Getting rid of acne, how to get rid of pimples

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07 May 2016
Getting Rid of Acne

What can be frustrating than suddenly jumped a pimple on the most visible place.But even more frustrating when pestering pimples regularly, especially if the age of acne vulgaris left far behind.But do not lose heart, because modern ways of getting rid of acne much more efficient than those used by our grandmothers.But first, we understand, where in fact do these spots.

Causes of Acne

course, acne is almost always accompanied by adolescents during puberty.But this is not the only reason for their appearance.Inadequate or irregular skin care (washing rare, bad cleaning person) can also trigger the appearance of acne.More often than other pimples appear at the holders oily skin.Therefore, they need special care to the choice of means of skin care, and regularly wash and be sure to remove makeup before going to bed.Once our grandmothers used to struggle with high fat content of the skin and acne ordinary soap that is, eliminating the higher fat content, provoked the emergence of other skin problems.Th

erefore it is better to buy a special agent for oily and sensitive skin.

cause of acne can become unhealthy diet, namely the abuse of coffee, sweets, fatty and spicy foods.

fertile ground for the appearance of acne is the mental illness of the body, for example, stress, chronic fatigue, nervous excitement, etc.

Makeup can also trigger the appearance of acne, namely its amount is too large or prolonged use sponges, brushes and the like, in which bacteria accumulate.Foundation cream can be particularly dangerous in hot weather, when it comes to mixing with dust and then causing clogged pores and pimples occur.

way to get rid of acne

Undoubtedly, today more ways to deal with acne than before.In addition, the effectiveness of modern ways to fight acne has become much higher.To perform some of the procedures necessary to consult a dermatologist, and some of them it is possible to perform independently at home.Here are just a few of the most popular ways to get rid acne .And before you get to know them, understand one absolute rule - you can not squeeze pimples, as this can cause their appearance even in larger quantities.

1. Antibiotics

the use of antibiotics in getting rid of acne, some dermatologists use them for external effects on the skin, and some are recommended for oral administration.Action antibiotics aimed at reducing the number of bacteria that cause acne and reducing sebum fatty acids.

downside of the matter is that antibiotics destroy as bacteria and microorganisms necessary for the body.Furthermore, long-term treatment with antibiotics develop bacteria resistant to them.

2. Preparation Retin-A

drug Retin-A is based on vitamin A and helps to eliminate as acne and white spots, so-called "Wen".The action of the drug is based on the removal of the upper layers of the skin substances that fill the pores, causing acne.

when using this drug results have to wait a few weeks, moreover, it can cause peeling and irritation of the skin, so you need to regularly use a moisturizer, and avoid prolonged exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays.

3. Photodynamic therapy

In another treatment called photodynamic therapy is blue, it is a relatively new way to get rid of acne, which was formerly used by physicians, but for other diseases, which include cancer tumors.This method is a kind of alternative to antibiotic therapy, as more secure.Typically, photodynamic therapy is conducted courses of 3-5 procedures, among which is between two and four weeks off.

4. Vitamin preparations

undeniable benefits of vitamins, for general strengthening of the body, and for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.These problems include acne and for the treatment of which requires more B vitamins also help in getting rid of acne and vitamins A, C and E, as well as elements such as zinc and chromium.

course, ideally vitamins must be ingested with food, but how to achieve a balanced diet is hard enough, you can buy in a drugstore special vitamin complex to the reading area which will treat and get rid of acne.

5. Tea tree oil

This essential oil is considered one of the most effective ways to fight acne at home.Tea tree oil has a pronounced anti-bacterial properties that helps to get rid of pimples.Apply this oil, dealing directly on the damaged skin.

6. Garlic

Everyone knows that garlic - a natural natural antibiotic that is used in a variety of procedures to get rid of acne.Garlic can be eaten, its juice can be cleaned damaged skin, most importantly, to the garlic was fresh and had just cleaned, as this vegetable is very rapidly losing its properties in the open air.

Why not squeeze a pimple jumped?

is important to remember the truism - can not squeeze pimples!It seems that it is easier, forced annoying black spot or pimple and the end of it.But not all so simple.The first reason to do this is a huge risk to bring an infection.And do not follow the advice, by which supposedly can avoid entering the danger of infection, as in the case of failure, acne will be more, and to cure them will be much more difficult.

Squeezing pimples leads to the fact that the skin becomes sensitive and irritated.A permanent injury it leads to scars that can stay with you for many years of life.All the more so to get rid of these scars will be many times harder and longer than themselves from acne.

To deal with annoying desire to squeeze a pimple, you should regularly clean the skin from pollution and make it twice in the morning and late in the day.Curing occurred locally pimple need the use of special vehicles (creams, gels, ointments, etc.).If you have purchased a means of really high quality, the redness will be gone by the next day, and the pimple will disappear within a few days.

Choose the one way to get rid of acne that is right for you.If in doubt about the correctness of the decision, refer to the dermatologist, which is sure to prompt correct scheme to get rid of acne and, if necessary, appoint the necessary analyzes.Especially now that self is very difficult to sort out all the variety offered by our tools and techniques.