Pyramid of Menkaure (Menkaure)

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25 April 2016
Pyramid of Menkaure

Of the three pyramids of Giza and the youngest is a small pyramid of Menkaure , it also pyramid Menkaure , grandson of Pharaoh Cheops.Completing the ensemble of the great pyramids of Giza on the south side, she stressed is their greatness.Despite its small size, it was considered a sign of decline, eyewitnesses testify to its extraordinary beauty.Historians of antiquity admired her, calling at the same time "Divine Menkaure."This pyramid is somewhat out of all the buildings at Giza, because in ancient times it even attributed Heterosexual Rhodopis who lived during the reign of Amasis II.Evidence of skill sculptors Pharaoh is magnificent and colossal statue of the king sitting in the central chapel of the church - one of the huge statues of the Old Kingdom.In addition, for the reign of Mycerinus characteristic highest quality of artistic performance.

Shrine grandson of Cheops is located only a few hundred meters from the pyramid of Khafre.Its height is 62 meters, and the side length of approximately 1

09 meters.Previously, it was higher by as much as four meters, but time inevitably reflected even in such monumental structures.To build a very high pyramid made no sense.From now on, the burial chamber was located below ground level.After Khufu ceased to embody the idea of ​​the altitude chamber.Most likely, this was due to the complexity of overlapping lifting chamber.Due to sand drifts, the pyramid has kept its size in the plan.Sands protect the bottom of the lining made of red Aswan granite.He covered the pyramid nearly a third of the height.Above the cladding it is made of white limestone of Tours.But the tip, certainly, too, was made of red granite.Pyramid remained two-color to the looting of the Mamluks in the 16th century.

Pyramid of Menkaure

first pyramid was constructed with the dimensions of 60x60 meters, but later the base has nearly doubled.Perhaps it was due to the fact that the original pyramid was not calculated on the heir to the throne, but his accession grew in size.Even his burial chamber, Pharaoh ordered the transfer and carved deeper than previously planned, at a depth of 6 meters below the ground.Pharaoh Menkaure clearly in a hurry to complete the construction of his tomb.That is why he ordered the use of the blocks that were much larger than the pyramids of Khufu and Khafre.It does not even require careful processing of the stone.This rush in the construction of the pyramids visible even thousands of years later.However, Pharaoh did not live until the end of construction.He must have died when the pyramid has reached a height of twenty meters - granite cladding layer.Edwards researcher hypothesized that the receiver Menkaure, not wanting to bother much the completion of the tomb of the deceased Pharaoh ordered the use of blocks of limestone of Tours.But the summit is still made of granite.

differs pyramid Menkaure other pyramids that its construction was carried out on the terrace of limestone blocks, rather than the bedrock.The burial chamber is very small - only 3.5 meters high and 6.5 x 2.3 meters in plan.The ceiling is like a vault, thanks to the two blocks overlap the camera and hewn in the form of an arch.The walls of the burial chamber and the corridor leading to it lined polished granite.Previously, they were joined staircase with room for funerary items.Mamelukes miraculously discovered the entrance to the pyramid.But it was located just above the place where they abandoned the unsuccessful attempts.In 1837, Colonel Howard Vance entered the burial chamber of Pharaoh Menkaure.He found a basalt sarcophagus, but the wooden coffin lid in the shape of a human figure.There were bones.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), Near Cape Trafalgar sarcophagus sank with the ship carrying him to England.However, it is known that the coffin lid and found the bones date from the early times of Christianity.People who took part in the excavations, argue that basalt sarcophagus was decorated with reliefs depicting the facade of the royal palace.The mortuary temple discovered a rich collection of sculptures.She somehow offset the loss of the sarcophagus.The most valuable finds are stored in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

Shrine remained bad.This is due to the haste in construction.Some parts were built of mud-brick, because they soon collapsed.But, despite this, the tomb of Menkaure marked the beginning of a different era, where the pyramid gained a certain standard, and has rarely exceeded a height of 20 meters.