.Such promotions have limitations, for example, the flight may be carried out on a certain day, and change the date of departure or return purchased discounted tickets is not possible, therefore, better to first carefully plan your vacation, and only then look for the best deals on flights.To get to Colombia from Russia will need to change trains in Madrid, Paris and Frankfurt, as there is no direct flight.Flight on promotional conditions will cost you $ 600-700, depending on the airline, the full cost of the tickets will be from 1200 to 1800 dollars.In addition to ground transportation to take you to Colombia and may be comfortable buses.For this you need to get to any of the countries of Latin America, where such transfers are very common and not very expensive.To the port cities of Colombia such as Cartagena, Santa Marta, or Barankiyya you can get on the ferry coming from Panama and Costa Rica.There is an opportunity to get to Colombia from Brazil, but in this case you will be hard and dangerous journey through the Amazon, which requires special training.

vacation in Colombia

Colombia refers to those countries for entry into that Russian citizens do not require a visa, any tourist will be able to stay in the country 60 days, just by filling out a special form and the migration themselves with a passport.One of the features that scares some tourists, a fingerprinting upon entry to Colombia.This is a normal and completely safe procedure, which is an elementary precaution of local authorities.After all the formalities are finished, you will put a stamp tourism, and moreover, note free of charge.The local currency of Colombia is the Colombian peso, which is equal to the dollar at a ratio of 2000: 1, respectively.But the local population and government agencies willing to accept dollars, exchanging them at the current bank rate.Unfortunately, the peso is very unstable currency and its value can change frequently.If you decide to exchange dollars for local currency, refer to this in special exchange offices, which are subsidiaries of well-known large banks, but it is not necessary to change them from the local population with it.When exchanging currency you also take fingerprints that should not scare you cause for concern and, as in Colombia, it is quite a common procedure.ATMs in the country issue only local currency and can not read some Russian maps, so try to use only the services of banks with branches in the country.

With regard to security, in Colombia this issue more attention.At every corner you will be able to meet a police officer who is required to listen to any of your complaint and help you.However, few of the representatives of the law here speaks English, but if necessary, explain the basic things they will certainly be able to.To avoid unforeseen situations, it is better to listen to the advice of the local population, as in Colombia, all cities are divided into several areas, differing in terms of life and security.The northern regions are always reserved for elite residential complexes, business centers and is considered the most secure and well protected.In the central part are often architectural monuments and museums, is a public value and are of the greatest interest to tourists.Therefore, these areas are also equipped with enhanced protection for the safety and comfort of visitors citizens.As for the southern regions, there are some neighborhoods better get round without tempting fate and without risk.In such places for tourists include both for profit and not particularly welcome their welcome.It is not recommended to attend as their own any nightlife, especially the abuse of alcohol.

vacation in Colombia

Colombia presented several climatic zones, each of which is unusual for us, and will need some time to adapt the body.Due to climatic differences there is a possibility of local fevers, because the immune system is unable to cope with rapid changes in living conditions.Therefore, a month before the proposed travel is recommended to be vaccinated against yellow fever, are often found in these parts.The drugs lasts for 10 years, so when you visit Colombia, you will not have to worry about it.With regard to insurance provided by a tour operator, it is included in the standard package and unforeseen situations or infectious diseases, insurance will not cover your treatment, and for tourists it is will cost several times more expensive than for local people.The only help you can provide in this situation, the tour operator will provide Russian or English-language translator in the medical institution.Mobile telephony in Colombia different from Russia, so there will not be valid not only your simkarty, and phones.If you decide to acquire local sim card to insert into your phone, you will not work, because the Colombian mobile telephony has a different frequency.To keep in touch with family and you'll have to buy local phone, which will cost you $ 20-30.

When choosing excursions is to focus on your own preferences, as a variety of entertainment in Colombia is very large and cover everything in one vacation you are unlikely to succeed.If you are a fan of diving and the underwater world attracts you, we recommend a walk through the Caribbean islands, known for its picturesque scenery and colorful marine life.For those who want to plunge into the world of antiquity and to become better acquainted with the culture of Native American settlements, there are excursions to the Lost City, located deep in the jungle, you want to get to for two days.This trip will also be for lovers of adventure and trekking, but it will need appropriate physical training.Fans of nightlife and carnival will open their doors and Barankiyya Medellin, famous for its annual carnival Caribbean dance.Here you can see a huge number of nightclubs, bars and restaurants, impregnated local flavor, and dishes.For climbers and extreme sports fans, there are tours of the fauna of the jungle and the Amazon River, and a visit to the National Park and the volcanic desert Tatakoa.This is far from all the sights of this beautiful, exotic country, with which you can explore by going on an exciting journey through the lands of Colombia.