Trends fashion women's shoes for spring-summer 2009

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25 May 2016
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most fashionable model of women's shoes in the spring - summer 2009 is: high heels, platform, wide straps and open toe.All the details with photos of fashionable women's shoes Spring - Summer 2009: shoes, sandals, sandals for 2009 below.

Fashion Shoes: lacquered shoes

summer is better to prefer lacquered shoes, better to choose shoes, covered with colored varnish, although the black and gray lacquer do not lose their positions.The most fashionable shoe models with single cut top, high front and slightly rumpled texture.From what to wear patent leather shoes: a model with colored lacquer is better to wear a calm monochrome outfit.You can choose a bag to match your shoes, but you can play on the contrast.

fashionable women fashionable women

spring-summer shoe models: Futurama vs.last century

uturisticheskie, shocking shoes, created by designers with an eye to the future.And that, in these shoes are not ashamed to walk on other planets, it is a pity that they still have not found signs of life, and your shoes no one will appreciate

.Wearing such shoes, remember that it is in itself, an impressive part of the wardrobe and other things should be more than modest.

shoes in the style of the Victorian era, the Middle Ages, in the spirit of film noir, and maybe shoes in the style of the early 20th century, choose what suits you best.Framing they require, respectively.

fashionable women fashionable women

Shoes python skin vs.suede shoes

sandals python skin, look luxurious, but this is not a luxury that pleases.Snakeskin is very textured and beautiful stuff on the catwalks dominated by monochrome models, but there are exceptions spotty.These shoes easy to get along with the style of minimalism.

Suede - most enjoyable stuff, though not the most practical, but what is beautiful.

fashionable women fashionable women

the intricacies Shoes straps

What's more, as the straps are not able to enhance the beauty of the graceful ankle?Wide straps, stable heel and platform - ideal for everyday use.In these sandals to the full, you feel confident.And what is to become slim your leg still, against the background of a wide ankle strap any sophisticated looks, besides a perfectly captures the leg strap and makes a confident gait.Thin straps wrapped around the ankle - an incredibly sexy.Wear these shoes with better pay, and if you allow the hips, then a bridge.

Decorated with rhinestones straps suitable for special occasions.Wear shoes decorated with rhinestones evening dress.The straps can also be whole, wicker, adorned with flowers or lightning.

fashionable women fashionable women

Shoes on platform Wedge and Wedge

this season can be massive and very solid.The massive wedge from the side looks like a tank, some models are not monolithic wedge and looks a little more elegant.If you choose to massive tankette, to try the rest of the clothes were neutral.

fashionable women fashionable women

Trendy sandals

thin leather straps - perfect for sandals, and to create an image of hippie chic.

Gladiator sandals - a sandal with straps around the ankle.The most fashionable accessories to create the image of the summer, ideal to dress tunic and shorts, as well as a safari-style clothes.Sandals can be flat, or a small wide heel.

fashionable women fashionable women