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07 May 2016

By today's standards, Pereslavl - it is very small and quiet town.However, about 800 years ago it was the capital of ancient Russia, the famous and richest city.It was here was born one of the great men in our history - Alexander Nevsky, and today the monument to the prince and commander installed on Red square.

Pereslavl is just 100 km from Moscow, on the banks of the famous Lake Pleshcheeva, got its name because even with little wind on it began splashing waves.People settled near the lake in the past, and that in 1152, only 5 years later in Moscow, Prince Yury Dolgoruky decided to found a city.

After the beginning of the XIV century Pereslavl was annexed to the Moscow principality, he was often in the thick of the military and political events.Ivan the Terrible made the city a stronghold of his henchmen and even considered the question of the transfer of the capital to Vologda, and Pereslavl thus should be an important strategic point.

While Nikita Monastery, located near the road to Vologda, was

heavily fortified and became virtually inaccessible.At the beginning of XVII century the city took Polish-Lithuanian invaders, but they were soon driven out by Russian troops, and the population of Pereslavl entered the militia Minin and Pozharsky.

But at the end of the century the city began an unprecedented change for the better - it is here, on Lake Pleshcheyevo, young Peter I began building his "funny fleet", later served as the beginning of the present, the powerful Russian fleet.Then in the city from all over Russia began arriving artisans people: loggers, blacksmiths, carpenters, carvers and other artisans.

Not surprisingly, Pereslavl began to grow and develop.Nevertheless, even the modern city, in which the development of the industry, has several large enterprises, the impression of quiet reserve seats.

comes to people the city seems very quiet and comfortable, attracting them with its quiet streets and quiet over the same local Trubezh, something reminiscent of the street: after all, on both sides of Trubezh pull small neat houses, and near each - inverted boat.

Thanks to the development of tourism the city has become one of the most interesting places of the Golden Ring of Russia.And impressions are enough, especially after walking in a pine forest, hunting and fishing on the lake, viewing the unique attractions of the city Pereslavl.

And for those who want to touch the eternal spiritual values, and time away from the bustle and entertainment, you can visit the monasteries in the vicinity of the city.

Goritsky Assumption Monastery

Goritsky Assumption Monastery , standing on the south shore of Lake Pleshcheeva, was founded in the XIV century, but since that time nothing left.The entire monastic complex that we see today was created in the XVII-XVIII centuries.Because the monastery is situated on a hill, it can be seen from any point of Pereslavl.

Today, the monastery houses a museum, whose collection includes more than ten thousand items of historical and artistic value.There are not only rare books and letters, but also the works of great Russian writers and artists.

Next to the monastery is located Goritsky Danilov Monastery - it works.Founded in XVI century monk Daniel, of whom it is known that he was the godfather of Ivan the Terrible.Incidentally, Ivan the Terrible often visited the Trinity Cathedral of the monastery, where he prayed for forgiveness of his many sins.

Danilov Monastery

Trinity Cathedral is beautiful: trimmed with white stone, majestic and calm, and its facades look quite strictly.The walls of the cathedral are covered with frescoes, and are the oldest in Pereslavl, and the dome is decorated with image of the Savior - one of the central images of the temple paintings of the XVII century.

main gate Daniel Monastery give special solemnity entry into its territory, and all his buildings look a harmonious ensemble: Brotherhood building, refectory, All Saints Church, bell tower and even outbuildings.

Fyodorovsky Monastery , standing at the entrance to Pereslavl from Moscow, was founded in the XIV century.He was a very noble and rich, but became known immediately, but only during the reign of Ivan the Terrible.When the king's son was born, he was named Fyodor, as it was near the monastery.Then the king and ordered the construction of the cathedral in the monastery, which is also called Fedorov.

Fyodorovsky Monastery

It pyatikupolny chetyrёhstolpny temple, traditional, with heavy heads bulbous shape.

Fedorovsky Monastery Ensemble brings together a large residential and public buildings of stone than other monasteries ensembles.On the first floor rooms are arranged arches, and the windows are decorated with patterned frames.

history of the monastery is closely connected with the royal women: wives, sisters and mothers of Russian tsars.So, the mother of Peter the Great, Natalia, and his sister Natalya took an active part in the device of the monastery, in his life and in private life.On the money and jewels donated to the monastery by women of the royal family, many buildings were built in the decoration which can be seen the influence of European style, entered into all spheres of Russian life with the arrival of Peter I.

Nikitsky Monastery , also acting with impressivewalls and towers, is located on a hill on the banks of Lake Pleshcheeva.Nikita Monastery It is the oldest existing monastery in Pereslavl - it was founded in the XII century.There are even suggestions that the monastery was founded in the time of Prince Boris, the son of St. Vladimir, where many Slavs-pagans converted to Christianity.

However, the monastery became famous when it appeared in the Nikita Stylites (Miracle Worker), famous for his gift of healing and asceticism.Prior to take the veil, Nikita and even led a dissolute life of crime, but in the monastery, being taken there after quite a hard atonement, he showed himself quite a different angle.

Until XVI century, all the monastic buildings were wooden and the first stone church began to be built in 1528.Nikitsky Cathedral, built in 1564 on the orders of Ivan the Terrible, is larger than all the other churches, which were built at the time.

Another active monastery of Pereslavl - female Nicholas Monastery in the fishing settlement.


founded the St. Nicholas Monastery is one of the famous Russian saints Rev. Demetrius Prilutsky in 1348, ie 660 years ago.It was a difficult time for Russia the Mongol-Tatar yoke.In 1381 the power of the Horde, defeated on the field of Kulikovo Prince Dmitry Donskoy, seized Khan Tokhtamysh.He would not accept the independence of Russia and in 1382 launched a campaign against Moscow.Ravaged capital, the khan army headed further north.Among the other cities were destroyed and Pereslavl.The ashes turned and Nicholas Monastery.The monks, escaped from death, returned to this holy place and the newly rebuilt home abode.

Besides monuments in Pereslavl many other unique attractions.It is impossible not to recall, for example, the Blue stone - mysterious boulder of old lying on the shore of Lake Pleshcheeva.This stone is actually a bluish-gray in color, has a reputation of miraculous healing and disease.

population living around the lake in the first century after the adoption of Orthodoxy in Russia, despite the belief of priests who worship the Blue stone, believing that he could fulfill the wishes.

Blue Stone, Pereslavl

This belief is still alive, and the Blue Stone are people - both local and tourists.

Perhaps that is why, because of the large influx of tourists, today, practically a stone left in the ground - it is now seen about 30 cm. Reserve staff even had to arrange around the lake are certain protections that prevent the drive up directly to the water by car.

Another sacred place - a museum-estate "Boat of Peter I», located at 3 km from the city, on the shore of Lake Pleshcheeva.Its main exhibit - one of the ships' amusing flotilla ", built on the lake at the end of the XVII century.It also arranged a theatrical performance, featuring actors dressed accordingly that era, try to learn ancient dances and even play chess with the king.

Lake Pleshcheyevo interesting in itself: it is a very ancient - it more than 30 000 years.Today, the lake is part of the national park, protecting nature and the unique historical environment of the region.

Private museums of Pereslavl also unusual: Museum of flax, iron, kettle and a railway museum.

Perhaps so many different sites in general: architecture, history, monuments of art and archeology, both in Pereslavl not find in any other city of the Golden Ring.