Teeth whitening at home

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27 March 2016
bleaching teeth at home

white teeth - is now not only a sign of health, but also grooming and success in social terms.Whitening procedures in dental offices are becoming more popular, second only to therapeutic procedures for the treatment of dental caries.The best whitening effect gives it a professional cleaning in the dental office.However, if for some reason it is not possible, whiten their teeth can be in the home.

What to expect from teeth whitening to Domash conditions

Change the color of tooth enamel can be caused by various reasons, depends on them, and the depth of color change, and the time it would have spent on its restoration.

If enamel color has changed only on the surface, and such change is the regular consumption of tea and coffee, the tooth whitening at home enough for six weeks.Stubborn stains, which are formed in the tooth enamel of smokers can be eliminated after three months of regular bleaching procedures.

If teeth have changed their natural color under the influence of any illness, or talking abou

t the so-called tetracycline teeth or fluorosis, the home to whiten teeth are almost impossible.You can slightly reduce symptoms, disfiguring the natural color of teeth.

teeth have lost whiteness, for example, because of complications in the treatment of root canal (yellowing occurs or redness single tooth) surface it is impossible to whiten.There will only fit internal bleaching method, which is carried out in dental offices.

Normally, if you do not change your lifestyle, the effect of whitening procedures held a year or two and then begin to darken teeth again.However, repeated bleaching require less effort to achieve the same result.

Traditional methods home whitening

Baking soda

most common method of teeth whitening - use baking soda.It can brush teeth, to add to the usual toothpaste or use it in combination with other ingredients, such as hydrogen peroxide or fresh lemon juice.

Two teaspoons of baking soda mixed with two teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide.This mixture brush their teeth for 2-3 minutes.As the sense of taste in a mixture of extremely unpleasant, experts recommend to dilute the mixture of peroxide and baking soda toothpaste.When brushing your teeth need to make sure that the mixture does not enter the hydrogen peroxide, safe in the mouth can cause damage to internal organs.

second method: Mix 2 teaspoons of baking soda with a little fresh lemon juice, to get a paste.She brushed their teeth or added to the usual toothpaste.

Shoe soda is quite effective, but safe for tooth enamel.

Fruit acids

Lemon zest fine whitens teeth due to high content of citric acid.It is necessary to cut the crust with fresh lemon and rub her teeth, trying not to hurt the gums.Regular processing teeth lemon crust gives visible results.

Similarly, there are strawberries and strawberry.Crushed berries must be applied to the teeth and leave for some time to impact.After three to five minutes after the procedure, the teeth should be brushed with toothpaste.

tree resin

tree resin to whiten your teeth at a time when dentistry was in its infancy.The resin contains natural bleaching agent - potassium hydroxide, which removes plaque from the tooth enamel.However, it is powerful enough reagents that should not be abused.Use a bleach objectives tree resin can be no more than three times a month.

This - the main traditional methods.However, traditional medicine offers to whiten your teeth is not a means, but their aggregate in different proportions.Here you can show imagination and invent their personal bleach, based on preference.

Modern methods of teeth whitening at home

The pharmacy you can buy a special gel, which is applied with a brush on the tooth surface.The gel gradually hardens and dissolves in the saliva.This is a fairly safe method for teeth whitening effect lasts long enough.

There are techniques that whitening gel is applied to a special mouthguard - a device that fits over the teeth and leave to act overnight.As part of such gels is typically present hydrogen peroxide, which not only irritating effect on a gum, but also can lead to the destruction of tooth enamel.

of the latest developments pharmaceutical companies it is impossible not to note the special teeth whitening strips.The strips are fixed on the front teeth, and it's only flaw - only the front teeth whitening.But the effect is quite high, close to a professional cleaning.

care for your teeth

good dentist will explain that a permanent and proper care of the teeth may be the most effective prevention of discoloration of tooth enamel.With regular care, absence of bad habits, giving up eating coloring foods and beverages, such as juices with dyes, coffee, strong tea, blueberries, black currants - the need to conduct bleaching procedures will not.

necessary to visit the dentist regularly, who, if necessary, remove plaque and clean teeth professionally to achieve maximum results.However, in practice it is not always possible to do.We can not imagine life without coffee, tea or red wine, many people can not quit smoking.All this is detrimental to the state and the color of the tooth enamel.

This is counter whitening

whitening can not do everything.If tooth sensitivity is increased, it is better not to experiment with whitening ingredients - will increase tooth sensitivity.

Owners crowns or fillings on front teeth whitening and can not be held - fillings and crowns will become more pronounced, noticeable from the rest of the bleached teeth.

If discolored enamel because of medication or illness (called tetracycline enamel), it is also impossible to whiten your teeth.

Possible complications

teeth whitening home teeth whitening, despite the simplicity, convenience and accessibility, has a number of serious side effects to be aware of before starting the procedure.

all folk remedies are extremely irritating to the gums, especially in a place close to the tooth, the so-called cervical area.

use of traditional means of changing the sensitivity of the teeth to hot and cold.Sometimes sensitivity is increased so that it is necessary to abandon the home whitening procedures.This especially relates to the use of baking soda.It acts as an abrasive, removing the top layer of enamel.

Similarly, there are whitening toothpastes, which for the most part, also contain in its composition baking soda.That is why whitening toothpaste, even in industrial production, can not be used permanently.